MINI + VICE "ALL THE WRONG PLACES": Obeah Magic Man Teaser

Uploaded by vice on Feb 16, 2012


KRISHNA ANDAVOLU (OFFSCREEN): We're here to find out about
something that frankly most Jamaicans are uncomfortable
talking about.
It's called Obeah, and it's an Afro-Caribbean religion that
has its roots in magic and sorcery.
There's good aspects of it, and then there's kind of evil
aspects of it.
The first place we're going to go is an occult shop, an Obeah
shop, so it has sort of like the materials and the things
that you need for an Obeah man to do rituals and stuff.
-Sounds exciting.
Well, honestly, I'm a little scared.
KRISHNA ANDAVOLU (OFFSCREEN): Can you tell us where we can
find like a real Obeah man?
-Could go down by Wollaston to meet Joseph.
KRISHNA ANDAVOLU (OFFSCREEN): Have you ever seen a demon?
-Of course, I've seen many demons.