[ENG SUB] TVXQ HoMin Interview Keep Your Head Down

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Subbed and Translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
It has been a really long time and we are back again with an album for you to listen to.
I feel quite proud..
This round we are here to greet all of you with our album, titled "Why", which has the title song called "Why"
For this album, this is what we think.. "Won't it become TVXQ's pride" this is what we are have come to think...
As it is an album released after a long break, we really worked and practised very hard and if you listen to our matured vocals, you can see that we worked really hard.
And of course we have dance and ballad which we did before, but we also have house, rap etc. and all sorts of genres too in this album right?
Yes, as we tried out things which we had never done before, it would be great if all of you could really anticipate it.
Changmin, didn't you write the lyrics yourself for your solo song?
Yes, since both of us have a solo song each in this album, I tried writing the lyrics for my solo song myself.
I saw the lyrics and it really touched my heart.
There were really many people who helped us to create great songs.
And of course you know.. Composer Yoo Young Jin, Composer Kenzie and also many others..
Composer Park Chang Hyun, Composer E-Tribe, there are many.
Many composers who had worked with DBSK before and also new composers participated.
And as you just mentioned, E-Tribe whom we worked with for the first time, he has a cool personality and directed us really well so I think many good songs were made. Thus I hope all of you will really anticipate it.
Yes,, our title song is called "Why". It is about a female lover who left.
The last part has the implication of "Now I will forget you".. that kind of strong emotions.. to show the will to forget the lover who abandoned me,
Though it has a strong tone, it also contains the message of hope..
And above everything else, it is the SMP genre which we have always wanted to show you
And it is also a song which shows a more powerful manly feeling.
Of course the song is very good and the lyrics are really good too, but most importantly, please anticipate our performance and give us love.
And the special part of the performance.. just one part.. the part which you think is the point of the performance.
The special parts for Changmin and I are different. There are different parts in the performance which show our strengths.
It is kind of difficult to say it but you will know when you watch our perfomance personally yourself. And after that it's the bridge right? There's a group dancing scene.
It has many powerful dance moves thus if you watch those moves I think you will feel that there is something refreshing about it.
In the future to show a great image of ourselves, as much as how hard we have prepared for this album, we will carry out music activities diligently.
And we have our own individual schedules. You're taking part in the drama Poseidon. it is winter but i think he has to film outside but the weather is cold so it will be hard on Yunho Hyung so please give him lots of love.
Subbed and translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
And also Paradise Ranch will be aired soon. Please give lots of love and anticipate it.
As we will be working hard to show you a new side of TVXQ, please give us lots of love and interest in the future too. We are working hard.
As we will be working hard to show you a new side of TVXQ, please give us lots of love and interest in the future too. We are working hard.
This has been TVXQ! Thank You!