How To Convert Scanned PDFs To Word and Excel

Uploaded by Docudesk on 12.04.2010

In this video we will look at a couple of example PDF files and learn how to use deskUNPDF
to convert documents that have been scanned in, flattened, or are otherwise image only.
In this first example we have a fax, you can tell if a PDF is only an image if you can’t
select the text in Adobe Reader, like this one. So lets open up deskUNPDF.
To open up a PDF file in deskUNPDF you can simply choose the open button, or you can
right click the file and choose deskUNPDF, or you can drag and drop the icon of the file
to deskUNPDF. You immediately will see the OCR options deskUNPDF
prompts you once it recognizes that the pdf is just an image or it has been scanned in.
So we’re going to convert this into a .doc format, here you have some of the text setting
options, you can scale the OCR speed to highly accurate or highly fast.
Once the OCR has taken place you will see a preview of the conversion, and you just
click convert.
When you open up the document in Word you can see that the text is now editable, you
can select text, delete it, etc…
Lets take a look at another example, here is an inventory spreadsheet, a PDF that has
been flattened, so the text is not selectable, it is just an image. So if we want to extract
this data into a spreadsheet, what we’ll do is open up that PDF in deskUNPDF. Again
we’re prompted for the OCR settings.
We want to make sure and choose Excel spreadsheet format for our conversion. Once the OCR has
taken place again we’ll see a preview and the cells are highlighted.
And when we open the spreadsheet in Excel you can see that the tables are now selectable,
the text can be deleted, edited, etc…
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