Shit Sighted People Say To Blind People

Uploaded by TommyEdisonXP on 10.01.2012

Do you know Bob? He's blind too.
How long have you been like that?
Hey, how do you know when to stop, you know, wiping.
Oh, I'm right over here. Nice to meet you.
You must have, like, super powers, right?
Hey, how come there's braille on a drive-through ATM?
Hey, when you're dreaming, can you see?
Yeah, I once knew a blind guy. He was homeless.
How can you tell where you are?
God, I'd love to date you. I'd never have to get made up again.
Oh, could you grab me that blue towel over there?
Did you watch Letterman the...I mean did you hear Letterman the other night?
If I was blind, I'd just walk around touching chick's faces.
Hey, wasn't Al Pacino great in Scent of a Woman?
What are you, blind?
Can I call you Daredevil?
How come you're walking around holding his arm? Are you gay or something?
You are such an inspiration.
Are you really blind, or are you just stoned?
♪ [bumper music]

Now, what are you, legally or illegally blind?
Can you tell when a tornado's coming, like animals can do?
Have you seen The Artist?
Do the police ever hire you to help them solve crimes and stuff?
Well, at least you're not deaf, right?
Hey, if you could see, you'd be almost normal.