Echoes of Pearl Harbor

Uploaded by WWIIValorNPS on 20.01.2011

December the 7th was
a day that
I and my family will never forget.
I'm sure that anyone who was living here in Hawaii
will never forget.
I was enveloped by a total numbness
So everything seems
you know, surreal.
Denial and disbelief.
This can't be true.This can't be happening.
Why did this happen?
And why did it come to us?
Why did it hurt the people in Hawaii?
Little hard to
even talk about it.
It's even hard to put it on paper.
Can't remember how I felt
except I was worried for my father
that he wasn't home.
You want your father with you
when you have trouble like that.
Recovery after that,
it was chaos.
We knew we were at war and it was frightening.
We had no idea how it was going to change our lives.
And the thing that flashed in my mind is that,
You're a dead man. You're going to get killed.
And my first thought then was,
"Mother, I'm sorry."
I remember the bullets
hitting the ground right in front of my eyes.
That picture, it stays with me.
It will stay with me throughout my life.
I always remember everything about December.
I've never forgotten even a
inkling part of December 7th.
Those early days of the war were filled with anxiety.
I was afraid.
Would I be here tomorrow morning?
Would I be gone?