President Obama Grilling with Bobby Flay

Uploaded by whitehouse on 22.06.2009

Mr. Flay: This is a rib-eye steak [Inaudible].
It's got a little fat there.
Mr. President: That's good, you got to have fat.
Mr. Flay: That's the key. That's the key.
>> THE PRESIDENT: Absolutely.
Mr. Flay: Keeps it moist and very flavorful.
Now, what I do is I put a little bit of a spice rub on the
outside of it.
Mr. President: What do you got in here, some paprika?
Mr. Flay: Yeah, I got some paprika, I got some chili
powders, [Inaudible] cumin, black pepper, just a few
ingredients, and I put it on top [Inaudible] crust on the outside.
Mr. President: Right.
Now, do you put this on before you put the meat on?
Mr. Flay: Exactly right.
See how Chef Chris is doing it now.
You do it on one side, you get a nice crust on the outside.
High heat, if you notice, I have two heat, I have hot --
Mr. President: Heat over here.
Mr. Flay: And no hot.
Mr. President: Okay. So what do we do?
Mr. Flay: Okay, crusted on this side [Inaudible].
See how it's sizzling like that.
Get a nice crust and then what we do is move it over to
indirect heat and let it finish cooking.
How do you like your steaks cooked?
Mr. President: I'm a medium well guy.
Mr. Flay: Okay.
Mr. President: See, now, people always complain about that,
but that's just how I like it, so.
Mr. Flay: Well, we don't want you to change that.
The President: That's my point.
Mr. Flay: Absolutely.
Mr. President: But everybody says how can you
-- it's too dry, you need all that blood.
Mr. Flay: I guarantee when we're done, you will get medium
well steak.
Mr. President: I know that's right.
Listen, I have complete confidence in you.
All right, what do you need me to do here?
Mr. Flay: Do you want to cook something?
Mr. President: [Inaudible] I got my apron on.
Mr. Flay: All right, here you go.
Here you go, Mr. President.
Just put a little spice over here.
Mr. President: All right, let's get a little rub on here.
Mr. Flay: Exactly.
Mr. President: All right.
How much rub do we want on it?
Mr. Flay: You want to be pretty liberal.
And I'll help you out, you rub it in.
Mr. President: All right. How is that?
Mr. Flay: All right.
Mr. President: So that's pretty good there?
Mr. Flay: Yes, exactly. Exactly.
I'm just going to take a little bit of oil here just to moisten
it, okay?
Mr. President: Okay, so you put just a little bit, is that
just like some regular vegetable oil?
Mr. Flay: Yes, this is canola oil.
Mr. President: Okay.
Mr. Flay: Now you got to throw these on the grill,
on the spice side down on the high heat.
Mr. President: On this side right here?
Mr. Flay: Exactly.
Mr. President: All right.
Now, if you are a true chef, like Bobby Flay, do you use your
hand or do you use a tong?
Mr. Flay: It's up to you.
Mr. President: But what do you do, man?
Mr. Flay: Nobody is watching.
Mr. President: No, no, I want to to do what you do.
Mr. Flay: I use my hand.
The President: Okay, all right. Just flip it over here?
Mr. Flay: Right on -- right, it's very hot. Exactly.
Mr. President: That's what I'm talking about.
Mr. Flay: You know, I feel like you've been here before.
Mr. President: I know what I'm doing. Look at that.
Mr. Flay: Come on, Mr. President.
Mr. President: All right.
Mr. Flay: Okay.
So now here is the key to this thing, okay.
I was telling these guys before, there's two kinds of guys in the world.
Mr. President: Yeah.
Mr. Flay: Guys that can grill and then guys that can
[Inaudible] every man in America.
Mr. President: I'm telling you, okay.
Mr. Flay: Now, what happens is guys that don't grill a lot,
they come out here, they want to start flipping and turning
You want to flip this once.
Mr. President: One time.
Mr. Flay: You want to let the grill do its job.
Mr. President: Don't mess with the grill.
Mr. Flay: Exactly.
You have this beautiful piece of meat here.
Mr. President: Just let it --
Mr. Flay: You've flavored it, we're going to let it cook,
let it get a nice crust on the outside.
Mr. President: Now, but you do take a peek, don't you?
Mr. Flay: No, see that --
The President: You don't take a peek?
Mr. Flay: See, I knew you were going to go there.
That's when you start messing --
Mr. President: You don't take a little peek?
Mr. Flay: No.
Mr. President: So how do you know --
Mr. Flay: You start seeing the edges start to get a little charcoal
on the outside, and then it gives you the hint that
says, all right, you can flip me now.
Mr. President: Got ya.
Mr. Flay: Okay, so we're going to let that cook for a little while.
Mr. President: So if you end up flipping twice, it that means that you can't really grill.
Go ahead.
Mr. Flay: Let's not go that far.
The President: Let's see, what else do we got going on?
Mr. Flay: We've got some corn here.
Now here's -- I'm going to teach you a secret about corn.
Corn on the grill is fantastic, but sometimes it's very
difficult, because you don't want the corn to be -- you want
the corn to be nice and tender, but you want to have a nice
charcoal on the outside.
Mr. President: That's right.
Mr. Flay: So what I do is I peel back the husk and the silks
and I blanch the corn first.
So basically this corn is just about cooked, about
three-quarters of the way.
Mr. President: So you have already --
Mr. Flay: I'm cheating.
Mr. President: You boiled it a little bit.
Mr. Flay: Exactly right.
Mr. President: So that it's already cooked, that way you
don't have to keep it on as long --
Mr. Flay: Exactly.
Mr. President: -- without it burning on the outside.
Mr. Flay: You just want to get a nice char on the outside.
Mr. President: Got ya.
Mr. Flay: Okay.
Mr. President: That's a good little tip.
Mr. Flay: So we're just going to put a little bit --
The President: What kind of marinade is that, the little sauce there?
Mr. Flay: Oh, here?
Mr. President: Oh, that was just some oil here.
Mr. Flay: No, this is my barbecue sauce.
Mr. President: No, but it looks like you've got some --
Mr.Flay: Oh, that's the -- yeah
-- Mr. President: You got some basil --
Mr. Flay: Yeah, can you paint that, some basil
and fresh garlic and some butter.
[Inaudible] all right.
I don't feel like I'm giving you enough work to do.
Mr. President: Man, I know what I'm doing.
Mr. Flay: I know -- [Laughter.]
Mr. Flay: See, I knew you just thought you were a good cook, I knew it.
Mr. President:Absolutely.
You know, you can't -- you can't fool me.
Mr. Flay: All right. Okay.
Mr. President: Although I got to say in the White House,
Chris does a pretty good job, so.
Mr. Flay: Yes, she does.
Mr. President: We don't end up having to do too much work.
Mr. Flay: You have awonderful staff in the White House these days.
Mr. President: We don't end up having to do too much.
Mr. Flay: I think we can take those others steaks off the the grill.
Mr. President: These look good, these look ready.
Mr. Flay: Okay. Nice and juicy. Okay. And the reason--
Mr. President: Man, that's a good-looking steak.
Mr. Flay: Even though this steak will probably be close to
medium well, it's still going to be nice and juicy.
You know what the key is now?
We got to let this rest.
Mr. President: Don't want to eat it too --
Mr.Flay: Well, you know what happens?
If we cut this, the juices are really hot on the inside --
The President: He's absolutely right.
You always want to let it kind of sit there for a little bit.
Mr. Flay: Until the juices cool down, so when you cut it,
the juices don't run out.
The President: You guys catch that?
The President: Don't cut it right away.
Mr. Flay: Exactly.
The President: I agree with that.
Mr. Flay: Sir, we're going to need to [Inaudible]
the President: All right. Everybody, give Bobby Flay a big round of applause.
Mr. Flay: Thank you.
Mr. President: All right, guys, thanks.