[MBLAQ][Eng Sub] Seungho - Behind Story of Pororo Dolls @ Hello Baby Ep.03

Uploaded by wasser00000 on 02.02.2012

Gift [ A ceremony celebrating couple(?) ]
(Doll gift) [ Seungho papa is properly keeping his promise. ]
Lauren's Favorite Pinky Loopy
Dayoung's Favorite Captain Pororo
Leo : I want Poli
Seungho : Why did you change your favorite character?
Cheondung : Originally, it's often changed.
Leo : I don't like Crong...
Then, give it to me!!!
Mir : If you don't need it, give me X 2, please.
Seungho : If you obey well, I'll buy you again. (If Mir-kid do something good also, we'll buy it for you.)
I promised it, but
In fact, I don't know that they really remember it.
It is a behind story.
Babies repeatedly asked me in secret.
silently whispering
Did you bring the gift?
So, I wrote it on memo of my mobile phone.
It is written in my everyday's schedule like an alarm.
Buying Pororo dolls
Leo is also Chrong-holic as though he never disliked it.