Justin Bieber, Week 6 America's Best Dance Crew Season 6

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MALE SPEAKER 1: Today we are dancing to Justin Bieber's
"Somebody to Love" with a little Usher sprinkled in
there throughout our song.
MALE SPEAKER 2: We got "Runaway Love" by Justin
Bieber, featuring Kanye West and Raekwon.
MALE SPEAKER 3: "Baby" by Justin Bieber.
MALE SPEAKER 4: "Eenie, Meenie, Miney Moh Lover."
MALE SPEAKER 5: Sometimes in my car when it comes on, I
rock out just a little bit.
Just a little, not totally--
MALE SPEAKER 3: Just a little shoulder rocking.
MALE SPEAKER 6: Sean goes like this--
(SINGING) baby, baby, baby.
MALE SPEAKER 3: We went online to watch all his concerts to
see how he would portray himself as a dancer and a
singer and a performer.
And we also watched his DVD, Never Say Never.
It's an amazing DVD.
We got inspired.
It's crazy, where he came from and now where he is right now.
MALE SPEAKER 7: We actually auditioned for the show to a
Justin Bieber song.
MALE SPEAKER 8: We all have different opinions about
Justin Bieber, but we definitely know how he dances
and how he sings, too.
But like, to know that he's a kid like us and got really big
motivates us tonight to do great.
MALE SPEAKER 9: We get hooked up by District 78.
They make these incredible mixes.
They can take Enya and make it a dancing song.
They can take any song.
So they really throw layers and underbeats and sound
effects to do explosive things to it.
So it's not just like getting the normal song and trying to
dance to it.
MALE SPEAKER 10: We definitely watched the movie and wanted
to get a feel for it-- as much backup information we could
get on it, and studied the style, of course.
But we definitely stuck to us with a little
bit of Bieber flavor.
But it's definitely still Phunk.
MALE SPEAKER 11: I think our strong point is obviously our
creativity every week.
So we wanted to keep that in there, for sure.
But at the same time, since our challenge actually was
related more to Usher, we actually used some of the
moves that he's known for as part of the
challenge for this week.
Yeah, so basically our challenge was the Usher Glide.
So that's actually what we ended up
incorporating this week.
We've choreographed here and there to different Bieber
songs for fun.
So it's not new, for sure.
But I think this mix and just using a whole
crew is very different.
So it was still a challenge.
MALE SPEAKER 12: No, we all just watched his performances
and everything.
And we just showed how he performed and what facial
expressions he made.
And we all went over the music a couple times, listening to
the lyrics and just tried to incorporate some choreography
into the music.
MALE SPEAKER 13: This move, he steps back like this.
And he goes back circles-- like that.
He keeps on going back with his feet.
MALE SPEAKER 7: This week is more like miming.
Like, they give us a challenge to do basketball moves.
And at first we thought we were going to actually use a
basketball as a prop.
But we're just miming dribbling.
And that's what we're going to do.
MALE SPEAKER 14: Check the message of the song.
Because everybody thinks krumpers can't dance anything
but krump music and big, mean hands and mean faces.
So we have to show people the other side
of krump once again.
So "Never Say Never" is the perfect song because they
should never say that about us.
MALE SPEAKER 3: Say what you want about Bieber, be he did
work really hard to get where he is.
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