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and welcome to s_e_c_ sports round table this is your host Shane Bailey
back for another episode s_e_c_ sports roundtable bustle around on the right
there and just realized that
but uh... it's a podcast about the s_e_c_
without a little bit about the week that happened uh... there's already been
weakness going to happen coming up starting friday we had and this week hot
as well as some news and i i think this week we've got a lot of news to talk
about it doesn't take
you know the portion of the podcast expecially since last week's games
spyware or practice for a lot of s_e_c_ coming up for their rivalry week and
with me tonight written martin welcome back now on
yet analog reptiles
keep me for being on the part that still out of the number of addictive
math incubating did we do intend to file email i have a good time
now madison that happen
and uh... enable those that don't know enough about half that you know
were a little different than talking heads or in-laws on that
some of the other radio stations are we're going to be
more on the lines of
some one hundred might be fined up hahahaha he's not afraid to admit to
these four
uh... and that that's that's about all we take from from him in a show uh... he
now we do not do not allow his callers on our show uh... radioactive quinoa
shot into my head that was the case
annexin bana colin aspects of that carter i'd have to turn back
but we we will have only just hear and
to working tomorrow predicted
the speed of that and talk about the programs that we we root for
uh... and the other side
uh... this uh...
tripod of impose tonight's blair smile and if you're watching on
you see we do have video version of this on you see we
we do have sierra club too
to follow along i wass iss leye
uh... or after the fact that the in doesn't help
violators of
layers lower third and i hear these four yes l
so i don't uh... podcast player smiling this
yellow miss
so what's the over under that tonight
addicted to nicotine
well let's get right in the things i think
we were we were doing some free show not pretty you're talking about some things
to look at it and really
uh... most of the games
last week or a little relevance because most of the programs
uh... if you look at him they were up against
i had with him as a travel week for for
bypass the problem regain that are center happen here
there were a couple of days last week
of some of or important symbol to start with that
somebody that that was going to be very busy sunday mass all messin
anyway actually were on their own against l_s_u_ this weekend our last
viewers otherwise pretty shocked uh... that uh...
the plate as well as they did and uh...
uh... just another known
and unfortunately for them it was another
you know fourth-quarter kind of romantic gas uh... daring type cases up to
uh... title game just like they didn't text me again vanderbilt where
and got to the fourth quarter and uh...
you no any man
yaar carter modell backing that uh...
world i guess appro mishandles basically like a repeat of nineteen fifty-nine
ability and in trying to other kind of dead so
it was a elementary showing that on a
on this show the gay men have promoted almost immediately after it happened
when they had that you know waiting for dinner
yes sir
you know for for all those people it's been home for
fifty-plus years uh... embassy that closely game for the time being
you know for them to
develop in the last minute and devote the time travel
in the wall street softly
but uh...
making employees and uh... you know mesquite kinda figure that out this year
you know they've been
your audience to move the ball you're not really prepared for it to the grants
of up to buy gaining
uh... in de la tasca promise that uh...
their loan scholarship number so that that just ignore typically checks up on
some of the
but are performed performance but uh... uh... five mins ordered what most people
and opted into a bowl games with him
and then another program stayed the s_e_c_ last week uh...
i think it was appropriate for them had a little trouble i think in the first
half it was
pretty close in arkansas trip and lead on on era bulldog for most of the
first-half there
late in the first half you have got their field goal then the uh... the
touchdown and and then started at two never look back but but when they are
not allowed to talk about it blair commando your you're ready to do that
status i was making a few mistakes there that's not what they need to be doing
uh... with this guy coming up
uh... sunday so i don't know documents a sunday here but uh... i guess the limits
and that's not the kind of preval prep game you really wanted to say you know
the sporting reflected my p
with was an actual term of all over which uh... but they just didn't play
well for four and it was really basic from that stand for me
if you say no and i guess i'll ramen texts and no issue
you're really going to that game would say it was a land that desperately
us attacking backing kind of a right to shoot up in uh... you know i had a
feeling going into the game that uh...
back you know if you see the difference in state arkansas land
it also allows thirty i think maybe even four times now uh... total uh... so they
just can't have her number in
to watch the first quarter
it was
it was not looking guys as they argued the issue could say that uh...
video they did uh... get that out fourteen seven made some adjustments
final defense
uh... and uh... i think uh... sorrow start at eleven or twelve
with two touchdowns has been disabled all thirty eight re points to track of
the game later
loses arkansas lt
i think if you watch it feels there she's english character into all of you
virginia and they had to gain
baird and control regain its fourteen to seven any kids trying to catch a fair
caught in the past
must of india we invite you to still rolling in
uh... next thing you know the second half of it for terrorism
here's what we want reforms in about eight minutes and
all three straight turnovers and so it was as kind of the way arkansans played
this year it if you look at their numbers
bass players here in charleston is having a pretty decent years we've
looked at numbers and statistics most expenses just eight-term or so much
you're comparing what they did last year it so
uh... services status
the good either use the most complete game we're playing because we made
after the first few series
uh... and really kind of shut them down and stop that often have sticky chinese
checked every hamilton down after yet
the first quarter retarded and uh...
an entire also largely got going in
uh... he's been talking about all year which we want to ask them to fort dix
bitterly he's pretty efficient so
uh... are like the way he finish it ain't going into
on this week i felt like we went in the distinction
and britain
what basically
i had a feeling that if staying warm
also featured based on to him
the eight ball and and the all day today and get back to me and i felt that walls
if they're looking at seven six in for seven wins and
pictures tonight
attached are out of control so
uh... has been any kind of all that will allow twenty needed
canada and this week which is still uncertain important week for ben almond
the latest step which is robert
outside paris in the middle of something part of the
you you use the phone with her that i could get away from the vatican
and but no it was a good assessment and
i know that content what i didn't want the whole game but i'm considered a
complete performers like that's awesome sloppiness
on mississippi state farhan
flew away almost played against l_s_u_ their enemy some opportunities and if
you go to war alike you're looking at arkansas i think they would the a
program that would have the opportunity to
to respond uh... a little better than arkansas has issue irrelevant
but it was not a little bit warmer backing
uh... here just a little look at the week that's coming up
but the loan blasting that would be
dated two s_e_c_ components of basically was a nail in the coffin for coach and
that was the uh... would have any brings over there smiling uh... demands for a
good home skillet
he is a customer an
right kentucky with one week ago
and about these kentucky and to overthrow
bs tennesseans
you know a will parliament did you guys want studying brad did you see the game
i was glue
new oregon uh... stanford and can stay baylor al
nor level of the large credible destroyed hiroshima blew the other two
whether that provide since i didn't really like any other
well weather-related as it was it maybe easier waters of the games 'cause that
was close
uh... as easy fans would have been more to do to watch that day at just because
of the of the rivalry that that is you know you teammate
um but it wasn't close uh... baby made a great job with that if you want to boys
if barman if you watch it first happened its just
you have any rebuilding everything
drifted orders to
just kind of just
do the content of reels thing it was frustrating about really
could be a champagne dominating the angrily
uh... but they just kidding
near their tickets for resolving their nearby and stuff but i really love it
looks like and dessert
after the half where
either space that we are going online and uh... you know when you saw
those three point calls to come out the house on the day three plays at five
you know was moon and there is that
it was a long and it was fixed but at the ban
you know that any
is a tennessee family has just got a b
disheartening to see
why tolerate white meat acted like she did
care that he was anywhere it state
uh... you know it was the close on perot's
uh... you know anyone else clueless
was that he is there
you know i have to anything that happened at kentucky game where you can
actually tell engineer as they don't want to go to sleep people
organ music shitty bowl
exported bailout
and uh... you know they fight for gopal actually work
i felt like that and i thought that enormous fight
inga livable
um... and i think that's what they were actually insert
is heavy pressure from tennessee stamp order for a baby i mean
that's uh...
as fast as you can give me thirty here's what's happening nashville which the
state which include horrible acts like a bit uh... tell me what the way they
liked it
and also i mean you look at the waiver a dream activity with calling them
nonchalantly really didn't care me
you don't want to see the quarterback i'm a little more motion on that edelson
pause for you because i mean that
usually you're fighting for your job
year you haven't lost yours yet even though most people would say uh...
but the poll coverage
after all the stuff that's happened in the polls in the first half of the day
was just actual that make any sense
uh... it was very closely contested except if you look at these numbers with
the white man seventeen i think when i have a link understand that
at but the problem was the solution of time for three years pradeep and and and
all of that he's gonna go really good role and here in the game that and even
a holiday
with when i guarantee you
that uh... shoes for whatever retirees say his last name for a band of bill
that the star hari
whenever you saw little cormac growing because if you ask ya'll bailiwick
the fear that they would much rather chilly
of the second quarter reconcile break if you've got the physical talent set where
you just
they make any sense in adding new leads at eighty-four such and i think he did
that too early
because of the day more snacks troll
under the senate bastions of or order
it's issue
thrown like isn't then you make of that make that move
united state back a quarter excellence intersection eurostar pass whatever it
you know it's over with
let me ask you this is the year
do you think that occurs parades changes to go into the draft this year
by the police that issues
before you can
nineteen this season
there's been rumblings about his behavioral issues
uh... whether it is when they started in the spring with beer to beer bottles on
a car
yeah an eventual or about you
and uh...
him and i like in uh... smoking the trio admits that so we need to rely on the
reluctant women you know i'm built let me know that we are going to
outages khana replies touristy things are trained in big moments and you see
how it has
so such huge in uh... maturity probably what we're chopin
well i'm not touch them with a temple called out
yeah its own if i'm a g_m_ i'm i'm asking you have a yet twenty-three
s_e_c_ names before nineteen or an accident
gretna yet pretty much the
your first mile wide receivers and often salon that
most of that plan and i thought
when he got like six thousand employees in n_f_l_ better in the shop
rubina exactly rogers i would actually put up against any third wide receiver
pending issues
it's uh...
production they've gotten out of a that often see you next
rather than shows up as a word thirty-three defensively aggressive
which discussed atacama collects a service to this job doing that and it
was actually
but first here's another little for another
concentrated amalia grace preventing any
you know you're talking about
you know i don't know if you've watched if you watch their fetch intricacies
blocked this weekend
they broke down a lot of stuff there at nine oh change franklin
inspector or
but they have a one day it's not gonna be the first thing we've done this first
rain since eighty-two first advised on this since nineteen sixteen unity
people mechanics past all that but
well there there there was a monumental things
de tocqueville programmable sampling
when other goes into the uh... next
the neck so they don't want to do
first ballistic
coaching carousel it's going to be the s_e_c_
you know that the do as a conservative and we've got around to do it with
trying to find
ahead shows but that's the last thing i really wanted to say he was another
another coach at u_c_ because it by all indications at least from
talk radio in the natural area is and we we started is off are clear
you know their daily kitchens they do they're gonna throw everything that
at whoever they can get because they're going to cindy pockets ahead are going
to have to get into a quality main here i'd have to take their lease place in
the civilians out there what what's his brought out there
uh... how
balaji think the fact that bruise looking this job
well i think
this will not cause i don't think curtains comment
memo on but
i'm surprised his name
is stayed out here long enough
uh... and i think it has to do with the n_f_l_ really isn't
to tag a heated up
uh... because then they you may use my i think there's
i think in
i think when you take out a consideration that philadelphia is going
to be there
opens can't be there c_d_-eight is going to be there cleveland's brightened it
their sons there's a big time n_f_l_ well nothing lewis
saint louis
if you have heard that there's a fisher did you do for her
missionfish detailed jose headset
artificial or stronger i think i can tell you this that
from at all indications units freshly with
uh... some of those uh... use some of those
work horses here in the last
forty eight hours with them
now your package without saying my name
uh... especially when you get column instrument
commercial appeal to you that if you strip mall
meter closet or do you see they're giving britain disagreed itself
makes you kind of paul's for second i still think he's got a
you know we don't even know who's actually into good cop
presented so long
you know the other thing is indian
i'd be in the long winded all machine but i mean
you know you hear all the other stuff
file jimbo fisher or biopsies
or some of those names
you know how severe last night unit
tell me in the top fifteen programs in the country
outside of the ohio state carbon markets as we take a two year olds
an entrance flying up there
john is fifteen programs
because they have right now any came from a big-time program
that's it for us
me alabama
you basically had and they say domestic route on the college level can really
wasn't officially ends there
so that made sense for them
at the time to begin goes from so
mup point is
i don't really see i mean i was very very good with out there i'm not mad top
fifteen blizzard jealousies barrier
the problem with
sorry i love them
atop fifteen-year-old because i'm talking about
you're talking about oklahoma go into a tennessee
so you're talking about talk to me program want to talk to me program for a
you know based on double
the top twenty percent of dog
one and one being your carpets and i are going to it's a november sixth in the
conference in atlanta so that you tried
i mean don't understand i want to do both fisher
you know that these matter reached he's not very happy well how happy he is an
busy not happy because they do you explain stroke his back and told me is a
great thing ever
currency will on them
you pick up and moving go to the s_c_c_
that artisanal
i think i find it hard to do that and and people saving money talks but
additional i don't think that
uh... i think that's going to be very difficult and i think that's what
you know
i think that this has got a couple years ago when i got to
well the problem was there was you u
the timing of that is if it works because i was in january when the new
york yet his daughter made by the way
right but i think it's but honestly i think it's different than that in
i think they would have different interests
i think they were in a point where they didn't have the options available to but
she normally past
in late november
for and in december of this was the uh... this is actually turn i mean they
were trying to
region for the kids were come in the schools and they were trying to get him
out in role if you remember shown is really like the process of
s that's my fault is i don't
i don't know and i think you what what you're
obviously if i was a ten seats and i would be worried that this recent rains
streets that lets
and it becomes a peyton manning the tennessee titans type of thing
that grows and and and then it doesn't happen because of people like her who is
not happen
uh... and and then you got a disappointment in the diary energetic
and basement standpoint
uh... ethics and she's gotta make the right track
m to get that protect him
another bad heart amber and i think your thoughts on this that and i'll say one
thing before i handed over to you for a second
though the one thing that bitmap gives me pause about the whole group scenario
an argument no credence to it
until you've recently a hurry offer twenty four seven sports who goes out
you know some connections that that folks like me even used to
gee we don't have a mid-week we don't have any contact with the coaches
where folks in the sarolst
andrew has reached out to a couple of calls and this has been paid for
you know that he's reached out to some folks have possibly bill a stack
yakima and that that shows to me that if that's really true then there is some
truth to this and and i don't like that truth
uh... because heat g
he in a long
can bring in their careers
now the other thing that gives me pause about that though and
and in a good way that i don't think he can be serious about this is
the difference between the nfl and college
is that
the n_f_l_
there's some this in downtown
and with ruby off the last couple years
had pretty easy he's easy these whether he's
completely ten twenty four seventy or not
he still have some of them and this is nice and some of his downtown
where when you get into college
by playing the bc escape you actually are at somewhat of a disadvantage of the
recruiting feel because you're not able to recruit for a week or two
prevention program for all right
so you know it doesn't stop because the second i gained over your own recruiting
and so you know there's some coaches that love that analog ruined that either
guy he's more the x's and those kind of guy in my opinion
if he'd be that recruited is out there
visiting families immuno in january february
and never stop
read i want to get your opinion on it that's not
for maternity staples
if i were tennessee that would be the biggest concern
this is a will
let's look at what
what are whether his strengths
and that's something that would be wordplay yes that's correct to me
yet there's
from the people that
do used the term the
you know reporters career nor no groom
usually reluctant
both people say i don't think you would like a recruiting at kaplan uh... and
then i also said they are not be revert chris mortensen on local radio grounds
and uh... britain
with run tonight of all the different endorsements and things that you know
doesn't know he's making north fifty nine dollars a year and i also think
that the do you think the eighteen million that one or two someone guessing
he said he knows is not attended meetings of the war holy matrimony so
that that means a tennessee no matter what they're willing to pay
a campaign worker primal way and yet maybe he's got that coach in the that
agent wants to get back again but he's got a pretty sweet did right now to
still have a standard handbook balk and live in brief so important to be
involved but what would not live in brief
coach has to
you know load b_n_l_ till midnight in culinary arts audio while and i don't
know i i am still on those days because table asheville very much and obligor
i mean i i think
that they did she ever think about how uh...
mourns the building that staff before college or is it an f_a_a_ out
that he uh... muscles to so you don't really know that i think that's pretty
well documented that these every workout with regard to that
uh... and you know and he just got finishing in paying about box like
flashier so he he was receiving
if i have a yahoo leader box up until light
the last six months of shopping so that's why i was trying to keep it up
because if you went back in the case he you know he could still get that money
what buildings media
bounce out of any split as can be interesting
you know if i want to see if any more pretty often used
you know if i want to receive and change that is competition would be true
you know he's
drew always known grow up it's you know that i had to use the late eighties and
nineties kind of the
you had a long uh... of tennessee
in you know you're looking at sixteen seventeen eighteen orchids orchids
two-seater dot com in that's gonna reply intimacy used
worry image what tennessee is because the sixteen seventeen eighteen year old
they don't really know what the trading name error was
the nine p_m_
you know you do
because it's thirteen years ago they weren't in a while
and so i think i think sometimes that's would candid
bypass on it inside
uh... and i think it is basing barnett
if indeed that's it
uh... i think they got the right doubting based or
you know is uh... is the right dot forums to chat about press coverage but
it says he's got a lot of other issues
from the academic standpoint
uh... there's also a lottery out
and uh... and you see that they've actually had worked twelve chancellor
six two thousand
minutes a motion same thing ever
i hadn't heard that i i didn't know that may spark said at a news conference
president search and solutions
two thousand so you can try to tell
how the academic and athletic world is early
catapult same page it happens catapult we got a little bit sideways over
in issues that they're doing with from our compliance standpoint sir
uh... itself dat but uh... yet at the top
fifty program still ahead
i would i would say as far as the facilities and offering to spend a bit
from where they harbors numbing than they haven't even been ranked in top
twenty-five analyst sees inside
on commented on that and more forty was a mistake this take the fruits
histories is begin in
most people's terms a nobody
way constipation i mean seven years ago he was coaching women's
women's basketball
high school basketball kelly was the coordinator of the senate right
and so if he takes and all we're saying that i mean what's the artist daewoo or
football team in america last year stopping me in your book and one
three or four wins yahoo in our prisons and they don't adequately understand
just a complete range of the courtroom
inspection and intensity tennessee's asked how they
uh... there the covers not bear
but it was um so he's got away afghanistan a foundation i think things
behind the scenes are going to be better
water was split
dot annuities or is kennedy unbelievable problem
new zealand cover it just don't know
correo patterson probably looks better
i think passing
world war go over the next programs but i think all four of them may be looking
for the same type of candidates
and do not think that that
no copy coaches the right fit for any of these programs right uh... i mean look
what my decision to leave it at that oregon he was you know he was the
coordinator that had a good off work
uh... i think that kingsley job down is that is made on a m
and that's going on
the that's flashy office i think i've kind of a guy that i think
is gonna provided excitement
he might not providing sign that first day of a press conference
but when they get out there they spread to feel they have somehow manage karna
score some points things change real quick mean look as if franklin evento
that they didn't disliking but they were like
that was the perfect higher for greater than when i hired him
but he was the right job
because you provide the excitement
the brothers hound provided the ability to get out there in her career
well the three things that you really need today
uh... in all four of those programs were talking about whether it's all over
arkansas kentucky tennessee minus any particular phillips now
jettisoned tell me
you know it's your turn
what it was really can talk to him during the bush john jj
worry is that person's manning here
here are and has not excited about that
the think which you had
t_w_a_'s which jones that's alyeska slab of man
uh... a after new york based and i just don't see him
antonio youthcentral mission daran
yeah things are going to have his citizenship killing their wealthy
situation there it's just that and they want to know that in the debate
when walking along
condescension area but uh...
the israel i think he's i_d_'s good i think it's
younger than you think he is
maybe that's what i'm thinking he's old
and an are bras another gathered bit somewhat been on the right i think from
baylor animated version of the s_e_c_
he's been over that he can recruit in texas
here he is not an exciting stuff of all
well i think you could be a great fit for the s_e_c_ out of the giving over
here from baylor
yes it's something i don't know if he actually fits the culture of this cc
he's kind of day
he's kind of uh... old-school kind of
he's got a whole school but i have a box covered up
which i think you gotta have a kentucky but i did in the f_c_c_ i think you can
relax out there in texas and to be a very wrenching
indicates kansas state area but also to get accolades
bear locally
leader comes in
you know and it's easier for them to come to it because of waco than it is to
get waxed right um...
impact as you can take a look
boomers and still have some really good clinics undertake julia does
but you can also still recorded on there like it is not quite mad let's go to
now tell us what it's all a mississippi state has a lot more than likely dinner
that are out well yeah i understand that what what what and outstanding questions
not a bad place and saying that when you're talking to each id
in texas
and giving him to do it by you were
ever getting into
to go off to the lexington
it's just a distance of me
i mean that's that's how the whole thing eighty percent of kids are going to go
we're gonna go more locally
then they'll go anywhere else to getting them to go evidence texans
where it's going to be all happier elections in india i mean it's
it's a different dynamic
than just handed out right away
awake in
and be relatively close to family can see me in
all of a lot of it
frames that you get a texas for takes the same
is as well as things are biggest only has to do percival exit but i do like
that shot so religious or ethnic publishes uh... livable cities and my
and i think what you think the thing right now and for while
uh... days more than a million based on ethnicity to go to school
and you've got into population got
uh... about school program that there's probably
no top fifteen
yet but if you believe but i think what you got a relapses
pro-football standpoint
william lozano
let alone ever go to drop out of the drawl that you play basketball game have
even if you're not a a basketball player though or if they are saying that once a
this is that for all stand for
houston moral midnight madness and you do in your current budget for football
and so when that happens is use your winnings
and this is a priority i mean this is what the state is making this what makes
kentucky kentucky
well you know that that was about the revenue generation i mean if you look at
the top fifteen programs in revenue generation in the united states
you've got texas
you've got usc
uh... in kentucky is way out there that i think in the top ten
by fellow
and if you look at the that
balance of power with a lot of reverses what basketball rings
kentucky's only there because it's basketball bring so much money to that
it's not a big difference compared and it is
brilliant free programs
that possibly can compete on the laughable as far as revenue generation
that's kentucky you can north carolina
and they make a profit
they can support the book room
whereas all those other programs in the top ten if you look at them
it's because they have a football program that makes so much fun
and so why wouldn't they have to spend more money on midnight madness it's
what's been surrendered for paying the bills i mean
it's worth keeping a lifestyle
and and let me tell you
as uh...
there's no way to basketball program is
is going to
make more then twenty million dollars a ticket destined every year from your
football ignored the s_e_c_ i have to go back and reserve a book of her forehead
i think we do kentucky basketball made more than a vocal
and say that
when you when you take it all the consideration of the the the jerseys and
all the other dorfman bills and things of that
kentucky basketball generates as far as revenue and brings them or not
the wide open for florida
we got a lobbyist in town
it one has been by will take about that
consult some things
me too me
let me know if i got you get a copy of the poor maintenance services thing
it's the same scenario i think it's a staple of those is for
that you need to be looking at what was the arrival of the program yapping
tennessee at the casino
overnight arkansas
and kentucky sitting there of intimacy is well above any of those
other career
on top of arkansas
i think arkansas jobs job even harder uh... with the issues of the rest of the
two members of this easy the arkansas land and yet i a m in the the syria
arkansas can-do into saint louis ridiculed the texas and really
go after those athletes it makes it difficult with those two schools coming
and uh... they're getting people to save lives
by the trainer never really had
being approved classes he didn't have those big heavy
forecast or he just was a great developer
and a great offense of mandela's perfect for arkansas all aneesh rooted out
uh... but i think arkansas has a lot of my
you know that i think any of the schools have a lot more
i mean i mean i think they are having a good night for the second that stood out
those doesn't have a pocket but i don't know that i'm not really
nazi about big guy
going or cancel you let me ask you this listless raincoats for bread analogy
that program of the four
uh... i think i would agree with where the trinity is
not head and shoulders above but at least lady
edamame beyond treat out you have the i think if you look at everything being
and i think of any update on all fours calls tennessee for a number of years
without a number two
uh... did you get your home
on baghdad on only
i'm talking about kroger monsanto must still be school
never occur in baseball that type of stuff
but let's talk about the news that came out today that's nice things on her that
changes a lot of bengal changes the caliber of persons who are interested in
going there that's for sure after bank which already let's pray with the people
of the speaker
the new responsible at the lives of the the report from the honors that perhaps
yeah yeah it came out today that uh... there's investigations which have been
rumored for
wrote the last couple months her here's the defendant
uh... exactly what the uh... this is this i decisions on the home at the same
with regard to the
now the robinson shiah that was ruled ineligible beginning the year
that as
as many great changed
uh... settlement this high school
uh... blazed a was to the point where trooper taylor
and uh... imb really did help me with the
the chris webber
liberty ah... uh... have been taken off the road
uh... as a like three or four weeks ago for me
answer there since it was managed to do
do missus uh... they've been interviewed this weekend
uh... niches that his
advanced around as much as you can but
you know that i was rumblings in the last couple weeks and i think we could
talk about it or maybe we've become a little week there's been a lot of ron's
last couple weeks chiswick mesa robinson
do you know
uh... we had to say that the issues which i take it was the eighty
possibly being abstinent
uh... began future whatever his name is the president it
basis had taken over
the decision making with regard to the decision
uh... and say is that all can't wait till the end of the year two bag weight
so there's a lot of things going on in this
is the stuff in it and the problem that you had a cure all fan is yahoo
death of mister one yet
and when he often gets into bodies
and so
that creates a lot of issues uh...
especially if you have to let somebody better deal than alabamans shades
that's just
dominating everything
their jobs gets a lot tougher so renato this scenario i like your answers though
based on that information and what we just talked about
do you constantly seeing is an area where we're now talking about three
programs like
lawyerly attitude because there's going to be somewhat collateral damages for
the fallout from the job he's doing that
there's not going to be a code word
worthy of going to alter is going to take a chance to go there
so they're going to teach is even let me read over idaho new assistance for
on the systems are dreaming clean house underneath
yeah i mean is that it's going to be interesting it
collect like blair said you cannot start of your salary would be great if you
don't survive but i've just done though
if if some of this error any of this all this turns out to be true
when you combine that with a terrible chronicle field
i don't think you could even though you might ski united stairway candidates
with you know a little different shins uh...
and could you bring malcolm back
well lou
this schengen
with united nations this that there are reports
that if he is in violation of a br millions here also there sydney
basic combat anything
headhunters i didn't know who actually i'll definitely upset and a half million
dollars so there's a two million dollar windfall from inside to get some answers
and and it states in all of our best interest to make sure they're working
with the n_c_a_a_
uh... redoing things kinda up
so that's why this is kind of people saying because i think in the last march
but casting apostle our review riches that now happened about midnight it
around and take that money
i don't know that uh... also kissinger's it
you know chiswick shows like maybe he's been
slighted because
will call her father was sort of dennis fung on them
he doesn't get his bio
and if he does know that there are some skeletons in the bobbitt you might be a
little more inclined to
shed some light on some of those bill
leads to sunny marriages anywhere you look at this right now for all of its
expat doesn't want madeleine albright possibly in all directions
that's that's what i see an imprint fortnightly care expectant uh... rights
of the week the
let's let's go back to the break in the four billion dollar deal with all that
women out there
well unsanitary
white house on a little bit but i i think there's a significant
fear factor
of alabama right now in all of all is going to be a little brother in the
state one of the way that is rolling out there are two i think that
our young up-and-coming coach might look at that job and then look at the
arkansas adult up and say
at least in arkansas under big dog you know i'm not sexual or front door and
arkansas and i think that the factor chaser
i agree that
facilities lies and recruiting based on this problem is that uh... but i don't
know that the way things just and right now on other stuff we talked about
i think it occasion easily be made in arkansas might be editor
vacation starting at that time
job early on the teller tilka
housing because that's all makes a good building the program and probably
made a decision to early
down into the country church
and settlement changes it is five nineteen
old stuff with
buffalo two oh two
made of not doing very well it is stop uh... draw a blank whether it will be
attending a deal
and and really what you have now
is you know do you find that young guy
beggars imagination what this is an opportunity
today it will say hey let me go in cities like your rattles the cages
huckabee'll that's what you get me
the thing that all working days so if you get it by now
is that they can actually pay the money they do that so please they are better
recurring basis
and so beijing time doesn't make some
especially when you get an alabama team yes
five six seven eight years since it makes a where
may say that is really
he's religious choosing this with our players
so at some point
there comes a diminishing returns from the standpoint of of cutest number
it's kinda pissed off a decided what that
rather than a few days or use of the earth
there's different ways of actually looking at i'd still i think the
arkansas jobs may is very difficult job
number one i think it's got even more difficult with the jury in texas and
instead she would have seen in slashing their way they've done
well i i think both already tough job so i mean
uh... the scenario that they were looking at you got
investigations you got
you know just issues across the board
uh... both institutions you get up to a major repair job
plots in kentucky number two
with a and eighty kentucky i mean it's not
interviews of
you know i think kentucky is a job order
you can get
somebody in there that you tried to do the basketball on grass you know it's
uh... agassi often trolling
you can make it exciting deficits revived as money market without the
sanctions right i mean i think that's what you got a big step with the right
way in though
epics provided to you know i mean it's
if this is a shame that
bad guys vijay puzzles
uh... and as good as he's handled this
old playing and the way to get over weight mitch barnhart marches are
checking s lauren
behave bag i couldn't get it done
and his lawyers look for a lot of the the stuff that happened there and they
were good as or here but
uh... you know it and it really you really think that you get there
holy xd
uh... specially the area players bayer and
they were every struggle
but for them to just you know it was dangerous to just kinda you know they
have twenty thousand people show up and it just
it seems as though you know
if he was anything you know where you know when he's in our economy
you know they have done it they get popping up blowing things up
and at that
he has his
just a way that we had for him
i think we we did
hit the closing thing
pretty well uh... e button on the other is a big part of what's going on here
uh... victories in britain moral and we'll get him is the right here is that
the mail
we'll talk a little bit outside the s_e_c_ and and i think you alluded to it
where you know i'm good
forty minutes ago and the podcast now me
uh... we were talking about that uh... tennessee game that you didn't want to
much of it because you were busy once in a another day or two and a m
you know
novel p_c_s_
as an area that everybody was was not going to happen is kind of coordinated
and and you know i was full of emily artillery to pummel notre dame's
got a tough touches that only leaves tomorrow
where saturday network
we're right back at what is easy and one intimidated
and wooden that is because the rest of the country copper it s free
bizarrely date saturday most of the time of his record so much for notre dame
right now that it's unbelievable
i mean i would just like everyone sick to have to watch the s_e_c_ play again
but yeah i know this week it was unbelievable
is interested in hearing from the catholic so that that and
whomever members not this grizzly exactly with what your not as repairable
standard at that
up for alabama return
to go the same way about you know still you felt like when i lost and now
you feel like there's no way or in wasn't just the way that they've been
i didn't i think you can stay with a tender number one man team and
there might be some problems but list you've got a problem democrat taxes not
and in truth those dates legal same time and percent bird
you'd just looks like it
sts spent so much more athletic teams
right now and i haven't looked at style
outlets for review rivers carlos
celebrating like alabama one again
desperate and i mean watch that stand for defense along that front seven
amie guys just amazing data or meet with two anything
anything about it
fiesta press for one thing that
that's the one thing that i think you have them if you could
if you can kolkata weakness
is there a difference for getting pressure of being a black should get out
the orbiter meaner their solid
but they're not going to have those insider
sacking gas growing our place
pepper gas ministry defense against
paroxysmal nocturnal later
they were in electoral
every play and that you didn't see that those just pop enormous
russ lang bgc or employees were due in two thousand bar or just like there's no
ten five yard level of the that's about four percent bird
was and then they come into the game which i didn't even know thoughts
start watching the game but they were first and
brushing archery uh... regain uh... tackles for loss acts when they were
person basically every major defensive line successful category which no longer
here knows that we are a lot stamper laid out there that they were a real
dilemma oregon
when you think
when you no matter what outrigger organs of the work of art culture and you've
got tackled backfill on the snap
you're gonna travel and that's exactly what was happening unlike you i was
hoping to bring the three days but
into the one thing that was was worrying me for a minute and you know as an
s_e_c_ fingering for all all these programs to lose like oregon and and
perkins is that
but neither for wildlife to refer a friend of everything they could to keep
stanford from win that game so i'm i'm glad i did turn out that they had helped
him get overtime to collect it now
and i'm sorry
i did
enacted you have to go back and was the podcast on some
and there's a lot of the review how they're still from the street names
talking about kansas state
accordion and ordered a i wasn't expecting it last week
they actually the one i was thinking with maybe notre dame and and the world
yeah one diso you already had three really tough games and i gotta go
uh... borden che this weekend and they've got it
u_c_l_a_ team babbitt
negatively and add a hundred back up is that uh... and i know we're not tackle
podcast but
you realistically i think there's a good chance that the underplaying
because state-of-the-art at the movies you know a than that
ole current place over again the following week so that's the way to the
roar you have
u_c_l_a_ stanford is usually the u_s_a_ last week
seal the deal for
for u_s_ seem to be out there
meant that
and after that you have an emotional let down for
for both programs so that there are some of the level field but i think
stanford's a little more
but how do the new u_c_l_a_ so now you have those guys
go here
the u_c_l_a_ turn around and lose again to u_c_l_a_ the following week
kind that's not what you can see this flip-flopped back and forth out there in
the background so it is all
messed up out there and
but that doesn't help or get out for them not to play in the gym teachers
because they need a deterrent to help
move though a little bit
and so they're going to definitely on the outside of the year
i'm going to be interesting news
you know everything worked alright you gonna and at notre dame rulers or state
beach florida
obviously there are layered orders gonna lose
you could have a situation where maybe oregon because it would be so yes
wind up being number two bc s without having played another championship
black alabama last yahoo and then i mean it could shake out that way a lot of
acrobat alright but it would be really interesting to see if that were happy
that they're outraged that there was this your work
url attribute u_s_ i don't really see that in florida before this date and
then that don't have to claim abuses championship game his word
purported for anti-government activists say there there also is this season is
the state ca
for their too far out to be working something out you know that's their only
yeah lol
good betty holcomb right
yeah i mean i mean if i'm not mistaken what
stanford white girl
nineteen point
underdog or something families
there was a risk orders yet
is the resources and they are then of course you say it was a large
you know if they are going to bailey with three percent
anything that's crazy about that as i said
just what is b c a system bus to get me started being that c_n_n_ though
eleven of the last two games
it's answer
is the pressure on me you can tell from kansas city kansas stating that smart
used to be in tiananmen
road orlando just a crime
that gets to the uh... my pinky unit becomes they'd burn
uh... football doesn't really come home to practice your beat yourself up
ever written
uh... easy just can't tell that answer
uh... it's interesting how this all works out at me
but they for
notre dame i think that's what gets people
a sense of hehe
you know this kid's backing of barclays you know
by a lot of people says that he could be better than barker dot sorry believes
that he's kind of a
he's kind of an all or nothing dot right now so there's a place where he's going
to keep their world
uh... and that may be good or it may be bad so you don't let it die yet
uh... but if he's wrong
then they could be trouble bandleader thinking that some of the guys come for
a job possibly
islamic anything out there
he's going to be thrown everything he's got
uh... crazy limits
crazy to think that you're really coaching per job was set up
develop amateur written about eighteen o'clock aiden excellent backing
began this past you know that you know sometimes that have been a with
mitterrand's with that back into her car was concluded that
yet to be interesting to me because we have a big wall seriously and i were
talking about
the banks worldwide it impacted alabama services custom
samia season
but media writer means yeah i i sent him and you know where to start about your
attention change should before you take take boxes
kids they've done nothing and then you can change a mentality and more
junior done made today's hill and i know they have a job
mary's sniffing games is ninety eight minutes now
four them out to new highs only hit booming they didn't bring a lot of
different players in the new highs and then i have been insulated they not
mennonite basically is incorrect
driving in the house will be was still going on so izzo eschenbach wall
don't forget that
that's going on around washington wanted it
uh... mills of coordinator of does this happen
and that the melissa initiates the seventh hour not informed all day
they could go to seven five
uh... but you know you're talking about team is on hold for pre-season number
one the and there was one of the latter half dozen are working on them
in the country
come up with probation
and that's the thing that we forget about usd as they were pretty good last
year except there at ohio state this year they were on probation they didn't
get on t_v_ luck why didn't matter is that how well they did they were going
to all day
so they they were basically
coming in a surprise her writing about how good they were
and it really worth is retarded
well the saying the thing is that this is the first year itself reductions
there is no class
so they got
the other candidates and fifteen so when you get three years down the road
unit along with fifty one celsius nobody else was very much fellowships and
everybody else
so that's the impact
tentatively given goes you know
i don't think there's a lot of places lot of people who want to hire people
and intimated that entered a campaign
because of but that's another primo position that might be opening up that
they would convenience and the s_e_c_ positions we knew that i think i think
they're hooked on it
illegally here
but it's it's been a crazy dot
uh... i say that because i i don't i don't know her name is going to have
been a very handsome
they're gonna have a lot of pressure on them coming in and uh...
two u_s_ aid at the center of south california southern california was an
accident in one of those one of those with those things
you know there's always a
it won't be receiving a letter
their backup quarterback usc is still better than penetrated should not be
delivered a son and then i could definitely stumble this week
and so you know you look at it and look at how much they sell
you know very little fourteen zip in these csr r_n_s_e_c_ programs
and number two three and four
uh... ninsu those programs would have to play each other next week
i don't think either one of those alabama or
i'm george are going to have an issue this week against georgia tech an altar
uh... anne arundel
so you're gonna love him at one of the programs regardless of the national
who is number two and that's that's what we all have to figure out now
uh... because i want to give
and i'm noah retain their losses week
all your college shot but i a m level
and it
some some people would say forget
and defector that matters
let's hold it
anodized and he has admitted he had to decide on that
you can only flew by so many times over u_n_ demands
there's a lot of it
i knew what some of the loop and i watched every organ game but it seems
like they found a way to win once again today probably deserved lives
and you're coming out against the program that that at one time with brain
number one of the country
by this kind of how talent
that has nothing to lose
and everything to gain laptop land because they're not going roswell
they're going to be a mid-level
bowl game as it is a seven five
witnesses usc organ and there
concluded i don't like this there's too many things against everything for me to
say that and so
that's what it is called all kinds of chaos in the in into these yes
and they like you said no we we've got along with the president it could be
all these things with the issues are there in that
sedative games and i've been a non championship compact opponent
station uh... accused bob
you know that for uh... or or impact program
absolutely crazy self
uh... do we want to talk about this uh... they are wrong
reunite with some of the carrying out my monthly reasonable time on its
what they're gonna widespread uh... donald o'connor spread despicable offers
an alternative to maybe it will
domain sicily business and think about right
is like getting a sixteen and a m itself by week seventeen interesting
dark it also defeated
the who it's sothink recall religious here there are there you
what's the deal
their first year
there everyday like uh... yadda yadda yadda yadda
the royals in baseball every year round in one hundred thirty trips are planned
carpenters world nowadays band on for awhile and
they're just represent to be over
yet there's been there's no
realistically there's no way in the end
so even if they play competitively does it make any better or program
uh... the
but in the hall
mississippi state on this
method is along the line
uh... corporal programs
yes a lot of records are our employees for for you over there in mississippi
state what
most with three years there
has been window this weekend in a bowl game weather correct
any action that ball game but uh... it would be dominance we win federation
alternatives tenants
okay so i have nothing more than ten wince four times in our history
uh... and never done regular season
and so
uh... shows that if they gain and more importantly it would be four o_ affirm
from all of which would be
city-states out there used to be the first time since world war two
anyone for her role in the serious and uh... first-time bit
n_e_a_ either one of the schools twenty-four wrote
uh... since early eighties
answers in a very competitive robbery uh... heroes and their neighbor thinks
how i call him
alabama is not new there
amir's time it's not a
you know you have a lot of the things that
it's the florida florida state or you got the you know the alcoholism
you get this you know yet
l_s_u_ arkansas but i mean i think that
sakura questions all alabama school districts say
you know yes
that are made with the navy can't get around it gets here you go wool
or kentucky
planes i think anything that i would love that we have a little bit
he had because out there to probably got another couple days left
the possible
obliquely right but uh...
you know it's it's it's a part of addy
you know what the if we're ole mrs of one points later i start out has become
and determined towards that
yeah i think it's an opportunity
for them to be multiple
so they're going to be playing um... now that i distribute reasons the importance
of the game curled up in a series of
yes most things were manmohan as lazy
status quo
birds on the table and
uh... shut the fire this robbery and l_a_ they call it out that uh... it's
important it's a different we each
uh... they play the game differently
prepare for the named differently but talk about the game differently
they do everything is the most important thing and
onto route and basin so
i'm anxious to do it i mean it's one of those things where
did i tell them all best friends uh...
you know they were all worry about us faceless and eighty-eight wall street
already think because that's an extra part of its arkansas
i've also reiterated
now worries whether they're going to say if we end up being a woman
you've also wrote don't just get a hold because the boss
answers a lot of the line and uh...
is found work in the process of ball and
uh... trying to dominate the state and and and make it
you make it the points where
usage status the the dominant team it's difficult to actually right now
they acknowledged this is a program of the
interstate robberies it's as easy opponents that's probably the ones that
the more than a lot
that applied for uh... rearing
you know i have joked about the kentucky tennessee in a minute ago
that they don't any which way right now
tom heather
i don't know how i would never battle
just a couple of and all the
you know that this is a lot better night or death ordnance is is that where there
have been one track is decisions of what the body have arrested tuesday no only
this is like
you know that this is not going to have no they're aware about like here there
are bears that they did that last year there
that you xd
and wallet
right now anymore we practice
then kentucky coming the couldn't because
the return of the flight last year in timothy is not available
you know they they have that one thing that they don't have the right to
kentucky at least as their coach is going to finish up the season again so
middle-class does not really liked jokes
you later
they don't wanna lose so they were clear hartford joker
tennessee doesn't have that so i'm going to go back to battle and a long way for
for granted but for now that the other side of the tennessee
the decency act
that not all that had happened
god knows when
ankle guilty and this chain
it just imagine the excuse kentucky beads tennessee joker fills
will be
above you he'll have a wedding record instances
and you'll be fine
travel bad instances
lenin was the last time you had a coz it has to win the extensive lucky personal
safety whoever winning record against uti when he did win a game for twenty
six years
so you had to insurance if he wins
is in the five years
after three years
exist that his philosophy
bay area
the state of tennessee inductance football let me just how bad it up
when we can set the standard rates are still working to its readers
okay in one year with the freezing water c
with the way he had met
under within the ads
formatting effectively this weekend
corporation the glass cheer on the wildcats what time of the bowlers
lessons that again
six o'clock
on saturday or friday
saturday it is being you
friday the only game is l_s_u_ arkansas
without an on going up
but that was to be on thursday did not
yeah they weren't there cigar expert
but six years room when we were actually did both of those in and out now the
n_f_l_ equipment there is a
turkey game on tuesday s
that her so those ratings but uh... you know the other games like like we said
georgia georgia tech i don't think
may georgia tech sut accuse gore underdog right now but i don't see
georgia had much of an issue with those kind of the uh... in uh... especially
they played i think towards southern
who does face to triple option as well as played last week roster walk-ins
those kind of like a early pre has found a really uh... so it really was a
scrimmage there really wasn't so missiles uh... sort of thoughts
yeah i x
yes i did that uh...
orders and the players reportedly or nears the championship disorder that's
that much more yet to concentrate on
spending that's part of the first lady began at a little us
but i don't think they're have any trouble
probably the most inflated rating before applying for the state would you say
that me
liquidated and jacksonville state last week and they struggled for a long time
up and we before that was was in lafayette
yeah i think i think for a state st woman
head of the spirit
four-day uh... florida state not hate
and it's and i think it's at
yeah i i just think florida can school right now but their defense is his
legendary notes
through a lot for sure uh...
but i don't know
at another school work because they
yeah for states problem is for status
emulated top top talent and
they stay in the one night
that you can happiness n_c_ state
in the they'd be nobody else when i got a great defense and they got adapted for
the state is out because the
there some computer
the liberal on wall street
and there's some computer
tuesday going on the top fifty
right in saying to me
and so
on a cc those cute little and read it yet interested liberated those all
also has the c_s_ thing but i think it's kind of
i think it's a little bit of uh... triple russia over that they were kind
of proof
with florida pictures with
not rated boy image which makes it more difficult
you know that uh... and that's another route home to bring up the weekly or
even discussed but
you know what about the other news this week has also been announced in the
uh... a_c_c_ engage
he and a m
do you see that there's an opening the door again for for cooperative work is
going over the s_e_c_ because
you see the supercars it's happening the big bear muhammad
they twelve guys got a couple more votes this week
i know it was a big hit yet either
demand for oil price
yeah somoza fourteen should make some
it works
uh... kappa
out of the other day a little bit but right now as that was so
uh... yes certainly i think that's all coming up always very proud of the great
way for the big tend to get the biggest can benefit when they're coming up very
rapidly and rewards
uh... an eight-year maryland director jer your alltel uh...
you know and i i'm interested to see is the fifty million dollar buy-out
is deadbeat
here what's gonna happen created to limit sensual often something
going forward but yet the things you know keep moving that way any doubt
may just take innocent so this may change
analytical about this that the other champions bowl which now struggle
uh... which is the first
conference affiliated bowl game between the s_e_c_ and a big well
especially the rose bowl missile
x if you don't have a lot non-profit entity that's actually taken all the
and you
judy two trains two properties are guaranteed eighty million dollar tristar
that two years
there is a hundred sixty million dollars
today we actually see the is being is a twelve year contract falls
than the playoff system
you know all your
presidents never going to talk about
there was not more money in the playoffs
riot yes
five hollered
million-dollar today
five hundred million dollars
yeah i mean is just
everything's pretty
the wrong so
i think that's where you're
i think that's where you're seeing your liking
there are no it wasn't proven wrong answers everything they say has been
proven wrong we are fine
we all have thoughts on the other end of the alliance for the recruitment
bitterness is ridiculous and in that goes back to tennessee
inattention searching a save the the
you see the president of chancellor yesterday
basically saying we're going to give back
you know to the athletic department six million dollars a year for next three
years before eighteen million dollars
because they don't three years
there are certain i'll let you know that twenty million dollar truck they were
doing is now going to be mutually eighty million dollars from one day
between everybody in the lake
between sixteen feet at that point yeah i mean i was not enough
but it doesn't it's it's close ties to the throne the s_e_c_ network which is
going to happen
uh... is just
you know is the thing where
they discover work it out of the basic
when they work out the s_e_c_ network
you know which i think it's gonna happen with the playoffs militancy that makes
up here to talk about
just citadels of money
where i think the big c_n_n_ s_e_c_ you're just going to try it out
created branching
between everybody else when it comes to read
now with all this event where does that leave these for me because
anyways bc
police is gonna be
he's happens usually left because
casey is now not coming to the throttle water is utterly vishay goes back to
work out your conversation with regards to basketball revenue
the baby's is basically a basketball
their best off after two more
and they can't do anything
because basketball does it create any ready what so ever
even on the large scale
uh... even the big schools
compared to only one is being
generated from the football
would you like it you can take the budget uh... yeah you can get out there
wicket destinataire
idea twenty one million dollar for being the s_e_c_
and not but it is
whatever it is for your bible study what sixty million sixty five million
s is already
you know who the resistance is one of those things where spot
the money that we're going to stay
i think that's what you're saying i think that's why i say yes at a school
like this if you say
an old list for instance where you're dealing with the canadian dollar budgets
uh... we have five years ago there were thirty million dollar budgets five years
from now we're going to be a debate about budgets because
missus favorable budgets fifty million dollars million between one million
dollar check flashier missed fourteen forty five percent of their budget
in part of the s_e_c_ is
uh... this this revenue thing is facing the yet
jet elo battle acting
now the big ten network outstanding began illinois' might get mad we can see
i will go ahead quickly
began alabama which sheets
if anything yet
you can do this is the naked idiocy network a wife to be candidates
the big ten network
uh... that's what i have a package ups c_n_n_
and they're gonna end up working out the network but they got
do it
accordingly because the s_e_c_
literally you created a rights in the states that they can see the football
it's very interesting i think this year the standoff
gag alpha tangible minutes while those things i mean we're talking about also
conferences that are actually doing the balls
uh... because they didn't tell me the fiesta things total share
minutes non-profit stuff
you know i mean we we live here actually also music city org in gathered generate
revenues error
uniserial economic list of all i can stuff but
uh... you know what happens when the car just artist doing all balls
i mean
by record here
kentucky may thirty one thousand dollars and revenue off a football
thirty one dash at
their total revenue
has ended on and the top twenty con twenty
of our programs from montana with the whole thing the founder
a family intact
of that thirty one of them
along with photo
every one thousand that she may eight
ring yes not profit revenue
almost yellow satellite buds election night market
muzzle ilike
like alabama has one mile away
most companies don't make money
when you look into the tax returns but there are they're making money let's be
real knocked out about the rate is set up a revelation for texas and one of the
direction making for revolution or
while talking about is is that maybe i should look at your
mini break down the revenues if you're eighty five million dollars how many of
the eighty five million dollars his name
allocated for bastardly which they can talk to you to meet unless you can be
written anybody else does
basketball is what you or
yeah right
but not a
but my whole thing earlier was that most of the revenue has them in the top
and they come from basketball
and that's the case
there that there are
that high up in the list
and it's because they're their best hope for a program brings address on the
ground in it
by details in comparison to the colorado
uh... the utility texas
you know ninety three million
yeah or alabama it's important to know where they are
universitet dismay ninety three million almost ninety four million their
football program on world
for when you take everything into account access is two hundred fifty
so it almost
forty percent of what sixty percent of what kentucky's total revenue was
burgess and how much money there isn't the whole over yet it's crazy designing
a strategy game against another easy network down and
the with the with the experience
we talked about this last year about you know how super conferences were going to
and i always thought they were in the sense that you know were set six when i
come from now because
you're always going to be his videos are popping out of the will
uh... you know naaku other leader in me
yeah you look at cooler florida state it cannot be freaking out right now
for what we just talked about was the public is proceeding so we get a
long-lasting camera dropped and miranda at that i had better is going to work
for american airline there behind closed doors then for some please vote yes
forceful instead of saying that you're talking about trainers say there's a lot
any holes in the baby's and the the probable has is that they're kind of a
no-man's land because
they don't i don't have the household dissolves generated yet
so whole thing with regards to maryland in new jersey you're getting a new york
into church european uh... washington d_c_ u
you know in
age also animal crossing the numbers of those
that stuff but
if if you're the data network they get three cents
curran user
almost all states that that was so unusual that has a big ten network
orchids outside of the state's that actually had one of the schools
my question is a rai
so as we think we have a big ten network available
right so
but if this the states that actually had it where there's where they had uh...
uh... university restitution
it's twenty two cents
so you're talking about was at seven demands
seven-plus times yet uh... inside the house and you get new york work
brand new jersey
and washington d_c_
holy cow
believe there's a eight million people
that i have access to that and all the sudden you've just made
we have a great deal on the honda
just the the city of new york and that marine animals they are only used to say
anything if you
and million up on that same liberal arts recoup a little the the illustrated it
you know you pay for the premium sports packages including
so whether you're watching in a row
divisions that did not rather right
physicist a la boheme
a package
and so that's
you know that's where you get somebody that's on the finances of football fans
like walking ya without any extra five dollars a month ago begins and all that
university of texas channel in all these other channels that they really
available to me
and that's where even if i'm not washington became gangs are still
shelling out the extra
nineteen twenty cents a a novel yet missus claus things that
without the football
session the date is the best ball starts about
well that's it
what is from
pacifica checkpoint
it's is communication from extent is gonna be
something fall over the next three years of true
mcgrath listless contract is up with them from raffles and
talking a lot of effort
thanks a lot of topics and we appreciate everybody that might still be listening
uh... if you do listen to the podcast enough esto up on this and you're still
a loyalist there in your an hour and twenty minutes the listenin strong thank
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uh... but on now nothing nothing much just typing spirit girls are people all
there we go
artic environment p shane bailey last month winter
uh... you know all this i think what you have said
uh... is a fun time for robbery week uh... another as again thank you for a
week dot had a whole lot of cheer about
almost a month our life
but uh... we're going for to erode as we get some i'm really
and found out that i think there's a better than good chance that that can
highlight the fellow who was everyone out there wasn't happy thanksgiving
and be safe out on those roads uh... so supposed to have some wet weather all
around a lot of the country and
in-service date yet retirement and bill considerate and realize that
everybody's offering it to the same place in this price includes the top of
the cell was also hoping she's not there
and with that governor call this podcast no