You are my Sunshine (너는 내 운명) Part 1(Eng Subs)

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CJ entertainment Presents
A bom film Production
A PARK Jin- pyo Film
This film is based on a true story.
Executive Producer PARK Dong- ho
Associate Producers KIM Joo-sung SHIN Shang- han CHOI Joon- hwan
Producers OH Jung- wan, LEE Eugene
JEON Do-youn
HWANG Jung- min
NA Moon- hee
Cinematography by SUNG Seung- taek Light by KIM Eun- mi
Production Design LEE Inok Sound Recordist CHOI Dae-sung
Music by BANG Joon- seok Edited by MOON In- dae
Sound Design by KIM Suk-won KIM Chang- sub CGI by EON
Costumes by SHIN Seung- hee Make up by KIM Yi-soo
Production Supervisor LEE Song- soo PARK Song- rak
Assistant Director KOOK Dong- suk
Line Producer AHN Soo-hyun
Written & Directed by PARK Jin- pyo
You are My Sunshine
Your skin can't breath if you put make up on right after a sauna.
That's why you keep getting wrinkles and blemishes.
Let's just see what you say
when you get to be my age.
How old are you?
- 29. - Truly?
How old do I look?
About 33.
Eun-ha, you're unbelievable!
I was kidding.
Your skin is softer than mine.
You don't even look 30.
- Say, 28? - Really?
- Seriously, how old? - Come on!
Come on, go ahead.
Get the hell out!
- Give back my money! - Beat it!
Give me back my money! That's enough to buy me a cow!
You promised a refund if it didn't work!
Cough it up!
Get your hands off me!
Go ahead, try me!
Let's get out of here.
I'm not going anywhere until I get my money back!
Marry Vietnamese or Filipino Girls
Coffee Shop Devotion
We're shy of an egg.
He has created a masterpiece right on your face.
Eun-ha, look at her.
That eye looks so beautiful in purple.
Isn't that a work of art?
What's wrong with you? Your look pathetic.
What'd you say?
Knock it off.
A princess is eating here.
Crazy bitch!
What are you, really?
He treats me so well when he's sober.
You know he's a good man.
Yeah, right.
Help him become an artist with your face.
Let me tell you. Remember that hillbilly?
Hillbilly? You mean that actor?
Actor my ass.
No, the one we saw yesterday.
Oh, what about him?
He and his friends went to Philippines to find spouses.
And one did come back with a wife.
- Truly? - Yes.
Isn't that crazy?
They could've paid me.
Thank God I got the precious money back.
Going to Philippines to get married...
What was I thinking!
How could I marry a girl that I don't even love?
Don't you think so?
I'd rather die as a single
than marry a total stranger.
What, am I pathetic?
- Fun. - It's fun.
- It's fun. - It's fun.
- That's right. - It's fun.
Wrap it up and go home.
Why, are you jealous?
Stop doing that. It doesn't pay you.
Let's call it a day.
You're so noisy.
At least this dung doesn't deceive people.
And villagers like it when I give this to them.
Except you!
What a philosopher!
It's the fertilizer they like, not the dung.
It fertilizes the land, which helps farming.
This is organic farming, that's what this is.
You're really something.
What's wrong with pigs? They have diarrhea.
Strange. They were fine before.
They were?
By the way, I feel like hitting the booze.
There are new girls at this bar.
- Are you buying? - Have you ever?
Come on, let's go.
Did you get your money back?
Of course! He created a scene.
He lied down in front of the agency.
Except the airfare, right?
Your'e picking up the tab. It'll be fun.
I'm broke.
Then, what's all the money for?
It's to open a ranch.
To get married and to get my mom dentures.
Maybe I should cut down your paycheck.
You're such a cheapskate.
I planted seeds in your night
And they blossomed...
You've been planting seeds in the wrong places!
You're unbelievable.
I'm a dandelion that stands only for you
Dandelion my butt!
Stop whacking off so I can get the stains out!
She's such a nag.
I'm going to work.
- Come home early. - No way!
Public Health Center
Get your own urine.
Miss, give it to me.
Jesus, why is there so much?
Blood test is over there.
Not too much pee, okay?
I can't believe I'm doing this at my age.
Look, Princess. Did you do this in Seoul, too?
Ah! First time working at a coffee shop, right?
Then, what'd you do before you came here?
- Who hasn't given blood? - Me.
Pigs buried due to cholera
What a life!
You know Dasan, don't you?
- Who's that? - That famous scholar.
- It's Dosan. - I know.
You know what he said,
Despair is the death of the youth, which is the death of the nation.
No matter how...
Nonetheless, $50 per pop is too less.
We raised them with classical music.
It was ducks last year, and pigs this year?
It's so depressing.
What girls would wanna live in a place like this?
Suk-jung, burn yourself to death in front of Congress.
By appearing on a national TV, you might get hooked up.
Why don't you do it?
I'm married, and...
Cut it out, will you?
Life is to be lived until you go senile.
Right, and you have a pretty wife.
Is she adapting well?
Or what?
I'm really curious.
Nah, forget it.
- What? - Go ahead.
When you guys make love, does she moan in English?
You son of a...!
In Pilipino, fool!
How can you laugh in this situation?
After burying all the pigs?
- Sorry. - And you!
Wearing sun cream? You're a farmer for Gods sake!
- Stop it. - It's sun block.
Let's go drinking. It's on me.
Really? It's that girl, isn't it?
Stop it.
Come on.
Anything bothering you?
Never seen you before. Married?
No, I'm single.
But you look familiar.
What's your name? What do you do?
I work at the ranch.
Look at this Mister, all cute and naive.
Should I date you?
How come your'e so quiet?
You don't like me?
- Maybe I should leave. - No, don't.
You're so pretty.
I mean it.
Don't you work at a coffee shop?
Nights are too long for me. I moonlight here.
Love shot!
Don't you know?
I don't drink.
I even like you more.
I like a guy who doesn't drink.
Come on, I thought you were naive.
One more shot?
I just liked being with you.
I thought you were a nice guy.
But now,
I feel you as a man.
I think I'm in love.
Just look at me.
You're that busy?
Why don't you know that I'm hurt?
Stop looking at her.
She's a bad girl.
Look at me and have me.
I can't believe them.
They tape people having fun and sell it for $20?
Why do you waste money on this crap?
Just because...
Those girls were hot.
Let me tell you. Eun-ha isn't a hooker type.
Shes a fox.
From what I saw, She's an enchantress type.
Why didn't you be a man and go for it?
- She's not like that. - Get real.
You bought that?
Working at a decadent coffee shop, she moonlights at a bar.
There must be a reason.
Suk-jung, should I screw that whore?
- If I pay her enough... - Watch it!
What's wrong?
You jackass... You can't buy girls like you do food.
I don't understand jerks like you.
- Without love, how... - Love my ass!
And watch your mouth, Chul-kyu. Don't call her bitch.
You're dead gone on her, aren't you?
Look at me and have me
Hurry up, assholes.
We'll split the bill.
It was total $360. So, $120 each.
I'm sorry, Suk-jung. I thought you were buying.
That drunkard, he's gone nuts.
I'm not paying for that tape!
Nice to see you again.
Who is it?
How are you?
Come on, it's been only hours.
I thought you were naive. What a disappointing.
I thought you could take some rest.
How touching!
Making me coffee, too?
Milk and sugar?
You're so cute.
You really ordered coffee so I could rest?
I'll rest then.
How nice!
Oh God!
You're gonna break the cup.
Can I borrow your arm for a pillow?
I sleep better that way.
I thought you wanted me to rest.
No, that's not it.
- Wait, hold on. - Let me.
- Eun-ha... - Stay still, will you?
Eun-ha, calm down. We shouldn't do this.
Trust me, okay?
Not there! Not there!
- I'm sorry. - What's wrong?
Come on, loosen up.
Just do what I do.
Fold it like this. That's right.
Hold still.
You know what?
Eun-ha is the prettiest girl I've ever seen.
Emilanda is no match.
She's nice and smells good. And her body... God!
When she smiles at me...
It makes my heart freeze.
You know what I think?
I think she likes me, too. At least a little bit.
Having a nice chat?
Spill the beans.
Where'd you go earlier?
None of your business!
Why yell at me?
For love, follow the rainbow...
What does it say?
Follow the rainbow...
And you can't turn back time? It's always the same.
Born in the year of a horse? So was I.
So were 12 years apart.
I just milked this and brought it for you.
I don't drink milk.
It's not sterilized. It'll give me diarrhea.
No, it never does.
It's very good for health and skin.
I never lie.
Tell me, Mister.
I hear you have a lot saved up.
That's why you come here everyday?
All you need is a wife, huh?
Throwing it again? Why don't you drink it?
Are you nuts? Not in a million years.
Come on!
If he finds out, he'll be so disappointed.
You're so bad.
- Am I? - Yes!
Why don't we bath in milk from now on?
He says its very fresh.
Crazy bitch!
Maybe I should ask him for more.
- Hey! - Huh?
I appreciate it.
I wanna do it, too.
Let's boil some eggs.
Not again!
Got cup-a-noodle for me?
Dream on.
So clean!
Dry off your sweat.
No, it's okay.
Are eggs done?
Coffee delivery to Motel Beast.
Who's going?
You go. I've made two deliveries.
You go. I'm on my period.
No way, I'm tired.
What's wrong with you?
Should I go then?
Gyu-ri, you go.
Yeah, why don't you go? I'll put on makeup.
That'll ruin our business.
And don't' wear makeup if you wanna help the business.
Shut up! Go let him do an art on you.
Fine, well flip a coin.
You're heads, and I'm tails. Okay?
There you go again.
You go.
You're unbelievable.
Tell me, Mister.
You wanna get married that badly?
No, I just...
You've been turned down by all those blind dates?
Well, people think...
They turned me down, but I didn't like them, either.
So you went to the Philippines looking for love?
How'd you know?
A little bird told me.
What type of actresses do you like? KIM Hee-sun? LEE Young-ae?
I like Eun-ha.
The actress named SHIM Eun-ha.
What about you?
Well, I don't like men. I'm not getting married.
I'm so busy with my life.
I can't afford to idle it away, singing about love.
You know what bums me out the most?
Married women haggling at the market.
That's no life.
Despair is the death of the youth, which is the death of the nation.
Happy birthday. It's not good to get old, though.
Thanks, Bro. You're the man.
What are you looking at? She's your sister-in-law.
I was looking at the baby.
Feed her inside.
Why? We're all family.
He's not a stranger.
Let's go, baby.
You should get married. Mom's worried.
Don't worry.
You can't marry her.
There's a girl?
Of all the girls on earth, why her?
Over my dead body!
Suk-jung, you're seeing a girl?
How old is she? Is she pretty?
She's a nice girl.
Don't make a fuss. What girl?
No, there's no girl.
How can love change?
Look, Mister.
Aren't you watching it?
I don't get it.
How can love change? Once you...
It does. Everything on earth does.
My love won't change.
It will.
It won't.
Look, falling in love takes more than love itself.
People like us aren't blessed enough to fall in love.
Love never changes.
Whatever you say.
Too much devotion is stupidity.
Thanks for the movie.
Wait, Eun-ha.
Can I tell you something?
I'd be happy if you stopped delivering coffee.
Let met tell you something, too.
You can take it personally.
We saw a movie together. It doesn't mean were dating.
So don't tell me what to do.
I was just thankful that you cleaned the sign
and brought me milk everyday.
It was out of appreciation. Don't get me wrong.
And stop ordering coffee.
- I just thought you could rest. - Listen.
You're not my style.
- You waited for me? - Yes.
What's wrong with you?
Take this.
I want you to stop delivering...
I can't believe this. You'll hire me by the hour?
Fine. How many hours do you want me?
No, pay off your debt with this.
What am I, a beggar?
What gives you the right to keep putting in on my life?
Because you slept with me?
Don't be so mean. Can't you see?
I... I love you, Eun-ha!
You love me? Love is that easy to you?
Why are you so complicated? All I want is...
I can't let a day pass without thinking of you.
I can't stop thinking of you
when I eat and see something pretty!
Even when I look at the sky!
Yeah, good...
Drink up. Keeping going.
Go, go...
That's it!
Alright, one more shot!
When you stood by me,
I fell deep into your eyes.
I cried yesterday, but you came along today.
And I'll be happy tomorrow.
I want no looks, no money
All I need is true love.
All those painful years.
What are you doing here? You're a stalker?
Look, rich guy.
You missed me?
You must be tired. Get on.
Are you kidnapping me?
No, it's late and you're drunk.
I'll take you home.
You must like me a lot.
I'm touched.
Heads says I will get on. Tails says I won't.
It's tails.
No, it's heads!
I'll get on your bike for you're trying so hard.
Get on.
Hold on to me, Eun-ha.
Here we go.
You want some music?
- What? - I brought it for you.
Eun-ha, I'm sorry about earlier.
Nothing. I said thanks!
But now,
I feel you as a man.
I think I'm in love.
Just look at me.
You're that busy?
Why don't you know that I'm hurt?
- Let's go! - I'm not going.
Come on, let's go!
- I don't wanna meet her! - Get back here!
I'm not marrying her!
Yes, you are! Come on!
- Come on! - Hi.
Not here. Not this place, Mom.
Let's go to a different one. Come on, let's go.
Oh God!
- It's a beautiful day. - It is.
We're out of toilet paper.
Let's sit.
You want to run a cow farm?
You raise cows now?
Cows? I have only one.
That's more than enough.
Will your mom live with us if we get married?
Of course.
Yeah, it's good to have elders at home.
Don't worry about me. I've lived long enough.
After I get him married, I'm going up there.
Going where? What are you talking about?
What type do you like?
A pretty girl like SHIM Eun-ha.
Oh, that actress.
Coffee Shop Devotion.
Room number, please.
Delivery to Motel Beast.
I can't believe that jerk.
He says he loves you and is having a blind date?
And why is that grandma glaring at me?
Let him be. He needs to get married.
- Room number? - 304.
It's okay.
I thought you didn't want to deliver any more.
I need some fresh air.
You're quite pretty.
How old are you?
How would you like it?
Come here.
Call a masseur. The number's on the table.
Don't play innocent.
Are you new? I'll pay you double.
Stop it, will you?
Feisty, huh? What color are your panties?
- Cut it out, asshole! - Come here.
Let go!
Fine, knock yourself out.
They're polka-dotted, okay?
You turn me off.
You freaking bitch!
You're dead, bitch!
Are you crazy?
Feisty, huh?
You know what I hate the most?
It's people telling me I turn them off!
You good-for-nothing slut!
- Thanks. - Sure.
What are you doing here? Where's your blind date?
I'm sorry, Eun-ha.
Are you okay?
Do I look okay to you?
Thank you. Thank you for coming to.
How do I look? Funny?
You're pretty.
You're the prettiest girl on earth.
I know that.
Don't make me laugh.
I can't look pretty with black eyes.
I mean it.
You're the most...
You know what?
This is just my luck.
You're way too nice for me.
I don't wanna ruin your life.
Eun-ha, I'll make you the happiest girl on earth.
I'll take care of you. I mean it.
I love you.
Please, marry me.
When do I get out of here?
That's it?
Eun-ha, it's your turn. Sing for us.
I'm not a good singer. You do it, Gyu-ri.
- Come on, sing. - Here you go, Eun-ha.
Give it up!
When you stood by me,
I fell deep into your eyes.
I cried yesterday, but you came along today.
And I'll be happy tomorrow.
I want no looks, no money.
All I need is true love.
All those painful years.
Put behind me...
What's wrong?
What's going on here?
Fine, I'll sing. Okay?
You okay in there?
Go away.
Doctor said no drinking.
What? Sweetie?
You know what?
My life is full of ups and downs.
Full of stories.
You're so nice.
And I bring bad luck.
And plus, I'm really 27, not 24.
Too old, huh?
- It's okay, Eun-ha. - Suk-jung.
You are crazy about me, aren't you?
- Yes. - Say yeah, sweetie.
You want to sleep with me?
Yeah... No!
Unhook my bra, will you?
You look so good tonight.
In the whole world!
You're so sweaty.
Congratulations, Newlyweds.
I saw this coming when she made him apple juice.
Soak them in, okay? Go ahead.
Well live happily!
That was good.
How could he get married before me?
Where's my better half?
Does he have something that I don't?
I guess so.
Don't give up. You're still young.
You'll get married before you lose all your hair.
- You're at it again. - Anyway...
You must be happy. She's nice and a good cook.
She worked in the kitchen at a coffee shop.
She rarely delivered coffee.
What kitchen work at a coffee shop?
Suk-jung is happy. That's all that counts.
Tha'ts right.
She's pretty.
Isn't she beautiful?
- I could've come down. - It's okay.
Aren't they too small?
- Can you fit into those? - Of course.
They look pretty, though.
Don't they? You want a pair?
Don't tease me.
- Do they have my size? - Sure.
- Should we buy a washing machine? - No, I'm strong enough.
When are we buying one?
Why don't you go on a trip?
What trip?
You wanna be alone with him?
You've gone through a lot because of Suk-jung.
It's time to take it easy and have fun.
I hear villagers are going on a group tour.
You knew?
Leave the house to me and have fun.
You're the good luck charm for the family!
We've found gold in the mud!
Not a diamond? I'll be a nice daughter-in-law.
Give me a grandson first.
Mother, have a great time.
I will.
I'll stay at your brother's afterwards.
At least for a month.
Suk-jung, do well.
Ah, it's cold! Try it again!
So many bubbles!
Take a quick peek now.
You're cute.
You like it?
How about it now?
And a horn!
- Where are you? - I can't breath.
- Cover yourself! - Wait up.
What if you die from too much sex?
I am too young to die!
No way.
Stop it. You're tickling me
Stop it.
Did you like it?
Not telling you.
Come on, did you?
I was in heaven!
Is this the place you wanted to show me?
It's so beautiful.
So nice.
- Isn't it? - Yeah.
I have something to show you, too.
Oh God!
You scared me. My princess is so scary!
Did I?
This is my secret spot.
- Eun-ha. - Yeah?
- Thank you. - I told you not to say that.
I love you so much for being my wife.
That's much better.
You love me that much?