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Highlights of the news today Friday 14th December.
HATE cleric Abu Qatada quits his £400,000 taxpayer-funded home
Verizon Files Patent for Cable Box That Watches You as You Watch
Judge Credits Knife-Wielding Thug for ‘not killing his victim’
Labour Councillor Sandhu employs illegal immigrants Miss France Slammed for Being ‘White as
Snow’ Anti Islam voices gather strength in France.
Nick Griffin MEP –From the Belly of the Beast
American Communist/Islamofascist-sympathisers are wringing their hands
Proposed Army Manual Tells G.I.s Not to Insult Taliban and ignore paedophilia
China to Overtake EU and US by 2030, US Intelligence Says
Thought for the Day– Misandry and how our media uses it!
And finally –
UK NEWS HATE cleric Abu Qatada quits his £400,000
taxpayer-funded home — only to move into another.
The 52-year-old Islamic fanatic is fighting deportation to Jordan on terror charges — and
it was hoped he was being put on a plane to the Middle East. But instead he is believed
to have been handed an even larger gaff in London with his wife and five children after
leap-frogging to the top of the waiting list. The terror suspect said he needed to escape
demonstrations over his marathon fight to avoid being booted back to his native Jordan.
Yesterday he was escorted from his five-bedroom taxpayer-funded home in North London by two
plain-clothed cops and reportedly taken to an even BIGGER house in an undisclosed location,
still in the Greater London area. Fellow Tory MP and security expert Patrick Mercer stated
“There are ex-service personnel who have been made redundant and are waiting for housing
— they must wonder what’s going on. Verizon Files Patent for Cable Box That Watches
You as You Watch Television Another reason not to own a TV, via Yahoo!
News: A Verizon patent idea envisions spying on TV viewers for the sake of serving up related
ads. For instance, a couple snuggling in front of the TV could end up getting bombarded by
commercials for romantic vacations, flowers or even birth control. The system could also
detect a person’s mood or identify objects such as pets, soft drink cans or a bag of
chips in a person’s hand, and room decorations or furniture.
Such a patent idea would turn TV set-top boxes into spy boxes with sensors for both seeing
and hearing the activity in front of the TV. Many TV viewers already own such set-top boxes
to access pay-per-view services, digital video recordings and Internet streaming. Verizon
also operate a mail system compatible with other well known email sites, including AOL,
Hotmail, Outlook Express and Lotus Notes.
Judge Credits Knife-Wielding Thug for ‘Taking Care Not to Inflict Life Threatening Injuries’
On Victim He Stabbed Five Times A judge has credited a knife-wielding thug
for ‘taking care not to inflict life threatening injuries’ when he stabbed his victim five
times in a nightclub attack. Hoopang Wong, 25, who has two previous convictions for possessing
a knife, stabbed Karlos Fredericks three times in his right thigh, once in his left thigh
and once in his left armpit.
Recorder Michael Hunter, sitting at Kingston Crown Court, sentenced Wong to seven years
in jail for wounding with intent. He told him he would be ‘failing to protect the
public’ if he did not pass a substantial custodial sentence, but gave him credit for
using the knife in the way he did. He said: ‘I take into account four of the wounds
and two of the deep wounds were deliberately made by you on the legs. ‘I am therefore
giving you credit for the fact that when you used the knife the way you did you were taking
care not to inflict life threatening injuries, although I am aware that such injuries can
cause death. ‘I can only hope that when you are released from prison you will use
your potential and never return to prison again. A nationalist spokesperson said ‘Send
him back to China. They would probably shoot him over there’.
Labour Councillor Sandhu employs illegal immigrants The Border Agency is surprise raid arrested
4 women and 1 man at a factory run by Labour councillor Balbir Singh Sandhu in Derbyshire.
The factory, Star Clothing operating in Normanton, was raided after a tip-off to the Border Agency.
Labour Councillor Balbir Singh Sandhu commented on the Border Agencies inquiries ''They can
check what they want to check.'' “I have nothing to hide.” A fine of £10,000 per
worker could be imposed by law if found guilty. Tower Hamlets Pays £600 for Labour councillor’s
acting lessons. Tower Hamlets sent Labour Councillor Mizan
Chaudhury for acting lessons the Royal Academy after he was voted in as ‘first speaker’.
They paid £600 so that Chaudhury could be more convincing in his role as Tower Hamlet’s
unofficial ceremonial mayor. Chaudhury was criticised earlier this year after the council
reimbursed him over £9,000 for taxi bills. Tory leader Cllr Peter Golds has called for
‘full investigation’. EUROPEAN NEWS
Miss France Slammed for Being ‘White as Snow’
This week a black rights group have slammed the latest Miss France competition for producing
a “white as snow” winner from a field it claimed was unrepresentative of the country’s
ethnic make-up.
Marine Lorphelin, 19, a brunette medical student from Burgundy, was on Saturday crowned Miss
France 2013, having edged out Miss Tahiti, Hinarini de Longeaux, in the final round of
judging. Louis-Georges Tin, the president of the CRAN (Representative Council of Black
Associations), on Monday lamented the lack of contestants from France’s African and
north African communities. “The failure to represent the contemporary French population
in an event such as this is obviously serious,” Tin said in a statement issued jointly with
Fred Royer, the creator of Miss Black France. “It amounts to denying the very existence
of French people of African origin.” Of the 33 finalists in Saturday’s contest,
eight were from ethnic minorities with six of those coming from France’s Pacific or
Caribbean territories. “In the antiquated world of Miss France, blacks apparently can
only come from overseas departments,” the CRAN statement said. “As for Frenchwomen
of North African heritage, they were ‘represented’ by only one candidate who was quickly eliminated.”France
is home to around five million Muslims, most of them of North African origin. The statement
went on to express regret that “Miss France is as white as the end of year snow on the
steeples of an eternal France.” A W@8 reporter commented ‘Ridiculous as these whitterings
are, people are missing the point here, it shows that nothing short of a complete takeover,
in which whites and non Muslims are totally ignored will be tolerated by these newcomers.
They do not seem to realise that France was one of the most ‘colour’ tolerant countries
in Europe that is of course unless the Muslims get their way with religious intolerance which
spreads further than beauty contests’
FRANCE, where the anti-Islam movement is ‘spreading like wildfire!’
Anti-Islam acts have increased by 42% compared to the first ten months of 2012, according
to a provisional report of the Observatoire contre l’islamophobie. And newly-elected
French president, Francois Hollande, has shown no desire to do anything about it.
Hundreds of French patriots in Paris come out to protest against Islamisation of their
country, chanting the French anthem and saying that Islam has no place in the country. “There
has been a multiplication and a banalisation of desecrations”, denounces Mohammed Moussaoui,
president of the CFCM [French Council of the Muslim Religion. The most striking action
was the occupation, on 20 October, of the construction site of the Poitiers mosque by
a far-right group. “For the first time, people sang warlike anti-Islam slogans openly,”
stresses M. Moussaoui. We have reached a new level.” 
Faced with these threats, at the beginning of October the CFCM demanded a “solemn declaration”
from President François Hollande against the rise in Islamophobia. So far, he has remained
Over Half of Belgian Immigrants Not Registered for Work
More than half of Belgium’s non-EU immigrants are not registered to work, according to a
report published Tuesday by the country’s national bank. The report found that 45% of
immigrants were in work, the lowest in Europe, way below the 58% average. Immigrants make
up 14% of the Belgian population MSM news reported an improvised bomb was left
at the railway station in Bonn allegedly placed there by Salafists. Fortunately,
it was never detonated. The building was blocked off around 2 pm, train traffic was suspended,
and police investigated the bag. After several hours the bag was blasted with water cannon.
Inside there was a clock with connected wires connected to it and some metal bowls filled
with powder. Later on it was said that the bag contained “potential flammable material”,
and at around noon today it was reported that the police were searching for two alleged
Salafists. These two men, known by the police as “terrorist threats”, are suspected
of placing the bag in the station on Monday. Two students identified them in a photo. Now
the two men with the noms de guerre “Dahir” and “Buh” are being sought throughout
I now hand you over to NICK GRIFFIN MEP talking today about climate change, and Fracking,
which always sounds like a swear word!
From the warmth of the Wahhabi Muslim state of Qatar last week, back to wet Welsh Wales
and then to a frosty socialist Strasbourg over the last few days, my carbon footprint
recently is so huge that I'm beginning to wonder if the failure of the forecast Beast
from the East to plunge us all into the hardest winter in a hundred years is actually down
to me. Or, there again, the newspapers might have made it up just to boost sales. We're
all suckers for a white Christmas, after all.
The reason for that, by the way, is Charles Dickens. Born in 1812, the young Charles grew
up during one of periods in which the natural fluctuation of solar activity led to a series
of unusually cold winters. So when he came to write about winter weather in novels such
as A Christmas Carol, Dickens drew on the harsh winters he had known as a boy.
This in turn influenced the imagery of the burgeoning Christmas card industry and, ever
since then, a proper Christmas has been whiter than the seasonal norm.
At this point you may sense a lecture on the non-existence of manmade global warming coming
on - but you'd be wrong. The only thing I've got to say about that
this week is that I was pleased to see that, after the Daily Mirror attacked me for the
unspeakable sin of Climate Change Denial, every single person bar one who posted on
their online comments section said that they agreed with me.
The public have seen through this elite scam big time already. Now all we need to do is
to get them to realise that the insane war on carbon is costing half as much again as
the entire UK police budget, and that the Climate Change Act which will lead to the
complete deindustrialisation of Britain was supported by every Tory, LibDem and Labour
MP bar two. The political class will become more and more vulnerable on this issue the
more damage their criminal folly does to the living standards of ordinary people.
Only three recognisable figures in British politics stand on the same side as the people
in this one. Lord Monkton (who to his credit managed to get thrown out of the Doha conference
last week), me and Nigel Lawson.
Lawson is also now pretty sound on the EU, with criticisms of the federalist agenda that
more than make up for his failed attempt while Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1989 to join
the Exchange Rate Mechanism, the precursor to the Euro.
But just because he's right on global warming and fairly right about Europe, doesn't mean
that Lord Lawson is right on anything else. He's a committed globalist. He did more than
any other politician to open Britain up to privatisation looting and to set the Banksters
free to create the financial boom and bust which is now recognised as having cost us
more than a good old fashioned World War.
He was wrong on all those things, and now he's horribly wrong in his high profile advocacy
of gas fracking too. He's not the only one - George Osbourne, David Cameron and Nigel
Farage also join him on the list of Tory frackheads. Yes, you heard me right, Nigel Farage may
pose as a nationalist, but in reality he and his BBC-hyped party are nothing more than
a splintered faction of the free trade, screw the workers wing of the Conservative Party.
When internationalist Tories like Lawson and Farage start using nationalist arguments about
self-sufficiency, you immediately know they're lying and trying to cover up their real agenda.
Shale fracking probably does have the capacity to produce a lot of gas in Britain, although
for geological reasons it is by no means certain that the recoverable quantities are anything
like those which have indeed revolutionised energy production in the USA.
And what is environmentally and politically possible in the vast open spaces of the United
States is entirely different to what can or should be done in Britain - one of the most
crowded countries in the world but still blessed with the beautiful historic and natural landscapes
that make Blake's words about our "green and pleasant land" so emotive.
Some of the claims made in the anti-fracking film Gasland may well be exaggerated. But
the sheer scale of genuine local opposition to fracking in America has to be contrasted
with the attitude of communities living near the supposedly even more controversial technology
of nuclear power near places like Sizewell in Suffolk or Sellafield in Cumbria. The contrast
is dramatic. Where people see nuclear power up close, they judge for themselves that the
alarmist propaganda of the water melon greens is hogwash.
But where people are forced to live near gas fracking, they find out for themselves that
the reassuring claims and promises of the oil and gas industry, and their bought-and-paid-for
political puppets, are worse than worthless.
Crashing property prices, polluted water and air, earth tremors, the devastation and industrialisation
of the landscape, extensive reports of animal deaths and human illnesses - these are the
day-to-day reality of fracking. If the political class have been shaken by popular hostility
to fairly useless but also largely (unless you're a bird or a bat) harmless wind farms,
they're going to get a shock when they start fracking up our country.
Which is what the Tories and UKIP want to do on a vast scale. Current estimates are
that more than half of the entire countryside of Great Britain is a potential target for
the frackers.
Scotland, the North East, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Wales, Dorset, Hampshire,
Sussex, Kent - all are to be carved up for exploration licences, test drilling and devastation.
Think for a moment of one of the most beautiful landscapes near you. Picture multiple drilling
platforms every half mile. Visualise the big reservoirs full of polluted fracking fluid.
Hear not just the fracking explosions but the 1,000 lorries needed to build every well-head,
thundering through the lanes and villages. Imagine the fear of leaks and spills and explosions
that local residents have to live with every day.
Then imagine it a just few years later, because this is the ultimate boom and bust industry,
summed up in three words: Loot, pollute and scoot!
The contractors move on, the well-heads are scrapped. But will the poison reservoirs have
been drained, cleaned and restored? Will the wells be properly sealed and safe despite
rusting pipes and concrete rot? Don't bet on it, because the business structure favoured
by the giant companies - Halliburton, Shell and all the rest of the frackers - is to hide
behind so-called SMEs.
We are asked to believe that the process of drilling thousands of feet into the ground,
then drilling sideways, then using high pressure chemical depth charges to fracture the bedrock,
then extracting the gas and sending it off through hundreds of miles of pipeline, is
all being done by Small and Medium Enterprises. Pull the other one, it's got Christmas jingle
bells on it! Fracking is a Big Boys' operation. So why are they hiding behind little guys?
Because these globalist sharks are using the legal fiction of small Limited Liability Companies
to do the dirty work. The frackers are insulating themselves from the burden of cleaning up
the mess and the risk of ruinous law suits when it emerges that poisonous chemicals are
leaking into fresh water aquifers, creating an environmental disaster that can never be
Why would Tories like Osbourne, Cameron, Lawson and Farage want to take such risks? Partly,
of course, it's about money - the desperate urge of big capital and big government for
profits and taxes.
But behind that, there's geo-politics. The Tory party, including its UKIP splinter, is
wholly beholden to its ideological mentors and its financiers in the US-based neo-con
The driving purpose of the neo-cons is to maintain US dominance of the world and of
global energy supplies. A key neo-con target is therefore Russia, particularly as Russia
under Putin has displayed a pesky desire for independence from the global power elite.
Russia's rising global influence is largely based on her position as a huge energy exporter,
with particular clout coming from the fact that large parts of central and Western Europe
depend on Russian gas to run their industries and heat their homes.
The neo-cons want to bring Russia to heel and reassert their dominance. That's why they
took us to war in Afghanistan, in order to build the TAPI pipeline so that Turkmenistan
gas could reach American allies without going through Russia.
And it's why they're so desperate to find new energy sources. Which is why the Tories
and UKIP intend to turn your best-loved piece of our green and pleasant land into a post-industrial
dead zone, and are willing to lose several million rural and small town votes to do so.
All this despite the fact that a combination of next generation nuclear, or even better,
thorium power, combined with ocean and geothermal electricity production, feeding into a hydrogen-based
transport network, could give us clean and affordable energy forever. What a prize to
throw away just to have a go at Russia just because President Putin refused to allow a
gang of oligarchs continue to rob his country blind.
The same anti-Slav mania reared its ugly head in parliament this week, with a debate about
future relations between the EU and Ukraine, in which the allegation about Ukraine's allegedly
unfair elections surfaced yet again.
As is often the case, I was pleased to be able to offer a commonsense counter view to
the prevailing orthodoxy.
Having attended October's Ukrainian parliamentary elections -in which, incidentally, the nationalists
won some 10% of the vote - I was able to tell the handful of MEPs who could be bothered
to attend the late evening debate that, if they want to complain about undemocratic and
unfair elections, they need look no further than Britain, where the Labour party especially
could give Zimbabwe, let alone Eastern Europe, lessons in how to corrupt democracy.
One final point of note from Strasbourg this week was the formal receipt of the EU's Nobel
Peace Prize. According to Herr President Schulz, the EU's glorious leader who, in my admittedly
biased opinion, looks like Lenin and sounds like Hitler, this absurd award is to all MEPs.
We're all winners - isn't that nice!
So, taking him at his word, I went and had my photo taken proudly holding MY Nobel Peace
Prize medal. I'll let you into a secret. When it comes to big gold coins, I'd rather have
a chocolate one in my Christmas stocking. But never mind, I'm sure that more than a
few liberals will get all bitter and twisted and foamy at the mouth when they learn about
the evil Griffin laying hands on one of their prized bits of liberal internationalist bullshit.
So that's a good end to another week! Thanks for listening, and have a good weekend yourself.
Thank you Nick, as ever thought provoking for the weekend.
WORLD NEWS American Communist/Islamofascist-sympathizers
are wringing their hands over 2011 Muslim Hate Crime stats.
From the radical leftists at the Southern Poverty Law Centre we learn that that the
FBI numbers for anti-Muslim hate crimes in the U.S. are about the same for 2011 as they
were in 2010 when there was an “unprecedented 50% spike.” What they choose not to highlight
is the fact that anti-Jewish hate crimes are still about 5 times higher than anti-Muslim
hate crimes. FBI Hate crimes motivated by religious bias accounted for 1,318 offenses
reported by law enforcement. A breakdown of the bias motivation of religious-biased offenses
showed: 62.2 percent were anti-Jewish.
13.3 percent were anti-Islamic. 5.2 percent were anti-Catholic.
4.8 percent were anti-multiple religions, group.
3.7 percent were anti-Protestant.  0.3 percent were anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc. 
10.5 percent were anti-other religion.
Proposed Army Manual Tells G.I.s Not to Insult Taliban or Speak Up for Women.
A proposed new handbook for Americans serving in Afghanistan warns them not to speak ill
about the Taliban, advocate women’s rights or criticize paedophilia, and the General
in charge is not happy with it. The draft of the newest Army handbook seems to suggest
that ignorance of Afghan culture is to blame for deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers against
the coalition forces, according to The Wall Street Journal, which got a peek at the 75-page
document. But its message of walking on eggshells around the locals is not going over well with
U.S. Marine Gen. John Allen, the top military commander in Afghanistan. “Gen. Allen did
not author, nor does he intend to provide, a foreword,” said Col. Tom Collins, a spokesman
for the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan. “He does not approve of its contents.”
More than three dozen attacks by Afghan soldiers have claimed the lives of some 63 members
of the U.S.-led coalition this year. The insider attacks could jeopardize plans to transfer
full security control to Afghan forces in 2014
China to Overtake EU and US by 2030, US Intelligence Says.
The era of American and European economic dominance has less than two decades left to
run, according to a report by US intelligence services. The study — Global Trends 2030,
out on Monday (10 December) — predicts the Chinese economy will overtake the US at some
point between 2022 and 2030. It says the once dominant trio of the US, Europe and Japan
will see their share of world trade fall from 56 percent to well below half in 2030.It also
notes that China and India are not the only rising Asian countries to tilt the balance
of world power from west to east. Its section on Europe offers a bleak view of the impact
of the sovereign debt crisis. “The Eurozone crisis has laid bare the tensions and divisions
between member states and, for the first time in decades, raised fundamental questions about
Europe’s future,” it says, adding that the post-crisis Union “would not resemble
today’s Europe.” Its scenarios for the Eurozone include the collapse of the euro
and then the EU itself. But it also sees the possibility of EU leaders making a “federalist
push” leading to a European “renaissance. A W@8 writer comments ‘This is nothing new,
the west for years have been pushing money and work into these new Tiger economies, what
do they expect when they play God with countries? If you cease manufacturing in Europe and import
and pay for crap to be made abroad and still come into your country, don’t complain if
the eastern countries make hay while the sun shines’.
Belafonte: Put Obama’s Critics in Gulags. All who oppose the agenda of Barack Obama
— or rather oppose the agenda of his globalist handlers — should be rounded up and imprisoned,
singer and “social activist” Harry Belafonte recently told the ambulance chaser Al Sharpton
on the death merchant General Electric’s network, MSNBC.
Belafonte’s comment reveals the true nature of the “progressive” — it differs little
from that of the communist thug who has zero tolerance for any opposition. Belafonte’s
mindset ultimately terminates in purges, “cultural revolutions,” and death camps.
South Africa - 2,500 white farmers Murdered since 1994.
According to the South African Human Rights Commission, about 2500 farmers have been killed
since 1994. According to Genocide Watch this figure stands at over 3000 white farmers have
been murdered since 1994. Genocide Watch goes on to say “The South African police have
not made investigation and prosecution of these farm murders a priority, dismissing
them as crimes by common criminals. “The government has disbanded the commando units
of white farmers that once protected their farms, and has passed laws to confiscate the
farmers’ weapons.” “Disarmament of a targeted group is one
of the surest early warning signs of future genocidal killings. The latest murder is
of former Londoner Chris Preece who recently emigrated to South Africa to open an owl sanctuary.
He was attacked by three Africans with machetes and was killed. His 56 year old wife was brutally
stabbed seven times and had a fractured skull but survived.
Thought for the Day- Misandry and how our media uses it!
I have received a lot of texts on the article in the Mail on Esther Walkers double page
spread on not wanting a baby boy! Her opinions are a towering, crass example of misandry
(the male equivalent of misogyny) which is so embedded in our societies, schools, music
charts, television programmes and newspapers that it frequently goes unnoticed. But they
are opinions to which she is entitled although I do not agree with them at all – in the
same way I do not agree with leaving out baby girls to die in China or aborting them in
some religions in this country, or the polite word is choosing or planning a baby!. Part
of the worthwhile part of giving birth is not the awful gut wrenching pain but the surprise
at the end of it, that is which sex baby (hopefully one or the other not both!) you have produced
and to produce I am using the old fashioned way of push and using a man or husband preferably
to start this process off in the first place. Just call me old fashioned!
Now for years in the western media men have been sliding off the scale and even I, although
never a stalwart women’s libber have been heard to utter the immortal words, ‘sodding
men no bloody good at anything’, but of course they are bless their little hearts
and I mean little! Men and women are different, very different in the basic thought processes
and actions. Vive la difference, if I wanted someone who thought like me I would have a
partnership with another woman, which is my idea of hell imagine all that nagging! But
seriously men have a bad or a toxic image in western European culture now, if they are
white. But we have spoken on that many times. Esther is a victim of her own generation and
simple enough to think writing one’s honest thoughts do anyone any good. They do not but
the papers love it! Rather like the celebrity they have made of the woman who thought she
was too beautiful, she can utter what she likes now and get paid for it.
I cannot understand Esther’s hatred of little boys, for the most part they are a product
of their mothers, girls favour fathers and boys favour mothers. So if she is worried
that her son will become an animal torturing, women battering thicket she needs to look
closer to her male relatives! One of the texts I received was from our European reporter
and it went thus. A Bigot in a Bra!’: A Male Writer Responds to Esther Walker’s
‘Toxic and Chauvinistic’ Admission That She Doesn’t Want to Give Birth to a Little
Boy. ‘This week, Esther Walker — wife of celebrity
food critic Giles Coren — wrote a lacerating opinion piece about her casual sexism towards
men and boys. The article, which no doubt delighted the likes of Harriet Harman and
Suzanne Moore, garnered more than 1,400 reader comments and sparked global offence (from
both genders) after it poured vitriol on her unborn child for possibly being male.
‘I can only deal with one man in my life… and sometimes that’s one too many,’ she
spewed, probably over some middle class macaroons or an elderflower torte. ‘I know very little
about boys, but what I have seen I really haven’t liked. Boys are gross; they attack
their siblings with sticks, are obsessed with toilets, casually murder local wildlife and
turn into disgusting teenage boys and then boring, selfish men.’ She then said she
would ‘die’ if her baby was born male, claimed that she was ‘deeply, deeply suspicious
of little boys,’ before describing them as the ‘dreaded gender’. This, ladies
and gentlemen, is what I call a bigot in a bra. And, in my opinion, she’s a disgrace….
I am afraid I have to agree with that one, she is falling into the modern trap of denigrating
something she might regret later, what happens if the poor little brat sees this when he
is old enough to read?
The anti male chauvinism is rife in the ‘progressive’ society that is being foisted on us from the
establishment. I even have it from my erstwhile stalker who is a charming Asian guy, who thinks
women should rule the world. Well I cannot say that we are not better at certain things,
giving birth and office administration being two of them that men seem to be unable to
do! Now politics, working on roads and finances should be prevalent in the male species they
are very good at it!
Now there is a book soon to be published called ‘How to Choose a Husband’ Suzanne Venker,
a conservative pundit and author of the soon-to-be-published by WND Books “How to Choose a Husband”
She takes her perspectives on men, women and marriage, which she sums up as “The War
on Men,” to the women (and a male guest) of “The View” on ABC. I quote “We are
teaching women that equality means sameness, if you are trying to be like a man, you’ll
end up doing this. If we want lasting love, we should be allowed to have women act with
femininity and men with masculinity. “…Venker’s book, “How to Choose a Husband” will be
published on Feb. 5, 2013.
The book details that it’s been 40 years since the sexual revolution, and the women
of America have everything they want. Everything, that is, except a husband. Women may be schooled
in the art of sex, but they have failed in the art of love. The book explains that isn’t
surprising. The modern generation is living in a culture that isn’t the least bit interested
in helping them get hitched. For decades women have been taught to sleep around indiscriminately,
to pursue an education and career at all costs, and to never depend on a man. As a result,
women delay marriage indefinitely or ignore it altogether — as though marriage has no
bearing on their happiness. As though it were a nice idea, or nice accompaniment, to an
otherwise satisfying life. This is an unprecedented worldview. Until recently, women have always
mapped out their lives according to what they considered their most important role: wife
and mother. Today, women plan their entire futures around big careers. Husband and children
come last’. Now this is right, and leads to another article
in the Mail yesterday where a career women states it is ‘Awful to be 48, alone and
desperate’ but the page before states from an ‘Olympic star’ ‘Never give up your
dreams for a man he’ll repay you by breaking your heart’ Now as to the Olympic star as
I did not watch those games I haven’t a clue but she is obviously in the throes of
anger over her husband leaving her. There follows stories on how other women having
given up their careers have been ditched in turn for another trophy wife. This ladies
is par for the course. Men do that it is what they do and have done for generations. In
fact in Europe men of a certain station were expected to have a mistress and a wife.
In fact between me and all my listeners, I had a proposal many years ago from a Spaniard
whose father had been Mayor of Tenerife, and he said although I would be on the large banana
plantation with my two existing children and possibly our children, he would keep a mistress
in the town but that is the way of life. I thought very carefully and decided I could
not live like that, of course looking back on that at least he was honest, whereas today
men do the same thing but give up their families for it so which is better?
But men do have a bad press and it is all manufactured. On a Tonight report on prisoner
rehabilitation the cons concerned were all white but when they showed the prison population
en masse it was spot the white face, so is it only white men who offend and re-offend?
The Police have a pro white Kodak moment as well always describing men as white but rarely
if ever unless in a mixed race gang as black, Asian or mixed race.
Add to this the indoctrination of women being told they are worth it and can have it all
and we have a double standard in society that is costing us our country. Strangers are out
breeding us not out abortioning us, they are marrying and producing sons, not living in
an office and going home to nothing, they are staying by their children and seeing they
are educated in their own culture not ours, their husbands make sure there is money for
them even if they fiddle benefits whereas we whites are taxed and means tested for every
penny, they make sure they get homes to breed in whereas our so called breeders are usually
single, they rarely marry out so their children are relatively normal unless they marry their
cousins and then the government look after them but the singles children are usually
half caste from some other ethnic group and on the poverty scale.
So it would seem that whilst the odds against men are stacking up we do not help ourselves
in any way. We take notice of the media and TV too much. Life is not a celebrity trip
in the jungle and believe me time flies and before you know it that artificial tan is
slipping on loose flesh, the old legs are wobbling around on stilettos and your hair
resembles a candy floss lolly. Now where is that perfect man and perfect child? I am not
of course suggesting you go out and find the nearest wife beater or drunk but that rather
tubby bald bloke at the bar is starting to look a lot better than a few years ago isn’t
he? Bring on the mistletoe!!!!!!!!!!! And finally-Goat in Boots
The recent wet weather has affected Maisie the Goat at Maria's Animal Shelter in Probus,
Cornwall, as she suffers from arthritis and rain has left 12-year-old Maisie constantly
squelching around in puddles and mud. To help her, her keepers have provided Maisie with
pink wellies to protect her from foot rot - the animal equivalent of trench foot. This
presenter says ‘Maisie looks quite at home in her pictures and her bright pink willies
are a fashion statement for hooves, a regular Goat in Boots’
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I and the team at W@8 and Radio
Britain wish you all a very happy and safe weekend.