The Good Fighter

Uploaded by ChoriProductions on 21.11.2012

Hey baby!
Do you know- What!?
Do you know..where I can train?
Just go in there.
In there? Yeah, there.
Mmmm..What a man...
Hey mister, i'm looking for the trainer.
Yes sir, just follow me sir.
You know.. for fighting.
Someone's looking for y- Hey! It's over here.
Ah! Okay, sorry, sorry...
He's looking for you.
Mister! I want to become a fighter,you know, a good fighter.
Okay! Go prepare the boy.
Okay, sure.
Oh! Thank you, thank you very much.. Thank you (repeated many times)

Here, have these gloves, they'll help you a lot.
Oh! They have a magic power or.. anything?
No..they're useless,but the point was to make you feel better.
Good point..good point.
So...when do I start my training?
When the fat one wakes up.
Why have you decided to train that boy?
Why not? B****
Trainer I ready to fight now? Yeah,you are..
That is the only reason I wanted to train with you man!
Thanks! Thank you man!
Yes..I see.
And in the blue corner,we have Jack! The nerd!
And now the fight shall begin!
What the hell are you doing?
And now..let the battle begin! Round 1!
You'll regret having decided to fight me!
Never! Never!
Yeah man, yeah
And now, prepare for round 2!
Hey,go! Dude, go!
And now, begin!
That must hurt!
The hell are you doing?
Oh my god! Jacob has won the battle!