Mothers Day Gift Ideas : Making Mother's Day Center Pieces

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2008

Felt flowers are really hot this season so I'd like to show you another gift that you
can make for your mom. This one really doesn't involve a lot of stamping but it's a really
pretty gift when it's finished. What you're doing is you're taking various felt flowers
from this kit and I just match up. They don't have to be the same color front and back,
they can be two different colors, whatever you like, and I've just got these twigs. Now
you can go out in the back yard of your yard there and get some, or you can purchase these
at a floral shop or something like that. All I'm doing is using, this is a good one, it's
got a lot of branches. I'm using some pop-up glue dots, sticking them to my felt flowers,
and then attaching to the back of that another felt flower. These are bright colorful pieces,
and they're going to look really, they're going to have a good contrast on the back
of these stark twigs. You're just doing a random pattern, just like nature. I'm just
going to do a few on each twig. Half the fun with this is using your imagination, matching
up the flowers. So I've got a few on already and then you can layer them too, so I'm going
to layer another flower here.
Then you can step it up another notch, using some embellishments from the Pretties Kit.
So I'm just going to take another pop-up, a smaller one here, to attach this pearl to
the middle of my flowers. Then once you've got a few on, I'm just going to show you what
it's going to look like. You're going to place them in a vase, like this and you've got a
really quick and easy, but up to date, felt flower decoration for your table.