Healthy Raw Food Recipes : Preparing a Dragon Fruit for a Fruit Salad

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hello everyone, my name is Matt Fuller and this is Denise Bennett, my partner. We are
the proud facilitators of the Light and Love Cafe. We are here on behalf of the Expert
Village. Next we are going to add some dragon fruit. This is a dragon fruit in full, if
you have not seen one before. They do actually when they're fresh they kind of have these
leaves out, but as they, when you get them in the refrigerator they kind of stuck together.
On this one, what I like to do is I like to cut it in half and then, I don't know if the
camera can see this, but the color of that dragon fruit is just incredible and it's a
wonderful addition to this plate. I will be honest with you; just recently I realized
that these are much easier to get the skin off, to peel, than I used to think. I used
to cut around it and really work at it. But honestly if you just kind of get in there
and kind of rip that peel right off a bit. This one is a very ripe dragon fruit. I'm
kind of working my thumb right into the skin, just kind of gently, you know, nudging that
right out of there. Here's what we have left. This is not usable and this is the part we
are going to use. Once again, I'm just going to start cutting into strips again. "So, we
recently discovered that the dragon fruit looks better but not quite as sweet when we
first get it from the store, then we kind of let this one go like we did the last one
and it became very, very sweet. The color was more vibrant but it's also more fragile."
It definitely is more fragile. "Yeah it's harder to work with. Well, we want it to taste
good, looks oh I don't know, it's a combination of things, but I want it to taste good first
and I want it to look good as well, which this really does. Even the colors together,
looks really beautiful. I don't want everything to slide. I want to get ?I don't know if the
camera can see that or not, but it sure is looking good to me, so far.