Learn Portuguese - Lesson 1

Uploaded by demulis on 17.06.2010

hello there
my name is Rafael
I am not a teacher
but I will try to teach you
some portuguese
to day of course
as it`s the first class
I will teach you some greetings
the first one is the most common
hi in portuguese we say "oi"
Okay, and hello in portuguese is "Olá"
good morning in portuguese is "Bom dia"
good afternoon in portuguese is "Boa Tarde"
good night is @#$%…
I mean good night is "Boa Noite"
good evening we don't have in portuguese
we don't usely say in portuguese
when you meet someone in you want to ask him how are you
in portuguese you could say "Tudo bem?"
It`s very similar to how are you
the effort if you want to say "I`m good and you?"
will it be "Tudo bem e você?"
to finish "good"
would be "bem"
and to finish this first class
we would like to say "bye"
in portuguese is "Tchau"
[Sorry for my english]
I hope you enjoying this class
if you like it, comment
if there is a lot comments in my video
I'll post more lessons for you