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and welcome to s_e_c_ sports a round table this is your host Shane Bailey
glad you could join us in for another episode here we're right in the middle
of our two a days
uh... gonna cover two teams from every team won each one west from the s_e_c_
howard covered a number teams already so we're getting into the thick of things
as far as a number of teams involved
an ordinary had arkansas and misery
uh... a couple of others that are out there that i've already forgot about
uh... that that we've talked about it has been blore
it because of most of that because this week is my focus and that's all this
uh... inventor belt so i have with me here at the roundtable chaired caldwell
welcome ted
shane is going to be here thanks attitude if you noticed you have the
orange chord in order in honor of drew
and an issue t loveliness
yen another seven most philip esperanto and calls got the uh... yellow for your
vendor elko hodges boldness
thanks entirely payroll glad you could make it an area
had a long weekend we talked a little bit off air about that so i'm glad you
kiddo pony up and make sure you were here today so we we appreciate you guys
being in here
but we're gonna cover just a couple little things first and then we're gonna
get right into the uh...
conversation about our car to a days
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but the way we do this is uh... the two days is basically going to be
uh... simple format the first part of the will top media days cuz
but we don't we talk news any news it's happened in the s_e_c_ in this week
uh... was s_e_c_ media days for football
so probably a few things to talk about that they came out of
a birmingham this year for the immediate days
and then we'll get right into working with a in this week we will discuss
boldness and then about cell
with that gas them
but s_e_c_ all preseason team was uh... announced at media days
and uh...
unfortunately your your teams didn't have a lot to cheer about or talk about
their i think
uh... ten players from vendor belton and and i don't have a lot of room either be
in a kentucky fan
well miss was right there with kentucky having just one player
uh... on those
uh... but uh... you know it
there's still a lot of stuff that that you guys have to be a
hopeful for
uh... as a season progresses but was there anything for media days it you
guys wanted to take away the kid
i don't wanna talk about some of what the role changes
yeah expecially you know the kickoff rule that they're making a kick off in
the thirty five
and a uh...
after the birth of the forty
hypnotized becky at the twenty five
i think that takes a the element again murdered their fall in the n_f_l_ in
that aspect arthur
these are just i mean i guess
that have a lot more dangers jim mckay cost but i think that
that's a big illness person the college game etc
itsme unit of the event is on the just by being retried you returned them n you
see a lot of those
uh... a swipe receivers do
that second ever turn man or
or the main return in a lot of kit situation to me that you look at uh...
the way that can completely change a ballgame last year arkansas
uh... was evidence you katie
where they have that run back i'm in a completely changed that ball game
uh... in arkansas a favor and would that have happened
i think what you're gonna see also assist coaches getting greedy and
working on like a prince cake
that's not gonna go this company i have to go outside to char and i think he
felt compelled from into the twenty
so instead of macon and uh... brought it back as opposed to having the cutback
that's gonna
i mean somebody
badges brings up a whole world of
problems for me i think of this
so many teams if you look at one of their weaknesses it's their kicker or
their potter
uh... and so you're you're going to ask even more of that that one position
uh... you know before twister's kicking as hard as you can and they're going to
run it back
here now it's our tiny dedicate this uh... eighty percent
so that you're only going to get it within the five
uh... and do that on a consistent basis i think you're gonna
i don't know maybe see more of a minute brought out of balance in that situation
i don't know
today it's just got me interested see twitch teams favor which kinda starting
that you may have something to say stick it through will just give me you'd come
on the twenty five
they have some isn't
they put you down and see if we can we'll see how close we go into the
car or anything you wanted to take a look
niagara chide richa i mean it's very interesting if you've got a
you have solid defense i think that you'd see more coaches workers is going
to do with the enzyme into the arms aren't getting the ball and twenty five
and then teams like
teams like ted mounting bracket that is a little better vision snowmass but
but you know willa
marietta joins our game plan went to um... we'll get some stayed on the
kickoff tame get down there and try out our children's parents are the tourney
made a juror the other two hot topic
me today that came out for me was uh... the new playoff format
that's interesting
to say how many coaches necessary or pro now the fourteen playoff run even want
to uh... possibly expanded
to uh... to exams so um... portia their mother
we have to have talked by us in our ted's not been on a while so
you know i i've given my thoughts on that
expanded to paid i think
i think that's gonna happen
but what i think you can see is the when this whole set of rules come out that
you've gotten ten to twelve years
i'm before you're gonna be able to see a change come out and they they put
something in place here so similar to the p_c_s_
sound before me how many years that we had that within ninety
seven ninety-eight noshir
uh... and uh... so in
we're looking at fourteen years before we had a change with that
are you going to see a number of years down the road before you're going to see
that and i do think that
this is a bitter
greets going to come into play
but to some degree and they're going to realize that how much look how much more
money they're making now gordo fourteen playoff
uh... if they go to eight dishes that much more money on the table tickets
sell agreed always gone away and it seems like in football whether it's the
s_e_c_ whether it's the in cdl a where that's to be c_s_ what whoever whatever
uh... group you're talking about there they all want to try to get as much of
that piece of the pos i can
uh... and sometimes you just got to get a bigger pots
uh... so that everybody can be happy and and i think that some of the reason why
uh... they've gone to this fourteenth what program
uh... last year was a great opportunity for them to do that
uh... it if things went uh... just uh...
flip of a switch differently
you had oklahoma
uh... plane verses alabama
and so that whole controversy having to s_e_c_ teams are two teams from the same
uh... making the national championship would've
squash all rumors about having this and we would be having this conversation
about a fourteen playoff
they would have never met in june and voted on this it's my feeling that of
all that's true or not
uh... that was enough for them to see a you know they knew the writings on the
wall they've heard the rumblings for years
i gave them a great opportunity because that happened out there to get other
conferences that might not have been forty uh... before this on board
and because they were able to do that
uh... they've open this up and they realized how much money is out there
they were able to keep the ncaa layout of this program again out of the bowl
uh... they've got their hand in the basketball but they have no association
with the football bowl system or with the d_c_ s
uh... and they're doing the same thing with this fourteen k p chip so they are
able to help
eliminate some of that money going
to ending diverted to the n_c_ double a
hi-eight stay within the bowl system to some degree
uh... from all indications the way they did to the rotation other other the
uh... as well as that they're gonna keep it uh... in all of
all the conferences are gonna become richer because of it
had they decided how there and then who's gonna pick before changes
surrounded the bc is so they have become the or
it's a complete what
what i've seen as a committee now
who the committee is made up of
what criteria they're going to use to do that
they still have lots of time to discuss how that's going to come out
and that's not been discussed their rumors about how it will come into play
uh... might be like a selection committee like to do for the
incidentally turning out to some degree
but they're it's not been out there how that's all going to play out and who's
going to be on that selection committee
what criteria that any use of the canoe used
uh... what computer racing's if they are using computer racing's how are they
made up
why they use in our p_r_ these are straight the schedule and he's a margin
of victory none of that is being discussed on what's going into their
decision making when they
do you have those individuals in the ring
i'll just say that i am i'm glad that i finally have some sort playoff even if
it is just for change but
you know for sugar playoff
they're going to be debate over due
should be there for st
identity deliver them are five teams so that they spill number four
and vice versa so that they both update as is always going to be
some kind of controversy about who should be in the in the playoff format
but i am leather go into it
assoc they figured his system
that everybody all
i'll get on board
jogger in uh... and
you didn't mention said about going to a idu fail
there are misleading test the waters of the four uh...
where is gonna be some uh... there should be set hate because people uh...
will always say the fire the fifth but that's an unfortunate were so close and
losing candidate if there's any
you possibly have kunstler brought this up during radio days
because he's been a big proponent of a playoff and for some time
he actually brought up the uh... the idea of going to
uh... b_-eighteen playoff and having the uh... six major basis conferences
all their champion no matter little whoever champion was determined by
antonio best record temperature very much as you say in most other conscious
have them in there and then to a large james
but then again you bring up the heat
the question of okke does that largely as a regular basis i think there's
always a return to person but i'm glad we're going down this road
althea lights that that if the spirit
but i think that if somebody else would have to try to what it said it would you
like the idea prolly not hope is that
if you take every conference
champion you know
one here's a_b_c_'s statewide force when they see see all part of the seven this
team is cc could deeply forrest sawyer
as they got tape listings you know and and you also that look at what uh... the
major six conferences are right now i mean in the big east as one of those
overall role as the exactly i mean
you take that into consideration and look at what's in the big east right now
from the basque apropos ball standpoint
i mean even the best of our teams are leaving because it's a
it's almost like it's a rap however a sinking ship in the rats are trying to
run the dry ground and i'm not trying to call syracuse wracked by any stretch
uh... but they've got a great basketball program but they understand that
you know with all this gets shaken down at the end of the end of this i don't
see sixteen surviving and i've been a proponent from the very beginning that
uh... the little
to protect these little guys a little copper to these mid majors
and and
you know i see a town where after this ten twelve years it might be that their
is just four super conferences
uh... and they're the ones that are at the playoffs in than the rate than the
n_c_ double a_ can come and have a plan for the mid majors who's now division
uh... you know i mean you could for you could see that coming down the pipe
possibly and puts a there's going to have to be more consolidation made for
the big east teams to survive
uh... i mean
when you look at it from a university standpoint from a basketball stamp order
some still some strong programs left there
football lies not so much
uh... but there's another there to help make them survive and be absorbed into
some of these other conferences so that would leave what conference u_s_a_
as the other conference out
uh... in the big six aren't they the six one right now
and so
from nod
conversations with individuals admit majors uh... you know plaque in mt
issuer western kentucky or
they are used in those for the proximity of the people at contacts at
you know some of those people up and western you know the rumors are out
there they're not wanting to have conversations with the conference u_s_a_
to go from
uh... where they are even though just they win a division one not too long ago
in the focal program they've got a great story basketball program
they're not sure if they want to have those conversations to go into a
conference like offered u_s_a_ and then turn around and it be dissolved
and now they could be left out holding the bag with
nothing to do
so that they're kind of centenarian a wait and see kind of thing to see what
might actually happened
uh... with all of this in a conference u_s_a_ in a big east because
who knows what can happen with your middle tennessee easier uh... you know
boisestate able to make that jump in eight days
they're secure but uh... into those different programs like that it's a
whole other ballgame u_s_f_ pcf down in florida
at florida atlantic amino their programs that have a good football uh... it's a
short history but there's talk i have a good football history and building
programs in
there's a ton of talent down in florida everybody knows that so that's how there
it would be successful but what's gonna happen
uh... if this is
this contraction hap keeps happening allison there just for conferences with
sixteen teams
i would make sense it now you got to eight
to eight ten
dot conferences inside a a super conference and now what you've got a a
built-in playoff there to go play for a
a fourteen playoff from their it can work
i don't know what your guests all could be on something like that and the main
thing is and i learned anything might happen happen this very sure happened in
memory of a big conferences
partial ban on the other becomes who want to say the s_e_c_ i think aims and
objectives and put up on a pedestal like what's happened once rightfully so
sixteen oh one six zero seven arabs and the national terms of robert
you know that's
that's the main reason why this is all happening
they'd only once it happened in no your honor
just put it this time she places last chechen attaced his haitian s_e_c_ i
don't think
even though some commerce is my like it was just the latest white paper to
distinctly a business plan for anything crack from all of the case once locked
out that riedel
by have in this committee
than marshall as a commission the s_e_c_ fearlessness and don't know who is this
i don't know why you're listening to it
you know i mean that's what he's talked about from the beginning was that he
wanted was
a situation where you could still have the two best teams in if they're from
the same conference
uh... that's great it just so happens that you know what you said last six
years that dole national champions bid from the s_e_c_
but i think if you go back to seven years at u_s_c_ is that correct
and that's the year that was vacated so should have been auburn
made it alright with families so i mean you could theoretically say if it's not
the seventy years
seven out of eight years should be an s_e_c_ came
uh... enom might have to go back and look those up but i know that it that's
right around the town that
you know usc had to vacate their national championship in auburn didn't
get the play is an undefeated team
uh... for the national championship they were left out of that whole conversation
and they they came in one their ballgame cell
some people could argue seven out of the last date
uh... mark are s_e_c_ champions or p_c_s_ cheapened cell
uh... you write up the other
other conferences don't want to see that
but at the end of the day
you know there's a very good opportunity that that's going to happen again this
year uh... that the two best teams could be from the s_e_c_
uh... you know the way these schedules shakeout it might
you know you with us while we play these games but it might not happen that way
uh... so work will be interesting to see it i did look that up an eighth it went
from the uh...
verity up to the thirty five yard line
so it was last year at the thirty
uh... the other thing that i saw was they're gonna make a big notice about
keepin' the helmet so on
uh... you know that all how much flying off
for for no particular reason
uh... what was kind of interesting and that was
they actually had been tracking
how many times during a ballgame the official somebody
somebody's job a probably hopefully an intern
we set in their kaplan
found each game in the s_e_c_ that some of the players helmet
tough flew off so
they're gonna try to take some actions on that cell
sperry was able to give his his uh...
jabs he he was able to take a few jabs and uh...
in spirit fashion down there
inside and would save them
would we say that i mean no real surprises there
uh... elegy less miles
very mild-mannered this year
corporate team that
butterfield you look at it though i don't know if we cover this and i think
we covered this preseason error before we started recording that
basically twice as many people
uh... as far as voting in the preseason votes is voting ellis you go in the west
verses alabama hundred twenty nine to sixty five
no cure for that
for him to have that kind of
you expect they've written
around miles to be saying something and he was pretty mild mannered
uh... at media day cell i think he's to recover from that
day in the national championship game
heater worked at a meeting he's got no
napoleon to stand on right there because he
he he did lose in good fashion down there
manhattan http www is funny is supposed to have you guessing the navy
incidentally twelve commercials
i will keep those are pretty good i like i like that
i like that when the desmond howard when with the ohio state
l_s_u_ tiger is that the only two that's out there is another one
has ever seen the other side of the senate is in our housing less miles on
the uh... doesn't it
but as the house take his plane of nil that israel is that walks in with your
house take care
that uh... settlement has been to do in his house and pose in a buck i'd uniform
uh... because the tv out the window
so it's pretty good
uh... but let's get straight into the talk here world will transition
and the heisman candidates now
not a lot of and port related
one either came to talk about heisman candidates
found that uh... where a rather
naked jordan could actually come in and surprise some folks what do you think
you think he did in the talk late near
allow half half
amazing he's pretty good corvette but he will not be in that conversation i think
a little air from vanderbilt that actually
colored even just enter the picture with these acts they sit on the back to that
four thousand dollars last year
and he love his comeback is a senior
but this year and i see part of the spleen
swenson care is a four norman who set out last year with with with couple
i'm easy actually has a suburb
pretty legitimate chance to break the all-time rushing record their dhoni yes
he really i think it was a single season last year
but like all coming on it's like six or seven hundred yards so
he should be about but with one arm a comeback
i think they like this split them up his stacy took a partial issue and a lot of
games and he's not a spam meaning it's not a speeding for zack niceties more
pop our honor but i mean he had he broke a few rounds off
lately broke one long on the assault is broke
a couple usta
ka arkansas
he dedicated camera
okay i i'm not saying that but
i mean you know he's not a
you know chris johnson right here is that he's not a they werent bsl
but and because of that you take a beating
right you know your you're going up the meadow you're getting pound you pounding
through there and
and it's not your fighting for those yardage is here not just getting a bill
to break around that bill
quarter there and break free for eighty yards at the drop of a hat
and not be touched you get punished everytime you touch the ball
so let's
since we've transition over to a venerable talk about them for a few
minutes and i know called probably
i don't know how much you can interject there
but that still free at any point did
uh... if you've got something to you wanted to bring in within about will
we'll be happy to let you put uh... shed caldwell is our resident baby fantasies
born attack today
uh... in a house that house has available wednesday and i mean
is it and it's a new feeling over there
well of las excitement
new tariffs
new school board
newfield on behalf of the inside as they sell the old brea but by the opener
uh... now it's at some of the turf is going on the hill to make and i'm a
one of the enzymes
but i do not buying it ironic their ranks who put it on one of the
intramural field so
begins to look for some of us that is to use
now i A
people is that new jumbotron going to be ready for the season yesterday should be
put it up
next week or two
across they got the the turf down
especially premise dot
nassau picture they debated and updated
now i think they treated somebody for many
past due to construction there it's getting pretty close last week he it
of course
but it is live stream you can watch on a has pretty cool just watch
from where it was to what it is not outside of court if the delicate time
left at the insecure i'm sure that the other day on their right now there's a
big omar anything so i'm sure they'll put that together for people now did you
go down the west endorsed the new uniforms guerneville yes
hypocrite added to that out
above that you and i saw that
i was
house down there for sure a definite like the new light helmets
i can uh... a little helping where those every game another wants another with a
proposal to couple times last year jasmine not all that was one of the
brain and i put the black on black couple tiles less shes all black looks
cute all lightroom salute
boat white ones last year or all-white
uh... pop
not now with the white helmet oca desk studied all of these reward with they
don't have it with all light poker
so that was a change was adding the white have a very physical right
okay so now they got bulk gold mohammed blacktown that white house on budget
greg tomoz if i can even begin to
talk about it
couple hours or they are they turn into we're going to fill up at night you know
recommend like turner
you know that for a job that those of the controversy she if your message
boards assembly people realize would open the middle class or in uh... and
attend my guess is ceremony are beautiful mobility for libel thirty
points up
piece at a price that i liked on so in their players like this as our elected
about over intent then is not the only one doing this the shooting of this year
are consider arkansas senator this misery has two jurors is
you know it's exciting for teams like vanderbilt for these here for these days
are the exciting for the players are targeted in fact allows it is a great
recruit all the stuff
you know new fresh uniforms
but i a m i think it's also a for france to think that they're going
you know they're going they're ordered iraq to sell i think thought nothing of
buffeted by some excitement to gambit to humiliating though the organ route with
a marijuana ralph
lowered mason c l_ i_ i like those maryland helmets that fit
the two but they do the elected banja luka like europe only affect their dogs
like it
you know uh... you're talking about the fans of the have retained the fairness
not you there about
thirty years older than you
uh... they've lived in national all their lives
you know they make
a lot of money
they don't do it
while the uniforms are are being changed their not being change for them they're
being changed
to like you said
for franklin to go out and recruit with them
uh... it's his stool it's something that he can give to the kids
uh... to bring in the town that's what work in does it it's not because they
dislike to change at the airport
it's because the kids like to see all the core uniforms
you know what the new collaborative gloves that you put them together and
uh... texas has there'd be a cause it'll be so it's got the state and that uh...
you know that he needed to do that with the oakley visit
uh... but uh...
there's lots more to talk about women about them besides this dirt there
paraffin their uniforms
from eight a player's standpoint
offensively i think they're returning most of their players are they not
yes uh... drove around for ten quarterback zack stacy at running back
the return other top three wide receivers and jordan matthews chris boyd
was to take
uh... they also return a tiny uh... battalion
also monahan
along with a couple freshmen that played a little bit last year
they'll be able to fill in the blue the big question mark offenses
the office tomorrow
he lost a couple guys out there they also had to move
their best
off until i am aware suggest may remove him too
to center
about halfway through the season last year just to get
some consistent polite
and because the the senate was there
was kind of cool with he can
jcr daily was actually
prone to
officer styles
now how does effective upon europe india personal files
so they can and thereto major janab identically twisted josette center
but now that they're they're moving was a johnson back to left tackle wears more
comparable mca anagram to a special police as a sophomore
he'll be a
he'll be plan soon and hopefully
that this will be there best like our nation i think he was a josette left
tackle says will be the big question mark gives his report can schedule below
do the job centre so they don't have to move people take notice
operatively i don't think i mean
there was a different team when they put rogers in last year to me
you look at statistics from last year be returning those type of folk and uh...
that nicholas of individuals at aside from your one play you know just a
couple of spots there
you should see a really really poking offenses here
if these consists of you know that he had today games last year beauty game hw
being roger rogers ok had to beg and listen to you today
and about the ball game
the baltimore city kimberly was that
pathetic at a point
the way it was a little was
blow-hards eighties ball
historical soliciting cardinal and this is dennis and ended up only
but he's consistent housing like a new one stop offenses in the conference
but their depression mark is one of their going in the last season strong
point was their defense it's a it's a new defense if yours is not
to having you know that they lost casey hayward
yeah former banking address to the second round by the agreement packers
uh... tuned to your their best to cancel almond got drafted you know what later
rows of cults
and chris moore who was dying from the defense of middle linebacker for the
last four years
he uh...
paid he graduated
so the question marks on defense is linebacker ploy
they're gonna have to move their work for the rice alum backer chased on
they remove him the middle
and actually tristen strong who's coming off a c l_ tere
fees are replaced arm at the rate at the right one backer
suffers from a broad and they're not hearing he's on the spektr plays a
mid-term enrolling from georgia
he's had to step up and play probably
and who's going to be obsolete ray wilson is that the other cormac is gonna
be a hundred halcrow eddie foster
a false isn't has put a lot of his career
but he's been known to
i get done a few times 'cause he's aggressive
so if they could find another cortisone oximetry wilson
they should be ok and offended if it's a lot of the strong with the guys i got
one thing that i know when
and and i'm not a huge recruiting job but
there's a lot of new new talent that that's making vague about deeper than
they've been in the number of years
i mean you look at some of the positions
they they drafted reference a draft uh... they signed
a number of individual it actually play quarterback in high school
uh... and and
they're able to move those two different positions i mean there's some of record
what wide receiver supporters as a good point chris contreras was brought in
as a core back last year he's moved to
can like toothpaste back position
and he uh... from all can see a great spring you know jordan rogers was
talking about all the time in interviews how great a spring he has got hit really
good hands
also just radio they brought in as a quarterback their milk and a lot of
the powder on some while care packages for him
packages in the uh... white and all day in the spring two made here and pretty
rare for testing on that from the from the wildcat
in the difference that you have is easy piece of true quarterback so we can
i mean you're looking at somebody that also the that run options but but he is
a legitimate person back there for that
to throw the ball season he is actually going to be this year he's gonna be like
the third time
uh... they sound pandora problem and i love marable
who's a midterm and rowly but they want iraqi does richard r
so something happens to rogers in our the backup
also car sales is
government both under down the same day no plea josh very back quarterback
before they barn around a stretcher and it's nice to have that kind of death
yesterday expecially on those key type positions they're in
and that's where you're really seeing franklin's mark on vendor belt is coming
and signing some good quality players that's giving dept insan ki positions
uh... that that weren't there before and then inevitable air
uh... just very even though he hadn't he hasn't put it down the f_t_c_ tragedy
yet richard last year
he may be the most
popular guy
amongst the fans on say because the
number one is a great year number two he's a great recruiter
mays on if you've got thrown to return your phone he's always tell the recruits
he was being owned in some recruits last year
so he he may be the same discreet about franklin on at on internet program so
there's a career coaching when he graduates e i think he's actually claim
to be a doctor no if doctor doesn't work out treated me to be a coach
are only to be only a vendor balaji have somebody like that
what other bright spots d_c_ inventor of future
now i think the freshman class abroad and you know
most serves as head of the top twenty-five some actors trabajando top
uh... ran back behind kimbrough out of methods
is a four star recruits
he see small so it's not that he's not gonna be a power runner but he's going
to help a lot of time and he'll probably be them
get retired opening night other groping in the slot ran reverses contrary hit
the ball in his hands
uh... defense of the end can opposite weekend is a four star guy um... magma
uh... national right now street so uh...
he's no play la eighty cm the day we cannot blame in washington is seven oh
seven with each other
uh... against each other
and i hear
at that this is
i dash adult life is really the insured up he was pretty wrecked outside for
refreshments uh...
he's he's gonna be he's gonna have to play a lot
then again with the lab rat bat allow backer down here
whose mr monroe he he'll will have to play lime backer
i think it is given for our pilot or a package
uh... a pitches feels weird science but he did he wishes ripped out for a
i got a right at that
so i don't forget
uh... you mention you know that opening night and it will be what what's going
to go through the schedule form
uh... and and what i've done in the previous weeks is is asked
uh... windsor winter lost in that we will prepare where you think they're
going to end up with uh... in the total
i'm because sometimes we've realized that
i can ask you how many when you think they're happening when you go through it
that number could be higher lower when you were a kid m_i_t_ mckean
photobank thank accident
i think the year app
the first game support okay on the issue is not a lot of hyd
a lot of uh...
they referred to as is indicated an intensive first game of the year he s
being in thirty nine not only for dirt
vanderbilt before purple color vocal estonia big
now fights unless you prove that you know if you lose a tough on the next
week they they bounced right back self inhibit the ledger there being at home
how cool how how big is it for render belt it's it's israel because they place
a big games at home late at night you know the halter game
uh... for four years ago zone his college gameday began in that
they won that one wouldn't nearby thought that the slain exams on that
such a set
think that's a pretty big gains but i think this is going to be one of the
nights of south carolina or do you think it at the end of the night
win or loss
i must say a close lols
i'm saying this is a
podcast turnout i think the power and that is up and if you were if you are
that yeah i want you to be realistic if your family determine a growing every
day and night and
and we got it we had i think logically when we talk about a podcast almost a
product twenty-four twenty-one osman yeah
i think you're right i'd like to think that it's a loss form and i think it
would be closer than most people think
found that uh... union it only takes one plane ticket they can bring up an upset
'cause they're gonna they're going to be the home team and they are going to be
the underdog if you're gonna look at the latest numbers
uh... so agree with you there what about that northwestern's win
bernard and i tried to commit to even ask presbyterians
i hope they win that way kirkuk
we're here for a student dot
and they're going to go play between the hedges at georgia
i will say loss
i'm having to go play at missouri
bitter battle of the franklin's amoco
thomas again the psychology of slobodan chance but
haven't seen much misery but i'm a little in sales
uh... they're going to play they're gonna hold florida october thirteenth
i think that'll be a real close game but i think that will also be a loss
i think they are going to win that one
i'm interested in massachusetts and when that one
at kentucky
then when that one
selfish and branch none taken
condom i hate it when i get to the kentucky broadcast at all meth i think
they were nalla
we'll see you according to the limit
act innocent are no you host tennessee this time
but the jury is not here
almost like they went down because it's at home
and i'm sure that
faculty plan dilleys post-game
speech to the black churches always side i think they'll be ready for that one
intel the painted are
didn't keep up with then develop without that last year that was towards the end
of the season if you were to vent about fanned
they didn't get a lot of press pit around here
the main cancer talked about the bronco yellow amoco sought as we say pays off
in the window expecting inviting as i know what he was just blood daily was
doing a locker in the usa spanner to stay next weekend
but i said
our lines of
because one thing we always do stick to it
crap out of a guerilla city used a another numbers or idea
so a podcast on a drizzly term somebody headed phone record phone uh... video
and be on the phone and say well you do then sobai gets it
wind which i'm sure he was unhappy with whoever does that mean
act it's it's so funny how so many things are taken lucky setup
basically out of context and that's
that's used as a motivational thing he was a meeting any bill will prevent
ability plaintiff players or anything like that
he was a tall he was usin
basketball team added on the same thing under how do you have a problem with
this very uh... he's please write me really
painted on the fifth
is bud
obligation i got out though but
uh... i don't buy forty-seven back to look at the close the season at wake
so let's catch u eighteen four
i think
no affect
it depicted
that's fast ball and of barring injury barringer
simpson good bounces here and there i think i mean i was going by i think
they'll be favored
in five of those in six of those games
just look at the schedule graphical be favored
at northwestern krista tyranny mass they can take it all missing at wake
yeah so
dot as two games i think they'll be favored in soviet they wear now and i
think there's a couple of thousand games colbern intimacy that they can have
did indicate which is going to give them a good yeah
chick fil a opportunity
possibly penguins will
he's never know with with that with some tuning teams coming in
how the ball on a scale
gila rating four b
exits away
driving surely might be insured work for the inflammatory i think i'll be down
different where they send a lot
all right well
uh... i i like your
optimism uh... but you're you're right if you look at it on paper
uh... each one of those clothes gained a cute you gave a more then they could
actually win uh... cell
so i wouldn't say you're completely unrealistic was here with your goal
there so will give a making four
uh... project caldwell
and uh...
anything else you want to add about that than about
team on west in that
distal aust excitement cellular we finally got a s
but i gotta come so far people open nami people
socit fans of the stuff that although i can be much
so it's kinda chemical he likes to
talk about them a lot let me and let me ask you what we're talking franklin per
second what do you think is the biggest thing that he brings to bear developed
as it is recruiting
this is coaching
well it was a leg
the swagger
he's bringing strawberry weston basically
the biggest thing in the eighties that they could play for three quarters
well ahead of god therefore corazon with the budget
but it may just that this past year
course let them win six and seven n
to a lot to allow a team that so that's a bad year
but that of the team has predicted the winter games but i think they came up
with about two years in a row with to instruct so
i mean it's not like he was
he came in there talking their rowen
twelve days away everybody he talked about is getting better changed the
and that was six and seven
and he's all about what condition top for every category
we have you heard him talk about that yeah i know something is james friend i
know you are usually cause i'll i'll dig up hard you know he
the all the main categories that that you look at your passing the defense we
scored points allowed those type of
you know counters under seventeen or eighteen different categories and he was
the finished in the top forty total
now i ask you to read about didn't finish in the top forty any of them
uh... but you know he's got a long way to go pick you're right it's the mindset
that he brings to the westin that that's his expectation level
doesn't mean that that he's going to get there overnight but
he doesn't uh... no he doesn't go he's not going to accept not having a good
goodyear not finishing
rat cell is uh... i was on a message for the day and they work there's a stop it
that'll mom incidental phorbol history
course it was bunched up in this one post was
when guest martin tells us that night
so i think i think those i agree with that post right there 'cause that when
he said no and we turn the franklin they got there they got the raghava
assailant was sailing states eighty four
cannot be hard to keep him something to other opened up
use you say that but
vanderbilt has already proven that they're but they're willing to make
investments now the sports blame
you can ask whoever you want to and if you keep up with brenda bell
and being in nashville even a bit some of the casual s_e_c_ fans are little
more involved with what then about dozen others but
menaces opprobrium what five years ago that basically
got rid of their a_d_
how many years ago was that
those little more than five yrs
when capital housed a person we lose his job with that nasa statistically parents
portals but at least ten years ago no it wasn't that long ago
have gone ahead have to look that up with let's just say it's the last decade
bans any update they've realized that
sports was not was so in a proper
uh... insignificant on the vendor bell camp this debate fire there may be in
did away with that athletics department no matter how they sugar-coat it today
that they they got rid of their support program basically it was all being bent
to the university
given the if you ask a vacant is there
they uh...
playdate that they liked that system
they liked it so well that now this week for the last week they announce that
then about has an athletic director wanted it but it was the same guy that
was always running it
but ever lost a major coach to another school in the four major sports
had they had a kind of stats done what one of two lose to another
i was disappointed to supporting this year would you think
any other c_n_n_
pretty building he lost world as a draft a record
they still inter-regional there
uh... i can give you corbin uh...
vague about had their best season in basketball and years first in cdl eight
championship her s_e_c_ championship in ever
but the first time they've ever had an s_s_-eighteen persisted since fifty one
fifty once i was in a second time though it's a sweet sixteen
al four oh seven
starts at
people call anything go
uh... understand where you're coming from roddy body johnson goes doubleday
duke's can offer in the job that you it's due
mail accuser is duke a upgrade over vanderbilt
probably not but coming
then i lost a total of four major sports emotional
but not for years that they didn't it was so effective that now they have in a
and what it really says and i'm not trying to till argue back and forth
these people if you what i'm saying is that vendor belt now understands the
important of athletics in its program made it
the the
feelings that franklin is bringing
the west and is not a bad thing it's a good thing i mean it
the person to see a b_ now had other duties before he was a diesel he had to
split his time magazine cover three dollars time
any athletics department he doesn't have to split that time
so it's a more of a focus that they understand it that pocus needs to be
there on athletics that it's working but they're doing the right things
it's important to them and i think that only because they have
gandhi pick the pockets that they've never gone in before
to try to t
say how important athletics are on the program bring in the new facility the
new practice facility
put in the the jumbotron output maneuver down giving franklin the new contract
all of these things they're doing to step up
and i'm i'd go on that just to say that if somebody comes calling its gonna be
hard to get him away
if he's successful sides disagree with some important he would have it is
vision of wotlk what a private school i'd ever should do with their athletic
department al fayed anything anything to do with
uh... not caring
combats let its does he see tonight and they went to multiple n_c_a_a_
women basketball went to visit and every year baseball went to college world
numerous super regionals numerous regionals
football's minton to ball games so now off a
and agree with that that point you know that's often out of sight maker
and i think that that's or we're going to disagree on that because i realized
athletics are so important they need a goddess dedicated photo opportunity
uh... or they wouldn't have higher wouldn't have made that announcement
couple weeks ago
would you agree with that ur disagree
dailies is that later after whether it was at his house
probably need to castrate just more on that place their stuff at
so i'm right here
what's listed thirty years here in into a little further south in the u_s_
and talk about all mess
what's good enormous
we have in a cut
and a and a day which daniel missile families are welcome welcome news
they've been in houston that um... became a m
very very unpopular over the last uh... last eighteen months now with the
president or the eight d they wanted to change the rebel
those chancellor details when i was rose more of a
more chance to resume
will get off topic on that made it up
summit we could spend their entire podcast on that
but um...
fans are excited
i believe that uh...
which used to know when we hired use another couple years ago some sarma some
plans for a little shocked right here we did get a proven winter which is what
the uh...
administration was looking for
uh... to go with the telephone we are on the roster that's
they were trying to not coach of the to give tom a m
unfortunately these act up celebrities in uh... we had to do dearest which good
talent and then fill
filled to the uh...
seller of the s_e_c_ hands
she freezes been hired from arkansas staging freezes and it's a bit boring u
was a high school uh... hospital workers from brokers in memphis
not far
map for reform and job
and uh... cameron at ole miss where or if it was their learn vera crooner
they recruited trade fred or drown and his staff
and um...
has made multiple comments about how the tylenol mera an oxford is
less than what it was when he left
whenever i was there and probably worsened
what it was
when they showed up
so that's the biggest building that are just uh... hurdle
that we have
going forward but uh...
ever decided i hear
are personally
when they said when they hired you freeze it to me
it took me about a week or two to really give up
give my arms around and come back to an address to the fact that we had a
paradigm and not gone after a big man spends money on a coach but
i think it's uh... i think it's a great movies
like i said before is a mister b dot he's a
his hearts all in it
is uh... great murderer great motivator
uh... you got a great recruiting class uh... progresses first year
as it may be on those first years most were most difficult when it came and
didn't have a uh... the entire year chart couple months to defend defended
yet i think we're in a top twenty we're rated
in the top twenty five classes
recruiting classes got some
pretty big names uh...
a lot of excitement going on the work ethic as i've changed a lot
the work ethic was
semi non-existent last year and the last year of the accused in the regime
it was more of a uh... would you say it was more of a street bal atmosphere no
miss last year
everyone was trying to prove them for themselves instead of being a team
player project work
that larry we defiance and talent i think the most are
and i use that do you think of basketball you know we all have top
players and when your plane street ballots
every man for himself to prove that you sell that sometimes on the football
field at this point to get your thoughts on that values are true it might meri
actually lumber curse or a murder for all mess
at issue media day said a lot of players lesser didn't care giver trees leader in
games that they didn't expect to win
you know to save that led to says a lot right there we had to go
we had a
the tell we do have on the phone their own attorney my filipovic order of it is
in the lower classes from
from two seasoned kisses mature crew did
uh... a couple of the uh...
touching top talent in mississippi
and uh... last year runs you freeze road and so
i think uses just a culture shock you know when medical charts bad words but
when she came in there and gave them a motivation to get in there and work our
we might not win every game
this and this is an which we definitely will
but uh...
but we're going to play
all four quarters rar go back to a chance at about twelve and a values
today and play three quarters and fourth-quarter
you know like that lay down and get run over
i feel like that was like it was last ah... last year for all mess but it was
we put the first quarter drive over this afternoon the rest of someone's forget
down we're just would just quit and they will start playing for themselves
they don't work for
and um... public appears will get will get their into a place to live animals
don't there are no head
and it only takes a year as head of the prudent pennell
wait they're doing a completely different style of offenses well are
claiming that they're doing some changes their quarterback issue her quote about
uh... into a quote about last year's now they've they've moved his position or
here retried receivers are in a mackey rental mackey was uh... was one of the
three quarterbacks for use last year of extra of um...
was also another court rakiya he has left football team into the metal
medical issues and the other a quarterback actually started the season
last year bear burn any who is out of memphis
transferred and almost last year from west virginia here's uh... currently in
in a tight battle
with but wallace who is a uh...
can you tell it's sunny from northeastern or business every actually
few freeze recruit twice he was a
he was at arkansas state when she freezes their own
left to go to our community council now as a
should be
those who have been that way in the uh... when the quarterback rice is more
of a leader oakland a lot of on the team
uh... right now
than various
we do have a new offense a good thing is bose run the softens before
uh... the bad news is
when you install the new off that's you go from iran iran happy
uh... s_e_c_ grounded out
granite updating to uh...
to up-tempo you know the players for you on the players for uh... right monroe
romance federated or distorted it last year you know i mean
everybody expected them to come in
rush champa you know green cn uh... with god and christ
with the new pro stahl offense but they had the the speed
and the different players there so
i mean i guess to be very similar that how welcome they just how quickly can
for that type of program and it's also a completely different way to run an
office how quickly can they learn not not not only proforma can they learn
that this is the it's not as simple offense either is it know it's a hard
time offense very complicated actually of all i got
where we were able to do about half of what they were do during spring ball
uh... the biggest issue right now as they often to lie not been able to keep
not be able to keep up with what they were delivered some additional worship
leader advantages nothing is all the above i think it's just the uh... the
title player weight
we have uh... we have a high you know
fast break offenses what they're trying to they're trying to install they want
their fundamentally efficient scoring machine according to you for is and
if you look at his organs or state team last year
they were sixty information and passing yards uh... you know sixty four for
and um...
in russian yards
that's compared to hundred and seventh for all mass and eighty third eighty for
russian pro mass
they scored no
bargain so state was thirty first in the country in scoring ole miss london
you're looking at you're looking at some of these things and
is is completely way different way
new culture covenants and i think it's comics are undertone
into more sightings were asleep
he is installing this offense but there's also some holes in the
you know one of the things that you need is a good running game is is it not been
to question marks are still centenary running back issues yet we have very
deep right not very good that's the biggest thing
adjust that doesn't turn around about food he should be
he should be a really good a diversity player the problems that this is not a
great blockers and a big job
he's pretty cities prius molly's lightning quick
but is out of the uh... we actually have a
were similar to one of our
one of our water saver sinus for myself and it's about singleton
believe he's been moved to write back to help with that
also bring in some did recruits from the uh... if you're from national you know
activist mathers from blackmun
to uh... who's run for over twenty five hundred
yards alas to citizens in high school and how school he is a
his ankle refresh enormous i believe you'll get on the filled me
brought in from day one
from day one uh...
he will start that will come and spill just got
so that's good but
the majority of our depth we have to on the run about is reserved two big
fullback soon this offense don't really
they'll really fit so it's gonna be an issue wide receiver wide receivers a lot
water saver i think we're good were young
we have
so good
some degeneracy resume as logan
dosti mein craft
uh... we did lose some akki every night because i couldn't tell mackie's go
another route mike is going to be uh... slaughter saver
which should be great
and also we mentioned the uh... the wildcat
don't know how much more on that much of it this year
the mac you would be a great a great quarterback for that while for obvious
in the wild cathy akers especially when he ran the entire year last year
it's gonna be a struggle this year uh...
and then if you look at the office of alumni cus there were having troubles
however troubles are tight and
tight ends there another issue were death is the bit is a concern
and i think that's property built boring they are for us
the good news is
last year was in a good year for we got a lot of youth
some experience
and i think that's going to uh...
to continue
you know on the defense of a and even some of our think the defensive line
um... the first aimed starters on defense ur
or are solid
uh... the problem there again is death
um... defense
uh... the linebackers la murders might marry
coming back to the tack on machine reminds a lot of people a patch of
course probably not on that level but
you know just all over the failed good speed
uh... from sidelines sideline
but you don't have but were filling the gaps
with uh... converted debase for outside lamarca position so
it's interesting install a new defense as well
so uh... table my spin brought a brought him to run the defense
and uh... that's going to be
interesting here have some fresh from playing
because of dept concerns
but um... couple bright spots in the defense
yet also lawyer who is thirteen
elicits a
additions are back
uh... proven whether uh...
p works like a
according to guys you freeze he's just
his amenities workouts
the uh...
he gets everybody fired up
and uh...
so one of the finest players that
few phrase ever been around
uh... he returned a jury returned a paper
they protest evidence before you
last year
i believe that it will give us a chance mme
so he's gonna be a great leader for us
another bright spot that most people in oxford notice ma'am
c_j_ johnson future crew last year with the true freshman last year
came in as a middle linebacker but has been converted to a defense of them
star sounds might be an issue just very little
a little small for different strengths period a bull market very five i don't
think they can be elicits a performer
you know for the next couple of years
there's some bright spots
future bright spots were for
this usually tough and i think they were very nice for understands that will warm
they were doing this is an element and
c we can save a couple wins
wins out over anand
for one thing i will talk about maybe i don't know how much you know but this
you know before this season started natak about this immediate data freezes
that uh... we had a number of students in your from thirty-year thirty five
students that might be an eligible coming into this fall for academics and
numbers down there
you know four may be found
uh... into the question was asked to him you know what
revisions have been done in can you talk about that
uh... not question and i don't what
what i don't see here's is how many of those that academically troubled players
are no longer on the team because that's a real real easy way to get that number
down as they're no longer on the team in that that wasn't mentioned here
anna no no one's gonna ask enough at the question of media day but
what what what information can you provide on something like that will say
i don't know the exact number approval that are not
are no longer hold him in just got was one of those academic uh... people there
could be an academic as we discussed during sup
uh... bearing class got dictators senior tutoring uh... to turn forum
really working hard
i think it's the change the mentality with the team
a lot these days
that's that's a party nafta's this kitchen staff is i didn't the class
making sure your ah...
you're preparing yourself for your
for education
once you join entries made a you know there's a movie where he's
who headed the if any of you listening don't know if you freezes the head you
know what the at school football coach of uh... michael or the
we have the the bonds of months rather is so
he knows a little bit about getting a kid motivated and uh... get 'em
academically eligible yet so
waited out we can talk all day about that i will say one thing once used as
live the academic uh... academics
for uh... for romance nick browse all there was probably one of if not be top
athlete honored party monster
sure fresh water saver up in his court
that he had to uh...
four percent last year but just
contrarian so many ways as planned on both sides of the ball
uh... if you freeze when he solomon spring workout i'm sorry was in spring
workouts pros arguments about
when someone film really truly believe this guy
they've been in a fill an n_f_l_ corner that's out out of the worst
heated megan's grads ministers and chose to uh...
woodruff home s implants on transferring to depend in school
but um... you know when you had to say that but uh...
sometimes you gotta cut you off
and that's a loss of the kid you know
deserves a second chance worried as and uh... you wish the best for mba we gotta
move on
but academics is a true concern if you first puts uh... puts a
then they pick import or has shouldn't most college coaches that uh... at the
thought that was interesting
and so you get your e-bill shed a little item that i mean you know that some of
that's going to have to happen they're just going to have to go away but to get
that number down from cats at you not just gonna turn around thirty students
at all certain make them forty going to have to have some attrition will say
uh... and like you said
there's been lots of cases where
people have moved on and had a second chance at a division to school as
you know they're able to come back and prove themselves uh...
i think through the heisman trophy winner number one draft pick a couple
years ago excitement that proves that uh... and it was an academic for him but
you know that secretary to the meted out there and uh...
ninna there's a couple from the s_e_c_ this year that dierent arkansas state
now he's connector set out here but
uh... from auburn
but there's examples of that all over the board cellmark nynex is that
something you don't think about
unbuttoned welcome to the media day stuff out of that
popped in my head when i'm throwing out there another thing was damn was there
some comments from sperry rw there was a kind of nice comment from star about
scheduling rasta
when asked what he was asked about south carolina schedule at the uh... heavy
to output values that the if he had
helped put together he wouldn't be playing matthew and it's warehouse here
jorge rubio analysis after log would be plan or math but the you know interest
our fashion as you today down somebody so
it's all right i think that we uh... i think that almost friends realize state
we're in an hour
where ticket he was a pretty well
so if you have to take that at face value in accounts from the first look at
the source right sorry
there will be the same thing with you that we did with that said if the
committee on the go through these games and in
see what number you gave me
you ready for that sounds good
you start off the season with are hosting central arkansas i did not think
we apologize for those studies i think we uh... we win meg dam
then you have a future probably we when you turn the utica
that's gonna be tough one
uh... i understand i understand it is but i think
you know that i think the excitement about the new kitchen stuff when their
total stuffs the at ways to go into the next week we're quite texas
uh... ads was announced this week that game as a eight fifteen that night huge
a huge gamepro mass
and national spotlight
martinibuster out the part of the lawyers
if you're in almost any minority talking about the biz rivers about a some uh...
throwback uniforms but it's gonna be exciting texas comes to town and uh...
from all of her uh...
the games in review cheap well attended by all texas friends old friends really
interesting matter but
track identity yes yes i will be there will take them
but i will prolly played and played it for the first half of that one but
uh... i think techsupport i do think that um... an injustice to
and as you freeze talks about it but i'm excited for the state of actually
compete for four quarters
it's not helping anna
i can give you the way with the typically they handle
newark and central arkansas while if they play that game
strong induced things right
you can see them building on that and have a chance that you can't be of if
squeaked by
lurker it's sloppy
definitely go go to town on that that second game but
ammonium to you
what about the lines to end
to lose interest in two areas uh... early morning the early-warning takeoff
in new orleans uh...
which is not a
which is not exactly what you want to hear if your enormous and going down for
a weekend it's rare to have a fourth
port weekday marty on the schedule for a time to know it is intended for five
sports uh... foxsports game but i think we're into lines
where you out think we can get that as well i think that might be a alas when
the season but uh... i think we can determine when
and so on
i'm guessing you know the answer for the alabama gained false
n_a_m_ loss
harbor small spoon quantities
disparity the drift in northampton arkansas lost head toward the north
i think it's close but uh... agri which that i i i think about iraq's got
got a little bit more updated might go down to wait for court
different than other it for no other reason as
we're gonna have a
at that point spread some poor working on it
sixteen dan basis it was a strict so that father that sort twenty post and as
soon as it should go and down the road and if
my prediction skirt
that's uh...
meyer is an extra motivation there
to be invented but double a_ before we go any further the one that they want to
i think that um...
we probably have if not the horace one of the one of the top five
most difficult schedules in the country
if you look at our essences schedule
brian you know
three tops and look at it is really quickly about
uta l_s_u_ alabama arkansas bdr orchha
those of before
those before away games
and those are all top ten things
two of them being top
fob james
you protections for one of your room in them
where you do
it's good it's good to have gone
but what do you know
if you're gonna be down here i was beer will have a toasted when you're down so
then about i think we will look at historic lows those two
uh... we always in the playoffs you really well as she is way more jobs and
we are will
lose that in the city state
uh... eg bowl
i really i don't know
they've got more they've they've debt for the uh... i got more time on the
uh... den mon hands
emerge as a fan base as a whole mess brand are really he gets under my skin
considered the uh... so much more than jackie show and uh...
and their i'm back in a day
but um...
parallel at
i think
i gotta give it to st
i gotta give it to stay at least one more i think one more year we just don't
have a
we still have the same and this year
did things go and so i'm looking at three and uh... no
at has been a realistic aflac item for nato so
is that going to have a million
uh... it doesn't say just give them the project over uh... i guess it's gonna be
mississippi state must report or read about the given on one of those tickets
are saying they're going to win one the s_e_c_ this youth martin
adult cm when when the other games in the s_e_c_ they haven't tried those are
the only two that they have a opportunity mapping tigers reichardt
uh... cell
are i guess that wraps up our
work few days is for the rundown of the mississippi will mess as well as
i want to think cole hodges and
threat caldwell for coming in and in doing this portion weekend every podcast
of course with an open mind uh... dished out
your time to tell whatever you want sports non sports uh...
related and uh... ted your ticket this one off and will wrap this up here just
a few minutes
definitely go outside the s_e_c_ talk about the uh... painstaking spread
suppose whether insist on meat on a hammer penn state
from reports that then i get the death penalty but they're gonna get something
is close to it as they can get
taking was swim this is the free report came out that paternal newt
basically what was going on all tielemans basically
just kinda kehte hai size to protect his program
and in the board
i thought about they should get the death penalty and then when the board
but they say board said that they were going to leave the statue up i said
they've got to get the death benefit because they just don't understand
what's going on here
but now since they have to this morning to its the statue to help
i think now people can start at the healing process up there
but i think insurgency what
what the n_c_a_a_'s have right now i'm sure it's gonna be bold and scholarship
our with regard to the players a couple of players will be able to transfer a
death penalty of these know a lot of these couches around the country look at
their roster at now and think about who they can get discover mt fall so idle or
sit at the session out of an issue to death on the nothing defy something
happened i'm looking for to see you seeing what that is an opera players
that are there now are not they can transfer without
pattinson aditya dot s_m_u_ inexorable asked him to get the death penalty or ii
don't look for a a first no
aurelia their players were not a lot of transfer more than just they were lower
aka cell you could inc are allowed to transfer without saying that the air but
still the ish extinct cc leaves
to stage a death penalty is zero xx
that let me try every year his hippocampal alluded to completely a
indicator practice for a year
them in the next to the following year of the year after that they can practice
like employed and that's at least how they did with us army
so minutes for a program like homestay bashes
earth-shattering to think that there
not gonna be playing football
met maybe next year you think would happen as early as this
but would put they played this season
where they would just like that i think they're allowed to play the same how we
treat the death penalty
altitude of illegal football for three-four years made more puncture
across our family coach that went through
but we realistically cannon
as it is a bowl band that big of a deal for pete's sake as they're going to have
such a hard time getting recruit stay over the next four to five years anyway
institute isn't going to a bolt was very small if it's a lot of bold i am
tennis scholarship release
but it's not a scholarship
is going to have to do anything really
says his spouse nozzle didn't get there early
therapy would help them for a law in the long run i think
do away with it and start freshman i thought it was too much money they can
do that
i don't know we'll know soon
and i don't even know if it's the right thing for the n_c_ double a_ to be
involved with that
www apart of the poolside
i dislike that
us think that uh... this is one of the worst things that ever happening
collegiate sports
man that was a guy that was
and uniquely
coaching and was no one at three years at like the first supposed first
incident or whatever but then still hung around the program
and he was in the stands for when joe montana broke the windshield uh... i'm
not discount anything that coming
with this part of what had happened its just
where does the a_n_c_
double a_ come in and what grants to they have a legacy institutional control
it's kids yet janitors there's a new laws all but was too afraid to say thank
you that's all part time was with have been fired
i think that is to stop controls commanded
joe paterno around the campus and do whatever you want me to go through the
only thing that the incidentally could come all come to the mid that i'm aware
of that i've heard
others talk about his instrument disease there's nothing in recruiting more
other violations that they could
you know penalize them for
an end to the death penalty for that one going to be kinda hard to it
this will know soon cuz its expected tomorrow right so both how most people
listeners podcasts already know what's going on there so
if people want to bali want waiters are where they can do that yes i am at check
all twenty-four mike as private so you can just
click on a missing that we have to preview for sunday there for
because i'm a teacher in
versus what i do
and there's good reason for that
so the normal s_e_c_ fan out there that's now one of the students
their vendor belt when i was gonna vanderbilt that attitude about
at least couple times a day it's what about the braves right now since
baseball season
some heated conversation between you and another my cast member brett you know
cos u
initially refused to be which are college at keeping up public for we'll
talk about in private
arico anything you want to throw out there on the open mind
i don't know much so you can call me at it
and see how it is so important
and um...
at three oh i'll bet on that stand just uh... everyday news events
but um... just uh... in this arora americana like marked
had a very fun weekend with a group of girls about supporting and i want to
uh... just let anybody out there with severing
ever a national
if you want to uh... whenever a week
really from time to recall you purveyed readily bachelor party well
knows lesson of the uh...
therefore i a different armistice day john broadway probably greatest record
is baar
mentor mauna man as well i'd never started tonight at the stage which
always in the hotel nor is it worth it
the perfect fit
there's there is that so
well i know you had a great time and we appreciate you and behavioral what a bit
this afternoon to to make this
a podcast and uh... at i'd ismael open mic is acting graduation stuff ernie els
uh... mary even if you gotta come in that the back way ticket get it uh...
there's still a well deserved a trophy there on the uh... other side of the
uh... i i am correct right heat
unit of women that himself
uh... feel bad for adam's got with what five straight burke of movies
to basically give that one way that uh...
that's what happens over there
on those golf courses that uh... you can follow me at p shame daily funeral home
it personally
and with that kind we call this podcast done