Abraham: SATAN AND SANTA - Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Abraham: Satan and Santa
On May ninth my daughter is getting confirmed. Or not confirmed.
Or not confirmed uh -
first communion -
and she recently asked me
you know she's preparing for this. She's getting the
preparation that comes with it
and she asked me Daddy is there a devil, is there Satan?
And -
Tell her yes.
Man made him up.
And that's -
that is actually how I've -
With all the training
that I've gotten through the Abraham Teachings
that's the inside the Vortex answer
I'm just wanting to resolve -
But you have a problem here
because what you're saying is
from inside the Vortex I can give her the answer
but it's not the answer
that those outside the vortex
want her to know.
Because outside the Vortex you need plenty of threats
in order to control people.
And the devil is really a good one.
Because there's no proof
until after you die.
So there's a lot of this -
So when she says daddy is there a devil?
Here's what we would say.
I've heard tell that there is
but I've come to believe that it's a figment
of man's imagination
don't tell anyone but
I've broken rules
that should have riled him
and nothing happened.
Say, I think that God
or Source
is so much more powerful
that I don't think anything
would ever dissuade you from that.
So I don't think sweet girl
it's anything you need to ever worry about again.
So it goes in line with
is there a Santa Claus?
Well now yes there certainly is that. Yes.
She's asking that question too
so I think those are tougher to asnwer.
It's interesting that you bring that up
because they are identical in nature.
In other words
they are things that man has conjured
in order to exercise some control.
Now many would say
well Santa is really a happy thing for my child
and we say maybe.
So -
What you want to teach your child is alignment.
That's something they can always believe in.
And every other thing is really
far far far far far down on the list of priorities.
So so - So she -
It's interesting though that she would ask that question
you know Is there a Satan or a devil as opposed to
you know infinite love and -
It's because that's the part she can feel is bogus.
When she hears about that she feels the off-ness of it.
Esther remembers to this day
she was sitting on the steps
of the front porch of their -
her childhood home
with the boy who lived next door
and her father came home
and Esther doesn't remember how old she was
but Vandy said to Esther's father
Mister Weaver
will you please tell your daughter
that there is no Santa Claus?
And when Esther saw the look on her father's face
she knew.
He was caught off guard.
He didn't know what to do.
And then Esther - her father didn't say anything but
Esther knew that was -
that was for sure and then Esther spent years
convincing her little sister that it was true because she wanted Santa to keep coming
and she knew as long as someone believed that he would keep showing up.
So your daughter says
is there
is there a Santa Claus is that what she's asking?
She's at that point where she's
did you put that in my stocking
or did you put that under the tree or was that Santa. I'm still doing the yeah it was Santa.
We would say
when you come into alignment with who you really are and what you really want
The fairies of the universe.
And that's worse than santa.
The fairies of the universe
orchestrate all kinds of circumstances and events that are so close to inexplainable
the well-being
that comes to you
is directly related to me.
I am the Vortex through which it comes to you, through which you
summon it.
But there's so much more well-being that is flowing to you
that is outside anything that I have anything to do with.
So sweetheart,
I believe
in the
flow of goodness to you
and whether you want to call it
Source, or whether you want to call it Santa.
Or whether you want to call it me
being an orchestrator of some of it
well-being will always flow to you.
And that's the entrapment that people feel. They want their children to believe in
so much that
they orchestrate things
that aren't accurate and then when their children find out that that wasn't true
then they lose their belief in the whole of it, and so, you're reaching for here is how
can I help my child believe in the flow of goodness that I know is coming to her?
without being deceptive in the process and we say by stepping back into the general understanding.
By stepping back into what you really know.
I know these things, say to her often.
I know the value and goodness of that which is you.
And I know that well-being is eternally flowing to you.
And I know that your life will continue to unfold in wonderful ways.
And I expect you to feel good all of the days of your life.
And I know that you are the creator of your own experience and that you have a powerful
mind that you can focus into alignment with that which is Source.
And you can trust the way you feel. And when you think a thought that feels off, it's off.
because something that doesn't feel good means you found a thought that is not in harmony with
that which is Source.
And at an early age this one is going to come to you and say Dad
I'm hearing things at church that feel off to me.
Are they really off?
And you will stand in all of your knowing and you will say
I promise you if it feels off to you, it's off.
As you stand firm
on helping this child
come into vibrational alignment with her own guidence
you will be fulfilling your promise to her, you see.
Thank you very much.