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ANGELA SUN: Four B-Boys have entered the Arena. Only two have emerged as victors.
We're half way through the quarter-finals and all bets are off as the stakes have never
been higher. Welcome to the Arena.
FLIPZ: In the second quarter-finals of the Arena
it was a fundamental battle as Floor Phantom and Keebz faced off and brought their illest
moves to the rocking challenge. CRAZY LEGS: Obviously both of you have a really great
foundation when it comes to your top rock. ABSTRAK: Phantom, always funky, always on
beat, everything is on beat. ASIA ONE: Keebz, I think your tops are dope, I like your style
up top. It was very close in my mind's eye. The winner is Floor Phantom.
FLOOR PHANTOM: I got kinda got lucky cause I got to go on second, always a good thing. I was able to
answer. Ah overall just trying to really maintain composure, maintain my stamina and maintain
the drive to do my thing. Yo, if I could tell my competitors anything in the next round,
it's be careful cause the ghost dancer is coming.
FLIPZ: So Floor Phantom will face
off with Morris in the semi-finals and we'll see Keebz again in the YouTube audience
award battle. ANGELA SUN: Hey everyone, I'm Angela Sun with DS2DIO here at the Arena.
We've seen two incredible battles so far with equally incredible moves from our competitors.
Flipz, let's find out who's next to step forward into the octagon. FLIPZ: Welcome back to the
Arena. It's about to get crazy. Quarter-finals number three. We have four guys left. Our
next two B-boys are going to be… ANNOUNCER: El Nino.
EL NINO: B-Boying and breaking, it's
a dance that came up in New York in the Bronx. A lot of the kids out there, they were
dealing with a lot of the violence and just poverty and stuff like that. And then
it kinda created itself, like these urban kids created B-boying on their own. Now it's
so big, it's all over TV, everywhere. It's all over the world. So now it, with this
event, the Arena, what I really like about it is that they're actually putting the shine
on the real B-boys. And by saying a real B-boy is someone who has all aspects of the dance.
I've been dancing for seventeen years, so I try to basically strategize for each round.
And at the same time I try to keep my moves that I know I don't have to use against a
certain person and use it on the right people. Just battling and testing yourself is really
good, win, lose or draw, period. ANNOUNCER: Kid Glyde.
KID GLYDE: Breaking is a lifestyle.
It's how you approach the dance, it's how you interact with the music, with your moves.
I'm able to express my life experiences within the dance, you know and just play it as
this different character. My father, he's a very important person because he
took Dynamic Rockers and helped that crew get into the mainstream. Being the son
of my father, Glyde, it was a lot of pressure. Of course I had a lot of haters, a lot of
people that you know that hated my pops, hated on me. He taught me to go into every battle
with aggression. Your first impression should leave a mark on the other person. One, their
confidence breaks down, and then two, there's like I don't know how to react to that.
Confidence, especially in a battle, confidence is key. I'm twenty nine. Everybody that's
in the game is like sixteen and to like twenty four. So you know I gotta
you know stick with my guns and make sure I can hang with these younger guys. You
know I'm here, I'm here to represent. You know I'm gonna do it for the world, everybody.
FLIPZ: Kid Glyde. What's it gonna be? Tails. Tails it is. Tails it is. Yo, El Nino is gonna
go first. Kid Glyde versus El Nino. Yo, drop that beat Wick, it's on.
FLIPZ: Floorlords Crew, El Nino. Round one.
Oh, oh. No.
Five, four, three, two, one.
New York City is bringing
it back. Dynamic Rockers, give it to him, Kid Glyde. Thirty seconds.
You guys are not playing.
Five, four, three, two, one. It's the challenge round. Footwork! Give
me that triangle. Fifteen seconds. Footwork.
That's how you rock it.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Challenge round, Kid Glyde. Footwork. Fifteen seconds. Kill it.
Dynamic Rockers rocking the triangle.
Five, four, three, two, one. Back to round three. Anything
goes, ya'll, anything goes. El Nino.
Fifteen. Fifteen. Ten seconds. Use it or not.
Five, four, three, two, one. Kid Glyde. You got a full thirty. Do what you want with it. Dynamic
Rockers. All around B-Boy competition, ya'all. They're bringing everything.
Dynamic Rockers.
Five, four, three, two, one. FLIPZ: Yo, final round, fifteen seconds. They gotta bring it. Oh!
Five, four, three, two, one. Bring it. Yo, Kid Glyde. It's on, baby. It's on.
Five, four, three, two, one. That's it, ya'all. That's it. Yo, that was ultra hype. They were both
feeling that for sure. ANGELA SUN: El Nino, talk to me. What did
you think of that challenge round? EL NINO: I think it was cool. I'm glad I got the footwork,
just cause I like testing myself, you know what I mean. FLIPZ: And the challenge round
for you, Glyde? KID GLYDE: It was dope, man. Smoked that kid. FLIPZ: Ohhhh.
ABSTRAK: Much props to both of you. Awesome. Kid Glyde, I just think you did awesome, man. I was actually
kinda looking for more an umph, an explosion in your style. But overall I think you did
well. Pookie was on point the whole time for me. Each round was just sharp, dynamic and
ah on point, like I said before. ASIA ONE: Yo, definitely props out to both of ya'll.
I would say that Glyde, you know you always pack a lot into your runs, and that's a good
look and it's a good look for the judges cause we see your versatility and all you got. But
I do agree with Abstrak, you just seem a little slower, a little bit more weighed down, a
little heavy with your feet. And you know I like a real light footed approach. Pookie,
you're light, you're crisp, you're clean, you know you're super smooth at what you do.
You both are packing serious weight in your B-boy game cause you got a lot of text.
Footwork is official on both ends. It's a good look with both ya'all. CRAZY LEGS: Ahhh,
all right. Well here's my thing. Pookie of course comes with a million moves and even
when he messes up it's a dope move. Not many people can pull that off. Um I thought that
your weaker side was the fact that on the triangle, I thought Glyde did a lot better
than you. Ah he kinda of had a lot of diversity in the in his steps, making it all
the way around. And each each angle of the triangle was very different from the
previous. I saw that you put some thought into that and based on the concept of the
battle you were really working that. Pookie, you did come short on one of your rounds.
That gave him an opportunity to throw more moves than you in that round. I'm just, either
way I'm always impressed by both of you and I thought it was a great battle.
FLIPZ: Wow, there you have it. I'm telling you, it's not easy. ABSTRAK: And the winner is...
ANGELA SUN: With that El Nino moves on to the semis. Don't forget through, those
who aren't dancing into the quarter finals will be going up against each other in a four
way battle for the audience award. Lots of more excitement to come. And always as let us
know what you think right down below. From the whole Arena crew and my co-host Flipz,
I'm Angela Sun. We'll check you next time.