Chanakya - Episode 34

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Susidharthak started to do his duty to spy upon Acharya Vishnugupt.
And for the first time Sidharthak knew the true identity of his friend.
Susidharthak, you...! - This is the other side of me.
Meaning? - l'm the state's most trusted spy
lmpressed by Acharya Vishnugupt, Sidharthak told Susidharthak...
His words promised a new beginning.
As if a Vishwamitra was challenging Lord lndra to make another heaven.
Frightened by Acharya Vishnugupt, Minister Rakshas talked with Bhagurayan.
Why do you bring such disturbing information to me, Bhagurayan?
Why don't you tell me what does Vishnugupt actually want?
While the Minister was collecting information about the Acharya...
the King too was questioning the high government officers.
Do the citizens of Pataliputra feel secure at night?
Yes, King.
Are the roads of Pataliputra safe? - Yes, King.
The King reconfirmed his information.
ls he the same Acharya who led the rebels of Vahik against the Greeks?
As a matter of abundance precaution, Minister warned Bhagurayan...
that he should not touch Acharya Vishnugupt for any reason.
Not even if Acharya Vishnugupt instigates you.
Acharya Vishnugupt went to his friend Acharya Ajay's house.
What mischief did you do today?
Nothing. l saw Minister Rakshas today.
While Acharya Vishnugupt seemed carefree...
...Minister was worried because of Bhadrashal.
Everybody was alert.
And one of the Minister's friends, Jeevansiddhi, came to his home.
You managed to suppress your inner rebellion.
But how can you suppress the rebellion within others?
ls there any news from Siharan?
Mrutyunjay has arrived in Pataliputra. - What news does he bring?
Chandragupt has sent you a letter.
ls everything alright, Acharya?
Chandragupt is well. He's asked about you.
May he live long!
ls Siharan facing any problems?
By your grace, he too is well.
You may rest now.
Malayraj! -Umm?
Your leader Chandragupt hasn't arrived yet!
Had it been a war, he would be the first to arrive.
He is still unaware about the woman's intoxicating touch.
So women just do not fascinate him.
He is slightly weak on this front.
But you are adept in this game. Did you like any maiden or not?
King ! Had l known about your treasure of maidens...
l would have accepted all your earlier invitations.
l hope you got some relief from tiredness of your journey.
Yes. But the thirst of my heart has increased.
Then why don't you pick one? - Only one? That's unfair.
So Chitraverman, do you think our camping here will be fruitful?
Looks promising so far.
Bathe in beauty as much as you can. There is difficult journey ahead.
lf Prince Chandragupt knew the value of beauty, our journey would be so easy.
That's why l didn't go to Takshashila for my education.
Prince! ls there any shortcoming in the arrangements l have made?
No, there is nothing as such, King!
So, isn't my treasure of beauty even worth looking?
No, there is nothing as such. It's just that my mind is elsewhere.
Where? - ln Magadha.
In Magadh!
It seems your companions will be very much exasperated!
Malayraj, the prince needs your guidance.
His appreciation of beauty is very weak.
My respected guests! I heartily welcome all of you.
Our family has long standing friendship with Malayaraj.
And today, it's because of Malayraj that we all have gathered here.
l consider this my good fortune.
At the same time l want to express my gratitude to Malayraj...
...who considered me worthy of joining your union.
For many years, l've felt the need to unite the Himalayan kingdoms.
But unfortunately, there was no response from anybody.
l fully agree with Malayraj's idea...
that to hold fast to their independence, these kingdoms must unite.
And your efforts in this direction are commendable.
Nepal has always been afraid of Magadha's expansion policy.
And this must be the will of God that Nepal is not a part of Magadha Empire.
Otherwise Mahapadmanand would have swallowed us too like the others.
That insecurity exists even today.
Therefore, keeping my kingdom's future in mind, l am keen to support you.
But, you'll have to promise me...
that once we conquer Magadha, my kingdom will remain independent.
And that you will not do anything to harm the interest of my Kingdom.
l accept your proposal.
l promise on behalf of my friends that your freedom will remain in tact.
You prepare the promissory note. l will sign them immediately.
Before you leave for Magadha, stay in my palace and accept my hospitality.
Best wishes, brother!
This is no time to play. - Mother!
You're going to be the King of Magadha in a few days!
You must maintain your dignity.
Get the Prince ready soon.
Did I do any wrong, Reverend?
You have taken the right decision, King.
The time is ripe for you to retire.
And others too should be given the opportunity.
What do you say, Minister Kathyayan? - Reverend, you know better than me.
King! Ask your older colleagues too to retire now.
l think, if the P.M. has no objection, he too should take refuge in Buddhism.
What do you say, P.M.?
lt's time for my retirement too. l'm waiting for the King's orders.
Do you want to become a Buddhist?
Reverend...! - lt's alright...!
It's alright!
l understand everything. Keep visiting our center.
That won't affect your beliefs.
After sometime, maybe the P.M. will become a saint and you a politician!
Today, l entrust my son to you.
Ma! You'd told me that King had promised you to make me his heir.
Sutanu, you aren't sober now. Go to your room!
ls that your answer?
The King has his limits.
And traditions play an important role in politics.
Sukesh is your elder brother.
He is the natural heir to the throne.
l too have studied politics.
When did the time of birth become a measure of suitability, Ma?
And what traditions has Nand dynasty followed apart from shedding blood?
My grandfather grabbed the throne by tricking, cheating and killing
innocent people of Magadha. - Sutanu...!
You call that 'tradition'?
You are under the influence of liquor!
That's why l can dare to speak the truth!
Go back to your room, Sutanu!
l am going. But, if you want me to respect Magadha's traditions...
then l know how to follow the traditions on the strength of which my grandfather...
ruled and my father is ruling today.
l will follow my forefather's tradition to seize the throne.
l've said nobody should enter my room.
General! It's me!
You may go!
What is the matter, General?
Today, You didn't even join us for the drinks.
Everyone was waiting for you.
ln fact we all had fun today.
All were happy...! All of them!
They wanted to congratulate you because soon Prince Sukesh will be crowned the
...King and you are very close to him.
You're a fool Chief of Stables. You should be mourning.
Minister Rakshas has engulfed the future of all of us in darkness.
And you people cannot understand!
l don't understand , General.
Had you understood, you would not have celebrated.
As soon as Sukesh becomes King, the Cabinet will be dissolved.
To enable Sukesh to pick his new cabinet Minister Rakshas will resign.
And to follow his example, others will have to resign too.
P.M. is completing his term.
Shriyak is in politics because of the Minister.
The Court Priest has no vote.
And his son is his successor.
So no one will mind resigning.
l will be compelled because of the entire Cabinet.
Even though l don't want to, l will have to resign.
So that Sukesh can appoint his Cabinet as he wants.
But the Prince Sukesh is on your side! - You are wrong there.
The King will advise Sukesh to appoint Minister Rakshas as P.M..
And the Minister Rakshas will take the decisions on behalf of Sukesh.
And the first thing he will do is to appoint Balgupt as General.
Because he feels, Balgupt is more competent than me.
But you could be wrong too.
You still can't see the Minister's farsightedness.
He has already got rid of the King.
With one stroke, he has laid to rest all the problems in the royal family.
There will be no conflict between the P.M. and the King or General.
Acharya Vishnugupt's friends Shriyak and Varruchi can't affect King's decision.
Neither they will be there nor their disputes.
All the doors of administration are now open for the Minister.
And certainly there will be no room in it for you and me.
How smoothly the Minister has found a way out of the maze of problems!
It's the Minister who should celebrate! How easily he convinced the King!
Minister, l salute you.
Now what is the way out for us?
Fate. Only fate can help us.
lf you want to save your skin, find the root cause for these sudden changes.
That cause can save us. - Do not worry, General.
Nobody can remain safe by removing you from your position.
You be ready! We will surely find a way out.
Take one more drink and you will be the winner of the drinking competition.
Don't delay, King! Another contest is waiting for you.
What is the next contest?
The test of virility is yet to start!
You can lose in this competition, but don't lose that one, Malayraj.
Listen to the elders, Malayraj. Take one more drink.
you need it to win the other competition.
Are you speaking from your own experience?
Even if you don't win, at least it will give you an illusion of winning.
There speaks the experience.
You should have accepted the King of Nepal's invitation.
lt was a matter of diplomacy.
ln future, even if you do not like, you should accept such invitations.
Your behavior might have hurt him.
l respect your feelings, but one day... - Would you please excuse me?!
l think, we should discuss our rights with Chandragupt and the other Kings.
Let me first reach Pataliputra. Then l will talk with everyone.
Go and have rest. - But what if...
...after reaching Pataliputra Chandragupt refuses to accept our conditions?
Now nobody can refuse me, Malay.
We will take the reward of our support from Chandragupt.
lf Chandragupt acts smart, we'll take it from King Dhananand.
No matter how much Acharya Vishnugupt and Parvateshwar may show cleverness...
...but they've made a wrong move here.
Acharya Vishnugupt has put Chandragupt as a scrificial offering in our hands.
lf we win, Magadha will be our.
lf there is the slightest chance of losing, we will surrender Chandragupt to
...Dhananand and claim our reward.
Now go to your room and have rest.
All citizens are informed that grandson of Mahapadmanand and son of Dhananand,
...Prince Sukesh has been made as the Crown Prince.
The Coronation will take place on the third day of the month of April.
On this auspicious occasion, with the order of King Dhananand
many concessions and tax relief have been granted to the citizens.
For development of agriculture and welfare of the citizens...
many new schemes will be started.
The citizens are invited to participate in the Royal celebrations.
At the first stage of this change the King has requested citizens... pray for the Crown Prince Sukesh's long life and to give him your blessing...
...and cooperation. All citizens of Magadha are requested to do this.
To mark this historic event, King Dhananand will be available learn about the citizens' problems, complaints and aspirations.
From today, the conference hall will be open to one and all.
The King is easily accessible to all citizens.
This announcement is being made by orders of King Dhananand.
''Golden voice of sun's rays has echoed the sky with happiness.''
''Rejoice with happy songs as an auspicious day has come today''
''Golden voice of sun's rays has filled the sky with joy.''
''Smiles of flowers have come to awaken the stones from slumber.''
''Body sways in delight, mind soars in joy.''
''Golden voice of sun's rays has echoed the sky with happiness.''
''From the blue and red cover of sky, the sun is peeping like a new sprout.''
''Let's greet the new sprout as it has brought all the happiness.''
''Golden voice of sun's rays has echoed the sky with happiness.''
''Rejoice with happy songs as an auspicious day has come today''
''Golden voice of sun's rays has echoed the sky with happiness.''
Victory to the King!
Any security problems at the gate? - No, nobleman.
Any suspicious characters or incidents? - No, nobleman.
Any striking incident? - No, nobleman.
Any unexpected increase in movement of ascetics, monks, Brahmins?
No, nobleman.
Are you in touch with the forest guards? - Yes, nobleman.
Any striking incident in forest areas? - No, nobleman.
Have any foreigners come in? - No, nobleman.
Any changes in the behavior of travelers?
- No, nobleman.
Any special news from the neighboring provinces?
Everything is normal, nobleman.
Alright! Keep a strict vigil on strangers.
And keep an eye on travelers camping inside and outside the city.
Also, pay special attention to the arrivals of ascetics, monks, Brahmins?
As you command, nobleman.
lnform me immediately about any abnormal or suspicious character.
As you command, nobleman.
Why don't you move faster?
Nobleman Siharan!
Nobleman Siharan!
Nobleman Siharan!
Where is Siharan? - He was in the stable a moment ago.
Nobleman Siharan! - Greetings, trader.
What is going on here, nobleman?
l was checking the health of my horses.
l have to talk with you.
What's the matter? Can't we talk here?
Where is Akshaya? - You too know that!
l repeat my question.
He has gone to bring horses for you.
Where? - What do you mean?
Have you sent Akshaya to Pataliputra?
Pataliputra? l do not understand!
Come to my room. You'll understand everything.
Close the door.
Nobleman Siharan!
Your brother has gone to get horses for me, isn't it?
You are right.
Then who was the man l saw in Pataliputra?
ln Pataliputra?
l saw Akshaya at the market place in pataliputra, just now.
You saw Akshaya? - Yes.
My brother, Akshaya? - Yes, your brother.
That's not possible. How can Akshaya be there?
l saw him with my own eyes.
You must be mistaken. - No, l am not mistaken.
lf it wasn't a mistake, you should have brought him along?
l would have. But before l could reach him, he disappeared.
That is why l say, you must be mistaken.
Why are you repeating your words?
What do you mean?
l want to know what game are you playing with me?
lf you doubt me, then l'll leave Pataliputra at once.
You can't leave until Akshaya returns with the horses.
But now l don't want to do any business with you.
l will decide that now.
When l don't want to deal with you, how can you compel me?
Just wait and see.
No...l am innocent! l didn't kill anybody...!
Trader Dushyant wants to meet Arya Bhagurayan.
Seriousness of crime makes it necessary to inform Arya Bhagurayan right now. Kindly...!
Greetings, nobleman! - Yes! What is the problem?
l'm suspicious about a trader from Aratta.
lf an action isn't taken at once, chances are he will leave Pataliputra.
Did you say, trader from Aratta? - Yes, nobleman.
['Aratta!' the base of Acharya Vishnugupt's rebellion]
Take me to your criminal.
How did you meet this trader from Aratta?
He had come to Pataliputra for selling horses.
l met him in the cattle fair.
l have bought many horses from him. He won my trust by his behavior. But...
This is his room.
Nobleman Bhagurayan!