[ENG] B1A4 Wave K (Beautiful Target perf & interview)

Uploaded by frustratedcollegekid on 28.12.2011

translated & subtitled by: asphyxiatedhobo.tumblr.com
Oppa! Oppa! Oppa! Oppa!
You guys are awesome!
Please step forward!
It must be nice to have so many younger fans!
So Baro!
You have a younger sister right?
Excuse me?
You have a younger sister right?
Oh a younger sister? Yes.
What does your younger sister think of her older brother promoting like this right now?
Excuse me?
What does your sister think of you promoting in a group?
I think she's very proud of her older brother.
She's proud of you!
Then, by any chance, does she like any other groups other than B1A4?
No, she said she only needs to know about her older brother~
Yes! Really?
She said B1A4 is the best! Yes!
She said B1A4 is the best!
That's amazing!
I wish I had a younger sister..
Pardon me?
I want a younger sister.
Of course. I want a younger sister.
Of course.
But then again, she'd look like me and that'd be bad.
Netizens all over the world are watching this via olleh
And as you may all know, B1A4 is receiving many votes from Malaysia.
There is an intense battle for the 1st and 2nd place as we speak!
Jinyoung, since you're the leader why don't you tell your Malaysian fans "thank you" in an aegyo version?
Don't despise us for this! It's written in the script!
To our Malaysian fans, thank you very much.
But the one in charge of aegyo in B1A4 is Channie~
Channie will show it to you!
We're receiving so much love from Malaysia right now.
And not only in Malaysia but from other parts of the world too!
So here's my aegyo!
Thank you! I love you!
How adorable
They're very adorable!
Why don't you show us something cute too Brian?
You're the original!
I've become too old for this!
You're still very cute. Isn't he?
Thank you!
Let's continue on!
B1A4 could really come in first place today!
You can't ease up yet!
Now then, let's see your next stage!
What is it?
Our next song will be our debut song "OK"