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USA Football presents...
2-Minute Drill
with me, Andy Ryland.
We'll talk technique, share practice plans and show drills designed to help your players with the fundamentals this season
Hi Coach welcome back to 2-Minute Drill.
I'm Andy Ryland, Manager of Football Development at USA Football and former penn state linebacker.
Today we're gonna talk about the Part-Part-Whole approach, how we
recommend planning your practice.
When planning a practice using the Part-Part-Whole philosophy
we invite you to look at the plays you want to work on in the team portion of
your practice
and think of that as the whole.
If this is today's teaching and these are the plays we're gonna run
we need to break it down into the parts and drill it throughout practice.
Here's a great example:
in this play our quarterback is taking a 3-step drop.
If we don't help him learn the 3-step drop by teaching that in
the individual portion of practice
the chances of success during team periods
aren't going to be as high as they could be.
If you don't run these routes with your receivers
during the individual period
and also during seven on seven
their chances of doing it well during team period
aren't as high.
Offensive linemen in this drill are using full slide protection.
If you want them to do that in the team period and you want them to do that in the game,
drill that as part of your individuals.
This is how we stack our practice.
The team period is the whole.
The individual are the parts.
Teach all the parts you'll need and when you get to the teamwork,
the play will run a lot smoother.
Think about using the Part-Part-Whole approach in your practice.
Think of the plays you will run in team, build your practice backwards from there
and make sure you're giving your kids a chance to practice the skills before
they get to the running the actual full play. We hope you found today's 2-Minute Drill
helpful because we know using this stuff will make your practice run smoother.
If you have a particular question about how to use the Part-Part-Whole approach, or
you'd like to suggest a topic, hit us up on twitter at USA Football.
remember to use the hash tag #AskAndy.
Thanks again for watching coach.