Weekly Horoscope Predictions 01-25-2010/ Horoscopo Predicciones Semanales 25-01-2010

Uploaded by Samuelmorett on 22.01.2010

Hi, I am Samuel Morett bringing you the Weekly Horoscope from the wonderful Terracotta Warriors museum in Xian, China.
With the wonderful Terracotta Warriors behind me let’s talk about the Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
This week the frase will be “Together we can”. You won’t be able to accomplish anything by yourself;
you have to connect with the people around you; friends, co-workers or family.
They will be the armies of soldiers that will help you achieve what you want.
Look at this warrior here next to me, my mother, she has supported me on my personal stuff and with my traveling around
the world, she is the most wonderful soldier I know,she has gotten anything she wanted, right mom? Why?
-Because... -Together we can.
Let’s talk about the Earth Sign; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Your frase this week will be “Communication is my power”.
The energy of Mercury and Aries will be helping you with the new beginnings; like a child you will learn how to walk
how to take the first steps, how to stand up or to eat again. Take advantage of the new experiences that life will offer to you.
Do it like a child, approaching them like for the first time. Do it with your heart, your hands and your spirit.
Enjoy life as it is the first time you see things, you smell a flower, you kiss or you hug.
Love will be surrounding you, so for singles love could be around the corner,
if you are in a relationship see your partner like the first time. So go and hug your life as if it is the first time.
Let’s talk about the Air Signs: Libra, Gemini y Aquarius.
This week you will become an archeologist to dig up things that you’ve been hiding and do not want to see.
This week will be really important to get those things out of your head, things that you know are there and you are not doing
anything to change. So go and clean those energies bringing them to the light, like Hercules against the Hydra:
They were fighting and it was cloudy, each time he cut the Hydra’s heads they would grow again and multiply.
So desperate Hercules took the Hydra with his own hands and brought it out to the light,
the Hydra became sand and defeated it. So this week go down on your knees and get the secrets out to the light and transform
them into sand.
Now we are visiting the great wall of Xian, as the one from Beijing it has a wonderful history,
let’s walk around and talk about the rest of the signs.
It is the Water Sign’s turn: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
Careful with the money! You might be lucky or on the contrary make the wrong movements that could get you in troubles.
Be careful especially with money you inherit, real state or the stock market.
Behind me is the spectacular great wall of Xian, like many things in this country.
Now I say bye until next week and remember always to put a smile to life. Chao