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Hey, my name is Jay Haizlip, I'm also known as Jay Alabamy in the skateboard world. I'm
a skateboarder, I've skateboarded all my life. And I want to talk to you just for a few moments
and share with you some things that have gone on in my life and as a result of where I'm
at now, what Jesus has done in my life. I didn't grow up in church, I didn't grow up
reading the Bible or anything like that. I actually grew up in an environment where a
lot of people partied. The first time I ever remember getting high or doing any kind of
drugs I was probably somewhere around the age of five years old. And I know that sounds
real shocking, and hopefully none of you guys that are watching and listening to me right
now have ever done half of the things that I've gone through in my life. By the time
I was eleven years old I was carrying a bag of dope with me probably every day. It wasn't
unusual for me to be smoking weed any given day of the week. And somewhere around that
age, ten, ten years old or so, I got a skateboard for Christmas and I adapted to it real easily.
And I started skating and ever since then I've been skating my entire life. And, I moved
to California when I was a kid, skateboarding, and I lived in Newport Beach, and one of my
neighbors called me over one day and I had been skateboarding on the boardwalk, and she
said "Hey, Jay, you want to get high?" And I thought "Sure, why not?" I was already getting
high, you know, I was drinking, smoking weed. But this time it was different, this time
when we went into her house she chopped out a big line of cocaine. And I was faced with
making the choice that day. And the Bible says that God sets before us the ability to
choose, and then God suggests to us to choose life. Well, that day I made a choice to do
my first line of cocaine. And it ended up causing me to ultimately become a major drug
addict for twelve years. And in the beginning of when I first did it, it felt great, I was
having a blast, I enjoyed it. And the Bible says that you can have pleasure in sin, but
it only lasts for a short time. And it wasn't long before the pleasure that I was getting
out of the lifestyle that I was living was gone. And even though I was still skateboarding
and riding for some of the biggest companies in the world, ultimately wound up on the cover
of Thrasher Magazine and hanging out with the most famous skateboarders in the world,
but on the inside of me, I was dying. The more, the more I gained status and the more
recognition that I gained on the outside, was happening for me on the inside, I literally
was dying more and more every day because of the lifestyle and the choices that I was
making. And the Bible says that the wages of sin, that means there's a price, just as
you go to a store and you buy something, you have to pay for it. And the Bible says that
there is a price that we have to pay for sin, somebody has to pay for sin. The Bible says
the price of that sin is death. And we've all sinned, we've all fallen short of what
the Bible calls God's glory, His standard. None of us within ourselves are good enough
for God to say "I accept you just like you are." And because of that, somebody has to
pay the price. And for years I was a major drug addict, messed up, and didn't know God,
and it brought me to a point where I'd lost everything, lost - I didn't even have a skateboard,
didn't have any of the magazines I was in, didn't have any of the pictures that had been
taken of me that I'd collected - all of that stuff, I'd lost it all. I lost, you know,
the cool clothes that I thought were cool, my '58 Cadillac, which was, I thought, my
cool car, I lost all of that because of my choices. The Bible says in John 10:10 that
the thief, who is Satan, he has come to kill, to steal, and destroy. And that's literally
what was happening in my life, and it's what happens in everybody's life, whether they
go down the path that I went down, or not. Because one day we're going to all die, the
Bible says that it is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgment. There will
come a day that we'll have to stand before God. And somebody will have to pay that price
for the sin they've committed. Years ago I, I'd been out all weekend, and I was partying.
And I came home and I sat on the edge of my bed, and for the first time reality confronted
me in a way that it had never confronted me before. Because up until that point I thought
the life I was living was not affecting anybody else, other than me. But that night, or that
day, rather, I realized that the life I'm living really is affecting everybody else.
Because by this point, I'd gotten married, and I had a baby, who was still just a little
baby in diapers. And sitting on the edge of my bed, 9:00 on a Sunday morning after being
out all weekend, no sleep, doing cocaine, sitting on the edge of my bed for the first
time I could see what my choices were doing to somebody eles. How I was affecting my baby.
Because I was the one who had the responsibility to provide for him. I was affecting my wife,
the very lady that said she loved me and gave her life to me. I was destroying everybody
around me because of the choices that I was living, and the sin that I was stuck in. Sitting
on the edge of my bed, I cried out to God. And I said "God, if you're real, why won't
You help me?" And I was desperate, I was sincere, and I was genuine in that prayer that I prayed
to God, "God, if You're real, why won't You help me?" Because in my mind, in my heart,
I'd determined that if God was real, He was going to help me. And if He wasn't, then I
was just doomed. Because in reality I shouldn't have been where I was and still be alive.
I mean, there's people who have shot at me, I've OD'd because I've done so much drugs,
been in prison because of the choices that I've made, been in and out of drug treatment
centers trying to change my life and I couldn't. So, in reality I shouldn't even still be alive
at that point. But in desperation, crying out to God, saying "God if You're real, why
won't You please help me." Because I'd determined that if He wasn't real, then I was just, I
was ready to end my life. Because if all I was getting was all I was going to get, then
I didn't want anymore because I didn't like what life was dealing me. Because all I was
experiencing in life was nothing but pain. And to me, my life being over looked like
that was the only way to get out of my pain. But, sitting on the edge of my bed, crying
out to God, God heard that prayer. And not long after that I, I'd - really, I'd forgot
all about praying that prayer - and I was ready to go get some more drugs and continue
to do what I'd been doing. But even though I forgot about it, God didn't forget about
it. And God put a man in my path on that Friday night when I was headed to buy drugs. And
that man began to tell me about Jesus Christ in a way that I'd never heard anybody talk
about Jesus. He began to talk about Jesus like He was real, like Jesus really did touch
him and change him. And that night I asked that man a question. I said "How do I get
saved?" Because if this is what it took to go to heaven I thought "Yeah, I want this."
And that man looked at me that night and he opened up his Bible to read Romans chapter
10, verses 9 and 10. And he basically explained to me that if I believed in my heart that
God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, and I confessed Him with my mouth, which basically
he meant just, with your mouth, ask Jesus to come into your heart, and to forgive you
and to cleanse you and to be your Lord and to be your Savior. And acknowledge your need
for Him, with your mouth, if you will say that, you'll be saved. Jesus will come into
your life and He'll change you. And so that night I prayed a simple prayer of Jesus coming
into my life and doing just that. And when Jesus came into my life that night He washed
me, cleaned me, of everything I'd ever done. And when I talk about being washed and cleansed,
it wasn't like Jesus said, you know,"Go jump in the shower." What happened was, it was
spiritual, it was supernatural. God cleaned, cleansed me. It was like, all the pain, the
hurt, the weight, the garbage, the wrong that I'd done in my entire life, it was like it
had been supernaturally washed away from my soul, been washed away from my mind. And even
though in my mind I could remember some of the wrong things that I did, the guilt for
the wrong things that I did was no longer there, even though I wasn't proud of what
I did, I wasn't living under the shame of all the wrong that I had done. And that night
God supernaturally cleansed me. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians chapter 5, verse 17,
that if anyone be in Christ, he becomes a new creation. Old things pass away, all things
become new. That night that's literally what happened to me and what can happen to you.
When you put your faith in Jesus Christ, when you acknowledge "Jesus, I need you to come
into my heart, to forgive me of my sins, and to be my Lord and to be my Savior, I'm going
to turn from that stuff to the best of my ability, and I'm going to turn to You, and
with Your help and Your power in my life I'm going to live my life for You" the Bible says
you become a new creation. The old has gone, and brand new has come, meaning God gives
you an opportunity to do life over again. You get another shot at doing life. God will
give you a brand new start. I said a moment ago that the wages of sin is death. When you
die somebody's got to pay the price. Well, you know what happened to me on that night,
when God put that man in my path that shared Jesus with me and I prayed that prayer of
asking Jesus to come into my life? What happened to me that night was that Jesus stood in my
place and He paid the price for my sin. Because somebody has to pay the price. Jesus Christ
paid that price. When I put my faith in Him, Jesus took the penalty upon Himself that I
should have been the one paying. And He washed all of that stuff that was associated with
it away. And I was supernaturally saved. Jesus says in John chapter 3 that literally, you're
born of the Spirit. God comes and lives in you, the Holy Spirit comes inside of your
heart. It's amazing that Jesus could live in you, but He does when you ask Him to. He
comes into your life. I'd like to lead you in a simple prayer, praying the same prayer
that I prayed. Because that man that night that, he stood before me, he asked me a question.
On that night the question he asked me was "Jay, do you want to be saved?" And as I told
you a moment ago, I thought "Well, if this is what I've got to do to go to heaven, yeah,
I want it." And I'm sure you're the same way. If this is really what it takes to go to heaven,
you want it. And it is, the Bible says it is. Jesus said He was. Jesus said "I am the
way, the truth, and the life. No man can go to the Father" - referring to God - "except
through me" that's what Jesus said. Jesus said "I am the door." He's the entry way into
a relationship with God. I want to lead you in a simple prayer of asking Jesus Christ
to come into your heart, just like that man did me that night, that forever changed me.
And here I am, all these years later saying I'm still walking with God, and you can too.
The great thing about what Jesus has done in my life, not only has He given me eternal
life, but He's made my life different while I'm here. Jesus gave me skateboarding back.
I get to skateboard again as a result of Jesus coming into my life. I want to pray with you.
Will you pray this simple prayer with me? If you mean it with all your heart, I promise
you, you will be forever changed. Simple. Just say this with me, say "Lord Jesus, I
ask You to forgive me of all of my sins. I turn from my sins and I turn to You, Jesus.
Help me. I'm asking You to save me. Be my Lord, be my Savior. I confess You, Jesus,
and I accept today that I am saved." If you prayed that prayer, friend, you've been what
the Bible calls "born again." You're going to go to heaven. You'll spend eternity with
Jesus. You hang onto what you've done right now. It's important that you take some next
steps. One of the things that I want to encourage you to do is to get plugged in to a great,
Bible-believing church. People that'll encourage you in your relationship with God. It's vital.
Number two, it's important that you start talking to Jesus just like you did a moment
ago when you prayed that prayer, we talked to Jesus. But every day you can talk to Jesus.
You can ask Him to come into the day, guide you through the day, to help you know Him
better, to help you walk with Him. Just tell Jesus that you want to know Him, that you
want to walk with Him - whatever is in your heart, talk to Him, if there's pain, if there's
struggles, if there's hardships, if you're facing something challenging, you can talk
to Jesus about it just like you would talk to me or your best friend. Because the Bible
says Jesus will be a friend that will stick closer to you than a brother. Number three,
I want to encourage you to get a Bible. Start reading in the New Testament. As a matter
of fact, the gentleman who led me to Jesus gave me a Bible that night, and he put a marker
in the book of John, in the New Testament. The beginning of the New Testament is Matthew,
the next book is Mark, the next book is Luke, and the next book is John. It goes Matthew,
Mark, Luke, and John, all the way through the New Testament. I started reading in the
book of John. Once I got through reading in the book of John I went to the book of Matthew,
and then I rode - excuse me, read, through the entire New Testament. And I want to encourage
you to do the same thing. On this website where you're watching me right now, are some
ongoing steps that you can take. Discipleship courses, where people help, help train you,
help empower you in your relationship with God. I want to encourage you to continue on
in this website, taking the next steps to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus
Christ. God bless you, thank you very much for listening to me.