Road test Audi S6 (english subtitled)

Uploaded by AutoWeek on 04.05.2012

You might say that the old Audi RS6 has a Lamborghini-engine.
The next one is still to come, so today I drive the new S6.
And this engine was introduced in the Bentley Continental GT.
It's nice to have noble relatives.
And that's a V8, 4 liters, direct injected twin scroll turbo with a turbo per cylinderrow.
With 420 HP at 5,800 tpm. And from 1,400 tpm you get 550 Nm.
That makes this a fast car: 4.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.
But: that will cost a lot of fuel, not?
That would not be good any more.
Even if you can afford an S6, fuel prices are huge these days.
So Audi reduced the consumption.
This S6 consumes 25% less than the old one.
It has stop/start, internal friction was reduced, brake force regeneration.
It also can swich off cylinders.
If not needed, 4 ones are set aside. That makes difference.
Like in the pub, to pay for 4 or for 8 drinks.
But 4 cylinders in an S6, isn't that too poor?
No. They did it very clever. The engine has hydraulical supports.
The unwanted vibrations are damped.
And 4 microphones register all unwanted sounds.
And the hifi-system produces anti-sound. All 4-cylinder-like sounds are eliminated.
I did try very hard to notice. But you can easily run on 4 cylinders.
Of course the S6 comes with Quattro 4WD, with the power distributed between the axles.
The rear axle has a sport differential that distribute forces.
That makes this car very fool proof.
I can't show that now: this is Bavaria, where blond, blue eyed people are always eager to call the police.
But I'm sure, even on ice this car would surprise me.
Of course there are some drawbacks. I think this car is too clinical.
But then again, that's what you buy an Audi for.
And it is very expensive.
And what bothers me: my iPod is not supported.
Sure. I bought it 2 months ago. Time for a new one.
All I said about this car goes as well for the S6 Avant and the S7.
Today I chose the S6 because of the color. How female...
+ Agile + Engine - Expensive - Sound