Minotauro jiu jitsu

Uploaded by minotaurosports on 01.09.2010

The importance of training jiu-jitsu with the GI is
Jiu-jitsu with the GI is the base and foundation of the sport
it makes it a lot harder to escape a submission
because without the GI you’re slippery, so you must be better
on the defense and the attack
due to the mobility, without the GI you have a larger spin area
and the GI gives you more options of positions, so it makes you think harder
and it obligates you to open your mind on the guard and
grappling for transitions, reversals, submissions and
submission escapes from an even larger number of positions such as the spider-guard.
I spent a lot of time without training with the GI on and
I don’t know how I managed because nowadays I really miss it
now I build my base training with the GI here with Rodrigo Medeiros
great sensei that gives a lot of GI positions
So that is it, I believe in the importance of the GI
it built all my base, it’s the base of Guilherme Sales, of De La Riva
who are very technical Jiu-jitsu fighters
and I really believe that to enter the mma world you need a black belt
a great knowledge at some martial art
be it jiu-jitsu, muay thai, karate or wrestling
because when things get ugly, you need the plan B
and that’s what I do.
I believe the jiu-jitsu fits well in my fighting and
every time I use I get great fights.
every time I use I get great fights.