Cross-sector collaboration | Volunteering Qld CEO Q+A

Uploaded by VolunteeringQldTV on 06.05.2012

We do recognise that volunteering sits across all sectors. We do recognise that volunteers
work in sectors from sports and recreation to arts to welfare to environmental areas
and so on and of course fundamental to that in order to actually make volunteering sustainable
we need to focus a lot more in cross-sector collaboration. In that sense we are talking
about private sector, governments, local governments, federal governments, public in general, not-for-profit
sector and so on. Much larger range of stakeholders that are involved in this space and we need
to bring all of these sectors actually to the table and take their views on board and
find the ways how can capitalise on what each of those sectors, how they can contribute
to a kind of a common goal - to ensure that we look at volunteering one as a whole rather
than an isolation from one sector to the other.