Vídeo aula -Tochas e acessorios especiais para solda TIG - Parte 5.avi

Uploaded by BrazilWelds on 24.02.2012

Hello everybody!
I wanted to talk for you now,
of this tungsten stick-out gauge here
This gauge is for you, when you put
the tungsten electrode in the cup
Putting it always
in the same place
You remove the tungsten, it sharpens
and return it in the same place
This is very important to keep the parameters
right, that you were welding
Automated Welding eg it is fundamental
for you to put in the same place
5.0 mm, 6.0 mm, 4.0 mm, out of the cup
I'll be talking about it here now, okay!
This here is a gauge for you regulate
how much the tungsten electrode becomes out of the cup
For example, every time you remove
the electrode, to remake the tip when he contaminates
You hardly put it in place that it was, you have no reference.
This one do not, here you put a reference
You're doing an automated welding for example, or mechanized
If you take the tungsten to point, and does not put it
at the same distance out of the cup
So you...
loses a little of the procedure, the amperage decreases, the flow becomes compromised
then you need to points it the way that it was and put it exactly where it was.
each division of this here.
has 1.6 mm is 1/16 "
This is approximately 1.6 mm, each of this space here
Then you can put here
just multiply by 1.6 per each space of this
and you then have 1/8 ", 3/16", 1/4 " and so on, okay!
So you put there, the distance you want to
If is 3/16", or 1/4"
And then you lock it here in this thread here and ready
So becomes locked, so you put it there
See here, how it works
It is there, in the third .. counting here in
scales, you have here, one space,two spaces, the third space
then you have 3/16 "here
which gives approximately 5 mm,
There you go, there rested
and tighten, ready
You have it here with 5 mm away
So you take the tungsten to point
goes there, point it.
back behind it and with gauge
Here you put it exactly
where it was, okay!
without difficulty
And now I put
the tungsten electrode
and use this gauge here
to always have the same distance it outside the cup, okay!
so here I tighten, and ready
is placed, is fixed, if I remove the electrode to point
I'll always put it in the same location
with this tungsten stick-out gauge
as much as the electrode is out of the cup, okay!
Thank you for watching!