AS3 Developer Basics Starting Point(Part 1 of 14) - New Edit

Uploaded by everythingFLA on 26.06.2011

Welcome to the Developer Basics I'm Ben Fhala and I'm really really excited to
introduce to you our latest eleven-hour training.
That really focuses on the Developer Basics and in it you'll find
everything you need to know about how to start developing in the right way.
One of the main things that we really notice in the industry is...
Someone who works deeply in the industry and meets many people included people that are
actually developing designers, developers people that are just interested.
Is that the core foundation is the most important things in development.
Most people don't know when because they don't know them
they're really lacking in their capabilities that because they can't
they're just missing some really important foundations.
There's a lot of things online there's a lot of books but there is a very very
limited amount of training that actually focus on those corporal foundation.
And because of that a lot of designers a lot of young developers find it really really
frustrating to figure out the way how to get into development.
They definitely a lot of trip tutorials online but there's nothing really that cohesively
is a structured step-by-step this is what you need to know to be able to
start building and start becoming a developer.
So our whole goal is building these really really really basic
building blocks are going to give you those skills.
In the next eleven hours we're going to break down all those core foundations.
And they're not written they're not as exclusive to Flash because if you're a
developer and you don't seven care about Flash if you care about javascript
if you care about mobile a lot of other topics.
These core building blocks are
language agnostics even though we're using Flash for these
training we're learning about core foundations.
The way we do it is through videos through articles and through exams that are
exclusive to our website members so if your watching this video at any other place
but our web site and please join our site
And register join our membership it's a subscription based site.
Which you'll find in a tryout membership who is this for so first of all
it's as I said before for designers, developers, students, animators and
hopefully you really is a goal of this training is to make sure the you know
those core foundations of which then will enable you to leap forward and
build your development skills so really what hopefully what you get out of this
in the end of the eleven hours is you'll have a a very clear understanding about
the Flash environment developer foundations and action script 3.0.
Now as said before even though Flash environment and actionscript3.0 are the tools
which we're learning.
They're not exclusive to Flash after you know these developer foundation you could
leverage the skill sets in understanding to know
how to leverage in use these type of functionalities also when we
when you move into other topics such as
working in other languages or actionscript with variables operators
conditional as functions objects loops arrays and much more so hopefully you'll
join us and watch these eleven hours and please take the exams and if you're thinking
that maybe you know part of the material then it makes even more sense for you to first take
the exam because through our exams
you'll be able to filter out videos that you already know instead of watching videos
that you you already know you can take an exam.
And the exam will filter out what ever you don't need to know what ever you need to know you'll watch.
So welcome and please join us for the next video.