Chiemsee - Ausflug auf die Herreninsel, Herrenchiemsee

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Hello everybody at the beautiful Lake Chiemsee,
we are here in the ferry harbour of the Chiemsee Shipping Company in Prien
My name is Klaus and I would like to show you today,
how a trip to the Chiemsee islands could pass off.
First of all we need a ticket for the trip,
which is either available at the counter in the ferry harbour or directly on one of the ships.
Let´s go.
We are now on board of the "Berta" on the trip to the Herreninsel.
As you can see in the background, we have currently autumn. The October draws to a close,
which is not really a problem, because the shipping company operates throughout the year.
Currently the ships are leaving every hour on the hour and in summer by far more regularly, about every twenty minutes.
The crossing takes fifteen minutes, thus time enough to take a look-around
and to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Enjoy yourself!
Well, now we are on the Herreninsel. Our ship goes on to the Fraueninsel and
we are first of all getting a ticket for the castle.
With a combined ticket for the Herreninsel we can visit the Royal Palace as well as
the Augustinian Monastery with its various exhibitions and museums.
And when we are thirsty, we first of all allow us a beer at the Schlosshotel.
The ticket for the Royal Palace we bought at the information centre at the landing stage.
And when we stroll up the way like this, it takes us twenty minutes to the castle.
The Herreninsel is a gorgeous area of unspoiled nature as well. There are hiking trails of seven kilometres length on the
island and you are passing pretty buildings and simply marvellous nature.
With the combined ticket we have been told the starting time of our guided tour.
As we have time to spare, we could enjoy the warm autumn sun in the meantime.
Oh! If you don´t want to walk, you could take the horse-drawn carriages
from the landing stage to the Royal Palace as well.
Knowing the starting times for the guided tour is very convenient, because there are
no queue times at the Palace.
Our guided tour starts in five minutes and lasts about half an hour.
The guided tour was awesome again, our guide excellent
and I am always excited again how much glamour and glory is reflected in the Royal Palace.
But you have to have a look at it yourselves, we won´t show it in this video.
We now find ourselves in the palace garden, and you absolutely should take your time for it.
It is such a marvellous floridity, actually not now in autumn
but you can imagine, how it will be in summer.
On the way from the Royal Palace to the landing stage you will find the Augustinian Monastery.
It is a former monastery, here on the Herreninsel.
Today it shelters exhibitions and galleries and now we are having a look at it.
Now we are at the entrance of the Augustinian Monastery. We could visit:
The private rooms of King Ludwig II, the Julius Exter Art Gallery, the Chiemsee-artists Gallery
the Exhibition to the Constitutional Convent and the private rooms of the prince-bishop. 0:04:10.000,0:04:14.000 This is the kitchen in the Augustinian Monastery. By the way the meals for King Ludwig II were prepared in here as well
and transported with horse-drawn carriage to the Royal Palace,
in case he stayed on the Herreninsel.
Here he was sitting, Anton Pfeiffer, the chairman of the Constitutional Convent in 1948.
On the Herreninsel! All Federal States were represented and worked on the Constitutional Law
of our republic. An impressing documentation!
Certainly the prince- bishop didn´t have to take off his shoes, when he received his visitors
here in the Emperor Hall. This is his reception room. In 1715 he gave it to commission
and I think it is has become pretty magnificent.
King Louis occupied these rooms, when he visited the Herreinsel.
He actually did not reside in the Palace, but here in the Augustinian Monastery.
Usually it is not allowed to enter this room. You can only have a look inside.
Therefore I still do not have my shoes on. This is the garden hall in the
Residence of the Prince- bishop. Here his noble guests spent the night.
In the background our ship back to Prien already arrives.
This has been our short trip to the Herreninsel. If you would like to take a look at it yourselves
you should actually have more time to let the impressions unhurriedly sink in.
And in case you would like to stay a little bit longer at the Chiemsee, then have a look at the end credits,
there you will find some pointers for your staying.
Now, we are back! Thus, see you soon at the Chiemsee!