Aaron's Million Hearts™ Story

Uploaded by CDCStreamingHealth on 13.03.2012

Male Speaker: My name is Aaron, and I'm 50 years old.
I'm a seven year survivor of a near-fatal heart attack.
I was an active 42-year-old.
We hiked.
We led a very active lifestyle.
But, also, during that time period, I was in a high-stress
job, a real pressure cooker.
On the day of my heart attack, which actually occurred
less than a month after my marriage, I started
to feel a little nauseous.
I went upstairs.
I laid down on the bed and I was in horrible pain.
Luckily, my wife called 911 immediately.
As I came out of unconsciousness, I remember
saying, "Please tell my wife that I love her."
We're lucky that they had gotten me to the hospital so quickly.
Since my heart attack, I really consider myself
to be in the bonus round.
I see my doctors regularly.
I get regular checkups.
I take my medicines religiously.
I pay a lot of attention to what's happening with my body.
It's really a change in my mindset.
I try to really focus in on living life, taking care
of myself, getting exercise whenever I can, eating right,
getting plenty of sleep, and, most of all,
spending time with my loved ones.
Loving, playing with the dog.