update from freelee, banana island parody

Uploaded by freecloud4may on 01.09.2012

Hi guys! I really missed making those videos...
I haven't made any youtube videos in the last couple of months and some people were wondering
if I was binging... And why am I not going to the woodstock fruit
festival... Even though, you know... So why am I not going to the "fruit stock
fruit festival"... I'm not going to the "fruit/food stock festival" because I'm too busy working
on my book. Another of my masterpiece... I'm gonna teach you about how to eat fruit basically...
again. Now...
So... I saw a comment that said that I got fat and this is why I didn't make any videos...
No, I didn't get fat, I look great! Why am I wearing all of those clothes? This is my
new style! I want to be really personal with my audience. You know, I love accessories
and shit... so yeah... I didn't binge on anything. I don't really binge at all! Even though I'm
on the most restricted diet ever known to man, I never binge! Sometimes I do those banana
islands... You would wonder - why am I doing those banana islands? - I just love bananas
so much! It's not because I binged, it's not because I got into a vicious cycle of going
on and off my diet. Yeah, it's because I just love bananas and I love clothes...
If you really are a fan of bananas like me - there is an event with Douglas Graham...
for 1500$ you can go and eat bananas with Douglas Graham... This is such a great event!
This is amazing! Because when I just eat raw food - I feel like shit, to tell you the truth
- it's really not that great! But when I go on those banana islands - it's like I go from
shit to amazing! And I feel awesome, you know, yeah, this is really worth it! If you like
to eat bananas, even if you don't like bananas - you should really go and eat bananas with
Douglas Graham for a week or 2 weeks, I don't really remember. But, yeah, you should really
do it, it's really worth the price because bananas and Douglas Graham... This is like
a perfect combination... And you're gonna get really awesome!
Stay tuned for my new ...book! That is gonna be a true masterpiece!
See you... See you soon!