Muslim activists of Russia

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Head of Mufti Council of Russia, mufti sheik Ravil Gainutdin:
This year we were working on the consolidation of the Islamic community of Russia
and succeeding in it.
Today we can say that religious organizations deal not only with confessional business,
they work with non-governmental organizations too.
Public people of Russia and non-governmental organizations have stopped being shamed
of dealing with religious organizations;
they want to solve our current problems together.
I address to heads of ethnic-cultural autonomies and national federations,
politicians and public activists and incite them to participate in muslin life of Russia actively.
Only if we are united, we can resist negative tendencies appeared in the society
of our multinational and multi-confessional state.
Chairman of the general committee of Russian Congress of Peoples of Caucasus, Aslambek Paskachev:
If Muslims want to construct mosques where they live, it is natural.
The same is applicable for representatives of other religions.
When people choose this or that religion, it is not a threat.
The threat is absence of any faith.
I respect equally Muslims and representatives of other confessions.
However, we should pay close attention to radical flows of any religion.
History of Russia saw various periods of its development.
There were times when whole Russia was ruled by Muslims, but Islam wasn't imposed on Russians.
In modern world people unite on the grounds of economy or religion, however, it is not an aim.
The aim is stability of economic and political situation.
I noticed that in interviews and public speeches we all, Muslim leaders of Russia, excuse ourselves.
It is not right.
We are citizens of Russia and have no other motherland.
Rasim Akchurin, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences:
These people are not a part of Christianity, Judaism, Islam or any other religion practiced in our country.
Considering appearance of such alarm tendencies, our federal authorities,
in this case of the capital of Russia, have to understand
that trouble zones are to be controlled by special forces.
The ministry for internal affairs should prevent it,
because some representatives of our young people need to be strictly controlled.
Russia is the most northern Islamic country.
Muslims have always played an important role in organization and establishing Russian statehood.
In the XIXth century laws were directed on harmonization of relations
between all religions practiced in the Russian Empire.
If someone asks me on the street who am I, I will say that I'm a Russian Muslim, as I live in Russia.
I understand that most of the population is Christians.
It is natural, because most of population is Russians.
Muslims take the second place.
We should discuss our problems together, because we are weak when we are alone.
Adalbi Shkhagoshev, member of the State Duma Committee onlabour and social policy:
The events of late 2010 set us on thinking.
The reason is that during 20 years we knew that we have problems,
but we didn't realize that they were so serious.
However, even though most of the population of the country, I believe in it,
doesn't want to be involved in ethnic problems, these problems became our reality.
One can pose a question, whether it was a provocation or a spontaneous situation.
I think both.
But in a greater degree it was a provocation.
It is not a secret for me why did it happen.
It is not a secret for me what is happening on the North Caucasus, I mean terrorist actions.
The main question is what should we do.
And what is more, who will do it.
Concerning youth organizations, we fail.
There are no youth organizations which could resist such challenges.
Our young people, who are real patriots but rather ignorant, are ready to tit for tat.
Their considerations are very primitive: a Caucasusian suffered, let's protect Caucasians;
a Samara resident suffered, let's protect Russians.
I'm an optimist.
I believe that some 15 years later we will manage to establish thousands of work places,
because there are resources for it and support of the president and the premier.
We know about development of a serious document, "Strategy to 2025",
but I want to know what will we do before 2025? It is the most important problem.
Makhmut Gareev, General of the Army:
I think we shouldn't underestimate the current developments.
It is not something new.
History knows many examples.
Recently a book was published.
It tells about Karl XII.
During the Northern War he established many information groups to bring up Belarusssians against Russians.
He spent huge sums of money to impose them an idea of separation from Russia.
Any inventor setting a campaign against Russia began with it: put peoples of our country at odds.
For example, Napoleon and Hitler.
Hitler succeeded in it, as many people went over to the enemy.
Hitler counted on the fact that after Germany would attack Russia,
peoples of Russia would start to fight with each other.
However, most of all peoples defended their united motherland.
Thus, the union of all peoples living in Russia was the main factor of our victory.