Street View Australia

Uploaded by Google on 04.08.2008

Getting from "A" to "B" just got easier with the new Street View feature in Google Maps.
To get started, go to the Google Maps page.
Enter the address you want to check out, and click the "Street view" link.
Now available in cities and towns across Australia, Street View allows you to explore like you
never have before. You can go full-screen, take a walk and have
a look around, or zoom in for a closer look. For simple travel directions, just enter your
start and end locations. Then, by clicking on the camera icons, you
can check out your journey step-by-step. If you're having any trouble just click the
"Street View help" link for instructions on how to use the various features or to report
any inappropriate imagery. If you want to explore some more, just pick
up the little orange peg man and drag him to any street marked with a blue outline.
Once you've found the location you're after, you can embed it in a web site or even share
it with a friend.
Whether it's for finding a business, virtual tourism or just organizing a meeting place
with a friend, Street View lets you explore Google Maps like never before.