Mahabharat - Episode 61

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There are people who would like to seize ...
... the Present's right to evaluate the Past
For them, evaluation and criticism are the same
Or probably they have a selfish motive
lf the Present cannot evaluate the Past ...
... on the touchstone of its philosophy ...
... then how can it benefit from the Past?
The Present cannot revert to the Past
It is compelled to move to the Future
However respectable the Past may be ...
... it cannot be re-lived
Of course, one must try to understand it ...
... so as to improve the Present
It is the Present's duty to do so
There is another matter for worry
Many believe that literature and cinema ...
... are one and the same thing
The poet may describe a character ...
... as being very happy or very sad
But how much is ''very''?
The medium of cinema will have to decide that ...
... because the poet cannot help here
Everyone has the right ...
... to agree or disagree with an evaluation
But it is not right to call evaluation, criticism
This story is told from the point of view of the Present
So, listen to it ...
... and try to make it relevant to your life
Hail Bhishma! The King is on his way!
The King is coming?
Come, my son!
My respects Grandsire
Be happy! Come with me
Sit here!
Now tell me how did you think of me ...
... after such a long time?
It is my misfortune that ...
... even you think l am against that Pandavas
It is not important what l think
Now, l do not even trust myself
Let that be
lf l was respected, Duryodhan would have agreed ...
... that the day he faced Arjun ...
... was a month after the year of anonymity was over
l am accused of partiality in my own land ...
... and none is willing to defend me
l am alone in my old age
All alone!
Don't say that Grandsire!
Both the Pandavas and Kauravas are yours
Even l am at your service
l do not need any service, my son
It is this ancestral inheritance ...
... this Hastinapur which needs your services
Think Dhritirashtra! Warriors fight
Some emerge victorious. The others lose
Some return home victorious
Others die on the battlefield
But the city is rooted to the spot like a tree
It cannot even die like the defeated warrior
The city can only be lost amongst the centuries
l shudder to think what if centuries later ...
... History questions the city of Hastinapur ...
... about you and me ...
... what reply will it give?
That we were good people?
That we defended Truth and Religion ?
l don't think that is true, my son !
My misfortune is that l am fated to go on living
There isn't a moment of happiness for me now
My son! The year of anonymity is over
Call the Pandavas and embrace them
Return their Indraprasth to them
l have come to talk to you about that
Yuddhistir has written to me from Matsya ...
... inviting all of us to the marriage of ...
... Abhimanyu to Princess Uttara
Even l have received a letter from him but ...
... l don't think we should go
God knows what Duryodhan will say or do there
The Pandavas have attained happiness after years
Don't spoil it for them
l told Sage Drona the same thing
Dhrupad will be there
It is not right that they should meet each other
Hail, my lord
Prince Shikhandi would like to see you
Let him in
My respects, father
May you live long
Come sit next to me, my son
You must have received King Yuddhistir's letter
Yes, father
Arjun has also written to say that ...
... if we do not go to Upabalavya ...
... he will assume we have no love for Abhimanyu
So, it is necessary that we all go
l think we should go ...
... with our entire military might
They may decide to attack Hastinapur ...
... soon after the marriage
l have grown old ...
... waiting for Sage Drona's death
As you wish
l, too, am waiting for a war, father
My son!
One lifetime's wait has tired you
Sometimes the wait ...
... extends to many lifetimes
Life itself is a wait ...
... moving relentlessly towards its aim
lf the aim is removed ...
... then life is meaningless, directionless
So, do not be afraid to wait, father
Sometimes l do not understand you
You are so different and stay apart from us
When l was in Indraprasth for the Rajsuya ritual ...
... not only the Pandavas but even Grandsire ...
... was asking for you
Even l am eager to meet him
Do not worry, father
Just like you sired Dhristadyuma with a purpose...
... and he was born from Fire...
... l, too, have been born with a purpose
You did not ask for me ...
... but l came here on my own
Which only means that ...
... the path which leads to my aim ...
... goes through your house
- Brother - Yes
We are going to meet mother after so many years
So, why be afraid?
Will mother recognize us?
Why not?
Mothers have a third eye to recognize their sons
And this third eye never fails
Even then had Uncle Krishna been with us ...
... this problem would not have arisen
Even then it does seem strange ...
... that l touch her feet and then say ...
... that l am Arjun's son
She will recognize you before that
Even then Uncle Krishna should have been with us
Even without introducing Sukhakaum ...
... she will recognize him as Uncle Bhim's son
l will tell Uncle Nakul that you are teasing me
Forgive me, brother
The problem remains
How can we introduce ourselves to our own mother?
l don't even remember her
Don't worry! She will remember us
Why did you not bring my sons with you?
l told him to but he refused to listen
So you are on Draupadi's side
Why do you say that?
She is herself a mother. She knows my pain
You, too, can understand a 13-year separation
Call it my selfishness
Meeting a brother is different from meeting a son
l want the pleasure of both events
What can be more heart warming than ...
... a mother embracing her sons?
l want to witness this undisturbed
So, l came first with Subhadra
They must have met the others first
No. That is your right
May you live long
You must be Abhimanyu
May you live long! That's a standard blessing
This blessing is unacceptable for my nephew
He is not common
l want a special blessing for he is a special person
You tell me. What blessing should l give him?
The world is in your grasp
Give him what you will!
Bless him so that people will recognize it ...
... as your blessing to him
Every Brahmin gives the blessing you gave him
Give him a blessing which reeks of manhood
May God protect your Ego and strength
May History take your name with respect ...
... just like your father's name is respected
O Abhimanyu! l bless you
May you be your own identity
May you be known for your bravery
May God grant you ...
What about your other sons, Draupadi?
l cannot give you an ordinary blessing
So, l bless you
May you be the essence of Truth like your father
How did you recognize elder brother?
Your mischievousness marks you as Shatanik
Pradyuman's personality and coolness also marks him
Brother was right. Mothers have a third eye
Not only do they have a third eye ...
... but they also have an extra heart ...
... where their sons stay
Looks like we are being ignored, Subhadra
l am going
No! Don't say that Krishna
No space is enough for you
The biggest heart would be too small
Don't be jealous of my motherhood
l am seeing my sons after 13 years
Okay! l won't even look at them. Go all of you!
l was only joking, Draupadi
A mother and son ...
.... are like God and his worshipper
lf that was not so, God would have appeared ...
... and not been born of a mother
So, pet your sons as much as you want
l must see to the guests who have arrived
This will be a crucial marriage for India
God bless you!
God bless you!
My blessings!
May you live long!
May you be famous!
Be famous
May you live long!
Now that Krishna has come...
... may we, with your permission ...
... plan for the war against the Kauravas?
It is not right to talk of war from now
What are you saying?
l haven't said anything as yet
But l do intend to say something
l, too, know the background
l know of Shakuni's treachery in Dice ...
... and what Yuddhistir lost
l know of the exile and the anonymity
The Pandavas who can win Heaven and Earth ...
... accepted the exile to honour their word
They spent the last year in Matsya like slaves
l know all that ...
And yet, you think war is not right?
War should be the last resort. The last option
King Yuddhistir has not yet formally said ...
...that he has fulfilled the bet...
... and so, Indraprasth should be returned
Do you think Dhritirashtra will ...
... return Indraprasth to Yuddhistir?
l am not Dhritirashtra's spokesman
l suggest that Yuddhistir's ambassador should go there
l agree. Why talk of war?
Yuddhistir's addiction to Dice is also to blame
Why blame Shakuni, Karna ...
... and Duryodhan for it?
l suggest the ambassador be such a person ...
... who can explain Yuddhistir's viewpoint ...
... in a humble manner
After all, they are blood relations
And you people are talking of spilling blood
Whoever goes, he should be an Ambassador of peace
A peaceful victory is true victory ...
... and pure, too
l cannot call you a coward Balram ...
... but you do talk like one
l am not criticizing you but l am surprised
How can these brave warriors listen to you quietly?
Why should Yuddhistir plead for anything
He is not begging but asking for his right
Asking for one's right is not begging
Don't misuse words
l cannot insult humility by being humble to Duryodhan
l will use weapons, not words, against him
lf he does not ask for Yuddhistir's forgiveness ...
... I’ll send him to hell with his friends
O Balram ! This is not my pride talking
Who can face Arjun's Gandiva?
Who can face Krishna's ''Chakra''?
Who can vanquish Bhim in battle?
Who can withstand Draupadi's five sons ?
Who is not aware of Abhimanyu's bravery?
You want an ambassador of these brave warriors ...
... to beg in Hastinapur?
l had never thought that such talk ...
... would be tolerated by an assembly of warriors
Why do you think like this O Balram?
Will Duryodhan return Indraprasth?
Why not?
Wasn't everything returned once on the King's orders?
Besides Bhishma, Sages Drona and Kripa were also there
They will do justice
My daughter has told me about their justice
O Krishna ! You need not be told all this
The Pandavas were discriminated against...
... in spite of Bhishma, Sages Drona, Kripa and Vidur
Whenever l think of Draupadi's insult ...
... my blood boils like a volcano
The Pandavas have not violated any Code
On the contrary, they respected Truth and suffered
Now, a battlefield stands between the Pandavas ...
... and Hastinapur's corrupt politics
There is no limit, no bet
So, O Krishna, why delay the attack?
There is only one reason for delay
Waging a selfish war violates Mankind's Code
Is it against the Code to avenge a sister's insult?
Is it selfish to punish a treacherous gambler?
Is it not our duty to punish the man ...
... who called a pious lady, a whore?
O course!
But the soldiers who will fight the war ...
... did not insult Draupadi
We are not talking of an ordinary war
Countless corpses will fall during this war
Before inviting such a war let us think of ...
... who will bear the responsibility
l am not willing to do that
So, talk of conciliation
Let the Pandavas ask for their right
Let the Kauravas talk of war
Won't they look upon this proposal as our weakness?
Not everyone there is foolish like Duryodhan
Other warriors will also pressure Duryodhan
We should give them a chance
O King Dhrupad! You are the eldest
What message should we send?
Peace is preferable to war
What about my oath and Draupadi's unbraided hair?
Should we return to Indraprasth and ...
... ask Draupadi to leave her hair unbraided?
Is your oath more important than man's welfare?
lf we get peace at the cost of your oath, it is cheap
So, we have unanimously decided to send ...
... an ambassador to Dhritirashtra
We have to take some decision
There can be only one decision but ...
... you will intervene with ''ifs'' and ''buts''
l don't enjoy doing that ...
... but these words become essential
A nation which has conflicting loyalties ...
... needs the crutch of these words
l can understand your helplessness ...
... but why should Sages Drona and Kripa be helpless?
Why can't they tell the King to invite the Pandavas ...
... and return Indraprasth to them before ...
... they send an ambassador
Will the King listen to us?
That's the King's problem ...
... but it is your duty to tell him
Of course, it is our duty
We are Hastinapur's well-wishers
That's true but ...
Once again that ''but''
Why don't you stop using that word
It is a shield for cowards
l don't need a shield ...
... but l cannot betray Hastinapur
Even if you stray from the path of Truth?
l know the definition of Truth, Vidur
It is my duty to protect Hastinapur
You are not protecting Hastinapur
You are protecting Duryodhan's ambition ...
... Shakuni's treachery ...
... Karna and Dushasan's indecent bravery ...
You are protecting the poison which will ...
... end Hastinapur and its traditions
It is still not too late, Sage Drona
Hastinapur's protection is not in Hastinapur's hands
Go to the King with Bhishma ...
... and tell him, nay order him, to return ...
... Indraprasth to the Pandavas ...
... so as to save Hastinapur
Neither you nor the others ...
... can withstand Arjun's arrows
Yes, Grandsire
Are you trying to scare a Brahmin?
He is not trying to scare you. He is telling you
Who can defeat you in war?
l can die only when l wish to
But does victory lie in defeating the Pandavas?
lf there is war ...
... whoever wins it ...
... you, l and Kripa will surely lose ...
... because we will be the ones wounded ...
... and scarred
So, war is not to Hastinapur's benefit
But what should we do?
We should try to prevent war
Let us go to the King and plead with him ...
... to start thinking of Hastinapur ...
... rather than his son
Indraprasth should be returned to the Pandavas
Grandsire! Shouldn't we ...
... ask Duryodhan about this?
Are you the king or is it Duryodhan ?
It is your duty to protect Hastinapur
Duryodhan is the Crown Prince
Who says that a king ...
... cannot decide without asking the Crown Prince?
Don't be so harsh in your speech
l am not fond of speaking harshly
But bitter truths are best spoken harshly
Hail O King !
King Dhrupad's High Priest has brought ...
... a message from Yuddhistir and wishes to see you
What l feared, has happened
Remember! Peace is still within our grasp
Grab at it, my son!
Yes, my lord
l will meet Yuddhistir's ambassador in Court
Why not here?
Had Yuddhistir come ...
... l would have met him here ...
... but l must meet his ambassador in court
An ambassador?
Don't shout Duryodhan! We are not deaf
He will go back the way he has come
Father should send him back
Instead of sending an ambassador ...
... they should have gone into exile again
They were recognized in anonymity
Essence of Truth! Huh!
Why play if he cannot lose sportingly?
Now Grandsire and the Sage will pressure father
You won the game, Duryodhan. Not the king
The king cannot pressure you
Karna is right!
Kampilya's High Priest has come as the ambassador
Let us first see what he wants
They must have taught him well
So what? We, too, are not uneducated
We will teach him a few things
At least listen to what he has to say
Yuddhistir has fools surrounding him
Except Vasudev Krishna!
He is very clever
He will never talk of war directly
He will trap us with his words
Once we hear this ambassador ...
... we will know what Krishna is up to
lf you can get rid of him ...
... then we can banish ...
... the Pandavas and their friends forever
That's all!
Keep a close eye on that magical Krishna
Don't waste your anger like this
lf there is a war ...
... you will need this anger
So, save it!
l know that Krishna well
He will talk of peace first. Peace!
Whenever Truth needs ...
... true Peace
Evil instincts raise their head ...
... to bar the way