Folge 4156 Teil 2 .... Rebecca + Marlene

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He wants No Limits for himself?
Is he crazy? I hope you say No.
Well, I don't want to cause more irritation.
And besides, he's still my manager.
I'm sorry but--
What a nice surprise. You wouldn't mind, would you?
Uh, of course!
But as I know you Flock, you don't care at all.
Why so ill-temperedly? I fight on your side.
But I'm not in a war.
Hmm. You stood up Tristan von Lahnstein at the altar.
It doesn't sound like a consensual break up right now.
Go away at once!
This broken off wedding is just what the press needs.
They'll dig deep in the dirt for information.
And now you want an interview?
But not with you.
I rather look forward to some information from your ex-fiance.
Very questionable if you come off well.
I find it rather questionable if the security will allow you to approach him.
Maybe his sister, Rebecca von Lahnstein, is more in need of talking.
Or should I better say, your lover.
Listen Flock, if you want a story I can give it to you:
"Marlene von Lahnstein: Now I Speak"
It's a one-time-only offer.
And why should I accept this?
Rebecca von Lahnstein certainly won't give you an interview,
and with Tristan the chance is, I would say, 50-50.
If you take me up on my offer you'll at least have one credible story.
If you refuse, you'll most likely be left with absolutely nothing.
Are you out of your mind?
You won't speculate and I'll tell you the whole truth.
It's always a pleasure to do business with professionals.
Hey! You're not worn out already, are you?
Right, shortly there'll be cold drinks and important visitors.
Important visitors?
Your parents are coming to visit.
Well, because it's about time your parents saw what you're working so hard here for.
That's what Kim and Emilio are asking themselves right now too.
Don't panic.
We've bought everything for a good paella.
Yeah, you only have to cook.
I…I'd love to but the…the new gas stove and I…well, we…
There was a short tragic romance and then…pewh
Pewh? -Pewh.
Well, we have to improvise then.
Hi! Hello!
Hey! Hello! Heeey!
What a surprise!
Yes, we just wanted to see what you've done here.
Wow that looks smashing!
We come with peaceful intent.
Emilio, I'm hungry like a bear.
You can show me what you serve your guests here.
(Emilio) Well, today there's--
(Kim) Uh, black-headed ducks.
(Thomas) On the grill? No!
No, there are black-headed ducks there at the front.
-On this lake? -Yes.
Black-headed…Ah you want me to--
No no no, there...
Yes exactly. Good.
-Byeee! -Bye!
-Here. -That way?
Right, let's get to work.
And? Have you made your decision?
Yes, I pull out of No Limits completely.
You are the only one in charge of it now.
I still remember how I made the proposal to open a club together.
The pool. The Harbour-Look.
You were immediately enthusiastic about it.
We both knew we would be successful.
We were a super team, Tristan.
And Arno Brandner--
What are you getting at, Marlene?
The money of your family lies in here, but my lifeblood.
And I want you to not forget that.
Are you finished?
I also want to ask you a favour.
I know I've let you down beyond belief.
But before couldn't have been all bad suddenly.
We share lots of good memories as well.
Therefore I just hope our collaboration over the musical won't suffer.
You are still my manager, right?
This point seems to be of special importance to you.
I'll let you know what I think about it.
This area isn't that big.
You must know where you've seen the black-headed ducks. was probably at the shore.
We've already been there.
Well...we'll look more carefully once again.
The search will take a bit longer…
Now run a little gas.
Give it gas and then quickly unpack the mint for me.
[music continues]
Table further to the left.
Closer to the water so that it can be seen better.
[music continues]
And? How far have you got?
The paella's almost done. Two, three more minutes and then we can eat.
Ok good.
My father has currently fallen in love with a little bittern.
-So he's over the stupid duck, yeah? -Yep.
Very good.
-Do you want some of these here? -Mhm, pass me one, yep. Ok.
And? Do you think they like it?
My father always says immediately if he doesn't like a food.
Yeah, but it could also be that your mother has asked him to be polite,
and is kicking him on the shins the whole time under the table.
That could of course be true.
You know what? I'll just go and ask them.
Yep, I'll do it right now.
Everything to your satisfaction?
You know Emilio, I'm not a mishmash type of person when it comes to eating.
Either fish or meat, but both of them together…
Yeah, I feared the worst.
It's not the first time you've had a big mouth.
But after I've tried everything here
and the conditions under which everything was created…well...
Well done!
That means you liked it?
Yes! You can absolutely say it tastes very good.
Well, I wouldn't say it tastes very good, it tastes absolutely fantastic!
Thank you.
The investment has indeed paid off.
Come here you master chef!
Do you really think I don't know that there was no black-headed duck here?
Hmm, me as a head forester?
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