Fuhrmann Cabinet Simulator Marcos De Ros. test drive - review - guitar gear

Uploaded by marcosderos on 17.09.2011

Well guys, here I have these pedals
to show you the "cabinet simulator"
and it simulated a amp, no, a speaker, actually
I dont know, let's try and see waht happens!
and since we are here, why not
show you the Fuhrmann pedalboard
it's made of steel
and I dont have any idea what kind of steel it's, but it's seems nice...
Man, I don't know what kind of steel it is...
I'm not the right guy to talk about
something so excelent as the Fuhrmann produtcs...
But, they ask me, and I'm doing my best...
but I'll not lie to the people, pretenting that I know things that I obviously don't know...
Do you thing I should lie?
the video's director says I don't shoulkd lie, so I'll not...
so, I don't know, but it's great!
works pretty well, they have this inclination
and it haves the power supply, the "FT 350"
and it haves 350 "m.a."?
have no ideia what "m.a." means... But it feeds all the power my pedalboard needs
all the 10 pedals are working great with this power supply
it must be 350 Milliampere, but...
must be... I'm not sure about... maybe it's another thing...
having said that, let's see the cabinet simulator.
I'll play something my my normal sound
using this amplification system, you can't see
it's a "Borne" amp, the "Clássico T7", by Pedrone
first we will listen to amp sound, it's a full tube, with 12" speaker
and after that, I'll play though the cabinet simulator
Better start with some riffs, don't you think?
and now, using the cabinet simulator, with exactly the same pedals settings.
that's it, Fuhrmann's cabinet simulator
and I'm Marcos De Ros, saying thanks and good bye!