The SLAYER: Meet ONLYUSEmeBLADE - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

Uploaded by DanceOn on 03.10.2012


BRIAN RISSO: My name is Brian.
My YouTube channel's called Only Use Me Blade, and I'm
from Seattle, Washington.
Only Use Me Blade came up from me wanting to make a
knife-only account on the PlayStation Network, and that
just sounded like something Jack Sparrow would say.
Only use me blade.
And it just stuck ever since.
I chose to only knife to challenge myself to play
online multi-player in "Call of Duty." The player chooses
not to use any weapons and just only use their knife.
I've been on YouTube for a little over three years.
The reason for me starting my YouTube channel was I wanted
to relive my favorite moments.
My coworker actually said, why don't you put these on YouTube
so you can watch them from your computer at work?
People started watching, and then it just grew from there.
I currently have a little over 500,000 subscribers, and I
have three videos with over a million views.
Do you accept YouTube money?
But the video that dives deepest into my soul is
actually from a "Sunday Chill Commentary," and it's called
"Soul Pouring." I got that Peter Pan Syndrome.
I got Peter Pan Syndrome like a mother [BLEEP].
I want to be a kid forever.
I think everyone wants to be a kid forever.
It's not realistic, but I don't want to be a [BLEEP]
I knew that putting it out there I was kind of putting a
lot of emotions and a lot of things about me.
But I shared it with my subscribers
and people love it.
My favorite video that I've uploaded is a gun game
reaction video.
I go in there and stab people.
I'm not supposed to, and they get deranked.
There's a guy named Mr. Cool Guy, and he was furious.
And I made him rage so hard that he
actually left the game.
MALE SPEAKER: Humiliation.
MR. COOL GUY: Oh, my god!
No one likes you.
You were adopted.
kidding me!
I'm quitting because that only use blade
guy is such a [BLEEP].
BRIAN RISSO: I think my channel's popular because
people are interested in the knife-only aspect of playing
"Call of Duty." But then once they're there, they realize
that I'm just more of a chill, relaxed guy.
When you come over to my channel-- that you're
entertained and you feel better once you leave.
One thing that my subscribers probably don't know about me
is I have a fear of cotton balls, cotton candy.
Cotton shirts are fine, but anything with that fuzzy--
I can't deal with it.
I don't go to fairs, I don't open up aspirin bottles.
They just really freak me out.
A lot of times people want to test it out.
And I'm a bigger dude, but I tend to act like a little girl
and run away.
I'm going to be doing--
oh, My God.
What the [BLEEP]?
Don't do that.
Is that cotton?
Nope, seriously.
Nope, nope, nope.
The reason why I want to do this show is just to show the
world that the stereotypical gamer can actually go out, be
active, and dance.
And do something besides just being a basement dweller.
Also, the money wouldn't hurt either.
The things that I think I'm going to excel at when it
comes to the competition is my natural rhythm and my moves.
My upper body strength, because I'm going to be
tossing some girls in the air, I assume.
And overall, just my hand-eye coordination.
All these annoying skinny people that naturally have
dance talent--
we hate them.
And I think that my level of personality and work ethic
that I'm about to put forward--
I deserve to win.
So that's why I think people should vote for me.
I just want to say thank you for watching, and I hope you
guys enoy it.
If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.
And if you like what you saw, go ahead and subscribe.
Only Use Me Blade.