Fresno State: 2010 Nisei Project

Uploaded by fresnostate on 21.05.2010

Fresno State made history today by conferring honorary degrees upon Japanese-American
alumni whose college careers were disrupted by internment ordered by Executive Order
9066 for people of Japanese descent two months after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Six alumni and representatives of 21 others enrolled at Fresno State in late 1941 and
early 1942 received honorary Bachelor of Humane
Letters degrees under the California State University’s Nisei Diploma Project.
[President Welty] We are privileged to be part of this historic occasion, and celebrate
with you here on the awarding of your honorary
baccalaureate degree. [Paul Osaki] What an incredible sight, what
an incredible moment, to see history happen right before our very eyes. Commencement ceremonies
are full of emotion, but none like the Nisei dress in their regalia to the music
of Pomp and Circumstance. So time stood still, 68
years and a lump in your throat and a memory, a thought, a tear falls. And I have to say
that you Nisei look really cute (laughter) in your
graduation outfits. [Kazue Sekiya Iwatsubo] I think this is a
wonderful gesture, and it’s very meaningful to me
because I have been away from Fresno for some years now. I live in San Louis, and it’s
wonderful to come back to the old school again. Fresno State has become a major university,
and I’m very impressed. And to receive an honor like this is wonderful.
For more on the Nisei Diploma Project, visit us online at Fresno State News dot com