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LARRY KOSILLA: Hey guys, welcome to another episode of
Drive Clean.
I'm Larry from and over this next week, I'm going
to be participating in one of the most brutal things that
you can do to your car.
And of course, I'm talking about The One Lap of America.
Now, the fun part is I'm doing it with one of my closest and
best friends, and you might just know who he is.
LARRY KOSILLA: All right, so what did you bring me?
MATT FARAH: What up?
MATT FARAH: I brought you a 2012 BMW X5M.
And this is my One Lap ride.
You're driving that Ferrari--
MATT FARAH: Which sounds like a really good idea until day
three when you're miserable.
And I'm driving this.
And there's a couple of reasons I decided
to bring this car.
My back is shot, and so I want something comfortable.
It holds all my stuff.
It's all-wheel drive, 555 horsepower.
In fact, this is the fastest production SUV you can bring.
Plus, all of the hardcore racers, the pro guys, they're
all driving sports cars, and I'm in the SUV class.
So we might actually get a trophy out of this.
MATT FARAH: You never know.
So I figured since I use AMMO and stuff on my car in L.A.,
but it like, never rains there, One Lap is pretty much
the most abusive thing you could do to a car--
4,000 miles of driving, eight track days, who knows what the
weather is going to be.
I thought it would be an interesting idea if we divide
the car in half, and you do one half of the car with AMMO,
and we leave the other one.
I don't think there's anything really on this right now.
It feels pretty raw, dog.
MATT FARAH: So you want to try it and then we'll evaluate
4,000 miles and a week and a half later
and see what happens?
LARRY KOSILLA: I like that idea.
Let's wash it down, start from nothing,
from scratch, basically.
Run that piece of tape up there like you said, one side
with AMMO skin, AMMO creme.
MATT FARAH: What do you think?
Driver's side gets the AMMO, right?
LARRY KOSILLA: Yeah, if you want to look pretty while
you're driving, I would think--
MATT FARAH: Well, you know.
There's not much that can improve this, but some wax
might help.
So we'll do that, and I'll actually hit the rims too with
some Armor All Wheel Protectant stuff.
I heard that's pretty good.
And then, what is it going to be?
5,000 miles?
I'm driving home from-- where am I driving home from?
MATT FARAH: South Bend, Indiana.
LARRY KOSILLA: Oh, that's going to be brutal.
LARRY KOSILLA: So driving home, and we'll see what
happens afterwards.
MATT FARAH: You know what the best part about this is?
MATT FARAH: Not my car.
Let's get it done.
MATT FARAH: We do this, we give it right back.
It's going to be brilliant.
LARRY KOSILLA: Let's get it done right now.
MATT FARAH: All right.
By "let's," I mean you.
I'm going to be over here.
Matt and I originally thought about leaving the masking tape
on the car for the entire trip, but as we drove from New
York to the start-finish line in South Bend, Indiana, we
noticed that the masking tape was peeling up and
flapping in the wind.
So we simply pulled it off before the race and added the
stickers after we arrived.

But before we left for Indiana, I added a thick layer
of sealant, let it cure, and then a thin layer of Carnauba
wax on top for some serious protection.
Next, I coated the driver's side rims with Armor All Wheel
Protectant to really put these products to the ultimate test.
I mean, think about it-- a total of 5,000 miles and eight
plus track days without washing it.
I'm not sure who was tortured more, the BMW or me because I
couldn't wash it for the entire trip.
My brain nearly exploded.
So once we finished, Matt, Mike, and I were off to The
One Lap of America.

LARRY KOSILLA: That's Mike Musto from Big Muscle.
That's Matt Farah from TUNED.
And I'm going to show you what we've done to this car.
Remember, we split the car into two
pieces down the middle.
The driver's side has the good stuff on it, and the
passenger's side doesn't have anything.
And we're going to show you how it's protected.
Also, the wheels, I'll show you the rims.
They look amazing on the driver's side and not so good
on the other side.
That means that Armor All's really working out nicely.
So I'm going to check that out in a minute.
But after this race, we have a 400-mile leg back to our
hotel, and it all starts all over again.
So that's day one here at One Lap of America.
MATT FARAH: Mike's training on the iPad right now.

MIKE MUSTO: It's all about technology.
Driving a car is like you do everything.

LARRY KOSILLA: All right, so we just drove 600 miles, and
we're all friggin' beat.
Look at this guy.
my [BLEEP]
I'm so tired.
This is horrible.
It's raining.
But I said I would do more videos.
We're completely beat.
Here's a few more One Lap people.
It's very obvious that this [BLEEP]
is working.
I know I keep showing it to you, but I mean, how often do
you get to drive 5,000 miles to test a product?
So that's stuff actually works.
And if you look here, believe it or not, on the top part,
the beading is much smaller, which means there's a thicker
amount of sealant than cleaner on there--
MATT FARAH: This person really has something wrong with him.
I'm about to die of exhaustion right now.
He's talking about [BLEEP]
It's important.
MATT FARAH: Is it different?
Can you tell?
See the tiny little beads here versus like the big
nasty shit over here?
It's actually beading up.
MATT FARAH: The beading is smaller and more uniform.
That means there's thicker sealant--
MATT FARAH: Every car got washed today except ours.
LARRY KOSILLA: Yes, every car.
MATT FARAH: I seriously feel like I have brain
damage right now.

LARRY KOSILLA: So tell us how you feel.
CHRIS SMITH: Like shit.
I had food poisoning before I got here, the flight was
crappy, and now I've got the flu.
And on top of which, my head doesn't fit in the car.
I have to go in the recess for the sunroof.
So I'm kind of driving like this.
LARRY KOSILLA: The added challenge.
CHRIS SMITH: Other than that, I'm real good.
LARRY KOSILLA: We're going to drive 650 miles tonight, but I
wanted to show you the car beforehand.
There's Lee Keen in his 750 horsepower
GTR, and he's cruising.
So come on in.
Let's check it out.
Remember this side over here, we didn't put any Armor All
Wheel Protectant on there.
Get nice and low.
Check this out.
It is pretty filthy right there.
We'll pan around to the front of the car and
check out all the bugs.
They almost look like birds-- look at the
size of that thing.
And then we go to this one over here where we put the
Armor All in, and it's looking pretty good.
It's starting to get dirty, but in between the dirt, you
can actually see that that's clean, which means to me that
I could probably put maybe another thick layer on there
next time, and it may even keep it cleaner.
But remember, I think we've done 2,000
miles so far, or 1,500.
So that's pretty sweet.
And we've been racing the hell out of this car.
So I'm very happy with that product.
LEH KEEN: I'm Leh Keen and you're watching Drive Clean.

LARRY KOSILLA: What's up guys?
Day five of One Lap of America.
We are here in Nebraska, Hastings Racetrack.
Of course, you've got the SRT8 Jeep, which is the main
competition here for the X5M.
Now I'm going to show you--
what are we on?
Maybe 3,000 miles so far?
Check out the wheels.
Again, we've got the ones that we put the Armor All.
Getting a little dirty, but nothing compared
to the other side.
And speaking of dirty, we've got Matt Farah and Mike Musto.
MATT FARAH: We're dirty?
MIKE MUSTO: Why are we dirty?
That's not very nice to say.
LARRY KOSILLA: And come around to this side, over here.
I mean they drive dirty.
MATT FARAH: Drive dirty?
LARRY KOSILLA: This side is completely filthy.
MATT FARAH: That's pretty dirty.
MIKE MUSTO: That's pretty bad.
MATT FARAH: That's filthy, actually.
LARRY KOSILLA: That's horrible.
MIKE MUSTO: That's some BMW brake dust, right there.
MATT FARAH: BMW brake dust.
MIKE MUSTO: So what are you going to do about it?
MATT FARAH: Clean it?
LARRY KOSILLA: We're going to clean it up when we get back.
MATT FARAH: You know what I'm going to do about it?
MATT FARAH: Look at this line for auto cross.
There's like 50 cars in it.
LARRY KOSILLA: So what do you think, we'll be here for
another hour or two?
MATT FARAH: We'll be here forever.
Then we have to drive 600 miles.
MATT FARAH: 616 miles.
Doesn't that suck?
MIKE MUSTO: Did you realize you didn't get one drop of
water on his head?
It's amazing, right?
LARRY KOSILLA: I repel water.

LARRY KOSILLA: It's the end of day seven, and
were packing up.
We're ready to go.
And we've had some issues with the X5M in terms of the
brakes, but other than that, the car's been spectacular.
So come on, let me show you how the wheels look.
Check this out.
This is the side that hasn't been treated.
Look how dirty this is.
We're close to 4,000 miles.
This side here has the Armor All on it.
Again, 4,000 miles of absolute torture, and it's still pretty
much holding up.
That's all we have left is one more day.
We have an auto cross and then from South Bend all the way
back to New York.
So stay tuned for day eight.

Day eight.
The last day.
So we've driven 10 states in eight days,
roughly 4,000 miles.
Now this X5M has been incredible-- it actually came
in 30th out of 80 cars.
And remember, we're racing against almost full-on race
cars and this is a stock SUV.
This car is absolutely amazing.
But what I need to do now is driving 843 miles from South
Bend, which was the start-finish, all
the back to New York.
And I'll show you guys how the car looks afterwards, and
we'll wash it, and we'll go over all the
techniques right now.

I've obviously washed thousands and thousands of
wheels, but what I really wanted to test and see is if
the Armor All Wheel Protectant made it easier to return these
tortured rims back to perfect condition in just two or three
minutes of normal washing.
So here's what I did.
First, rinse down the wheel to remove any loose brake dust.

Next I added a few squirts of wheel cleaner to help release
embedded grime.
Next, we take our spoke wheel brush and get some suds on
there, just work it in.
I like to go in and out and spin at the same time.

And that's just the back of the wheel, that noise that
you're hearing.
Get in there.
My Washman, put it on my hand and get in there.
This is really coming off much easier than I thought it
would, just like this.
Get your hand in there.
Now, the next thing I like to do is grab my caliper brushes,
get in there and just agitate a lot of the dirt so
it just falls off.

You can use the cone as well for various
parts of the caliper.
Take my lug nut brush and get into the areas that I can't
get with my fingers.
Look at all the dirt coming out of there.
I get the space in between the wheel and the tire.
There's always a little bit of junk that comes out of there.
Yeah, look at all that stuff.
And then I'll go around the air intake.
And we get into this rubber and open up all of the pores
of the rubber.

Take your fender wall brush, get in there, and just scrub
everything down.
You'll see it's all coming down the sides of the fenders,
on the inside, here.
The last thing you want to do is rinse down the wheel.

If you're paint is properly sealed and protected, removing
baked on bugs should be a cinch.
This is a bug scrubber.
I have my wash brush, my wash bucket, and my soap bucket.
So the two-bucket method, everybody's heard of that.
And I actually put another little bit of soap within the
scrub brush.
Now, this soap here is different than the wheel soap
that we talked about before.
This is what I call foam, and it's very pH
balanced, and it's safe.
Now, a lot of guys will do a couple of things.
You can either use a all-purpose cleaner, what they
call insect remover, and spray it on here like this and let
it sit for a few minutes.
Not a bad idea.
What I recommend is definitely waxing it afterwards because
this is going to strip a little bit
more than you'd like.
But with the use of the insect remover or all-purpose cleaner
and this, you should get all of these off.
But what I like to do as well is use the foam gun and foam
down the entire car.
Because I'm going to wash the entire car, of course, and
this will actually loosen a lot of the stuff.
But for now, we're going to keep this to the side.
So the first thing I want to do--
rinse the car down and use the scrub.
And we'll just do half the car, and I'll show you how
quickly it comes off and how safe it is.
You want to do straight line motions.
When you start getting into circles like this, a lot of
issues can occur.
Does it happen all the time?
But I like to play it safe.
You guys know my theory here.
So I go a straight line, up and down, or a straight line.
And as you can see, it's picking up all of the bugs and
you have to be a little bit more aggressive than you would
be if, say, you were just normally washing a car and it
wasn't pummeled, like this is.
As you can see, it coming off.
It's getting caught in these little X's and O's that are
right here, and it basically just sort of picks off the
bugs that are stuck on the surface of the paint here.
So we'll keep going.
These bug sponges are pretty cool, so I highly recommend
doing that if you have tons of road kill like
this on your car.
Time to say goodbye to the BMW X5M.
This is an absolutely incredible SUV, and I soon
won't forget driving around the country and spending time
with old friends--
and I don't mean the state troopers.
Watch and learn how smooth-talking Matt Farah
wiggles off the hook in Oklahoma.
MATT FARAH: Mind if I get the registration out of the glove
box for you?
POLICE OFFICER: No, go ahead.
Actually, all I need is the proof of insurance.
I, um--

give me one second here.
MATT FARAH: Nothing sketchy in the glove box.
POLICE OFFICER: You going to Hallett?
MATT FARAH: We're going to Hallett, yeah.
And we got 88 miles to go, and we have to be at the
track at 6:00 AM.
And the sooner I get there, the sooner I get to go to bed,
if you know what I'm saying.
That's a window sticker.
Here you go.
Registration, insurance.
So, as you can see, BMW of North America owns the car.
I'm testing it on the course of this event for them.
MATT FARAH: And so, tickets, my employer does not like that
very much, so I would very much appreciated it if you
would be kind and cut me a break.
POLICE OFFICER: I'll see what I can do, OK?
POLICE OFFICER: If you want to just stay in the vehicle, I'll
be right back with you.
MATT FARAH: I'm not going anywhere, man.

But you see I pulled over before he even
turned his lights on?
MATT FARAH: If you know you're busted, just
pull right over, man.

MATT FARAH: Were you doing it?
MATT FARAH: Was I doing what?
LARRY KOSILLA: I don't even know.
What did he say, 75?
Oh, of course I was going 76.
Why would I not be going 76?
It was so [BLEEP]
stupid of me to agree to be up front.
Of all the people in this entire group, I should not be
the one up front.

MATT FARAH: Here he is.
Here's your driver's license, proof of insurance back.
POLICE OFFICER: I did issue you a warning
for your speed, today.
I appreciate you cutting me a break, sir.
I'll take it easy the rest of the way.
POLICE OFFICER: Make sure you're watching your speed.
Slow down a little bit.
Just take it down just a little bit for me.
MATT FARAH: This thing, 555 horsepower--
POLICE OFFICER: Is it really?
MATT FARAH: And it's just--
It's twin turbo, and it is like smooth as silk.
You don't even really know.
And I'm just trying to get there and get some sleep.
POLICE OFFICER: Well, you were leading the pack, so I think I
saw a Ferrari in there.
MATT FARAH: There was a Ferrari in there.
Next time, I'd appreciate it if you pull over the Ferrari.
POLICE OFFICER: Well, he's not the one I got.
MATT FARAH: He can afford the tickets.
POLICE OFFICER: Well, I think he was at like 68.
The rest of the pack, once I got you, everybody's radar
detector went off and everybody--
MATT FARAH: Of course.
POLICE OFFICER:--dynamited the brakes.
LARRY KOSILLA: So how did you do that?
Do you actually flip it on?
MATT FARAH: Instant on.
LARRY KOSILLA: Instant on?
POLICE OFFICER: Our radars, at least for our agency, the
Highway Patrol, our radars are not on
until I push the button.
Once I push the button, it has your speed immediately.
MATT FARAH: Well, usually cops are lazy and just sit on the
side of the road and leave it on.
But you see cars with stickers, and you go, oh,
these guys know.
They use instant on.
LARRY KOSILLA: You didn't see us.
You just saw a car, and you're just like, oh, I'm just going
to test it?
But you didn't see him and be like, oh, I'm going to try to
get him type of thing?
POLICE OFFICER: Here's the deal.
Our radar, the first speed it gets is going to
be the front vehicle.
POLICE OFFICER: And you were the front vehicle when I
flipped it on.
LARRY KOSILLA: So you just happened to flip it on.
You weren't like, oh, how could he possibly see stickers
on the car?
MATT FARAH: No, he didn't see stickers.
POLICE OFFICER: No, I didn't see the stickers.
I just saw headlights.
I'm checking everybody that's coming in.
I didn't check you guys just because you
were a pack of cars.
I was checking everybody.
And I get on the highway, and I see a car, I hit the radar,
and of course, you dynamited the brakes and your radar
detector went off--
MATT FARAH: Of course I did.
Because I am well trained in these matters.
All right.
POLICE OFFICER: But unfortunately, the way we work
our radars kind of gets around radar detectors.
Well, thanks for being fair.
I appreciate it.
I'll take it easy on the way in.
Have a save trip.
LARRY KOSILLA: Nice meeting you.
MATT FARAH: Thank you.

LARRY KOSILLA: Thoughts, Matthew.
MATT FARAH: And is that a headlight?
Oh, it's a garbage truck?
LARRY KOSILLA: It's a huge ass truck over there.

MATT FARAH: And that, ladies and gentlemen, was how you
talk your way out of a speeding ticket in Kansas.
LARRY KOSILLA: Here's the registration.
MATT FARAH: Written warning FTW.
Farah out.