Susan Dell, Co-Founder and Board Chair, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

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I'm Susan Dell; I'm a Co-Founder and Board Chair of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.
In our foundation, we focus on healthy living and childhood obesity prevention.
Our foundation works with the Clinton Foundation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation through the Healthy Schools Program.
And we, as a strategy, like to fund programs that focus on intervention and prevention and
what we love about the Healthy Schools Program, is that
they like to use the school's resources and people to help the schools achieve healthier
solutions for their students. We fund the Miami Dade and the Prince George's County
Healthy Schools Program. Schools are very important--kids spend a majority of their time in schools
and they consume the majority of their calories when they're in school.
So, it's imperative that schools are doing everything they can to teach children about
good healthy, nutritious choices, as well as physical education.
(Michele): My name is Michele Rivera, I work at North Beach Elementary School, I'm a physical education teacher, and I'm also
the coordinator for all the wellness activities here at the school.
The support from the Alliance has been a very motivating factor for us. It gave us an incentive to do the things that
we thought of doing but really didn't have that push, or that initiative.
We're taking on that role to educate both the parents and the students and really getting them
excited about eating healthy and making healthy decisions.
The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation partnered with
the Clinton Foundation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to produce
the "Be Well" book for free and distribute it around the country.
This book is a compilation of stories from moms telling their versions of how to live healthier lives.
As a mom and a parent, I think that it's imperative that parents model the behavior that they're hoping for in their children. We need to eat nutritious foods.
We need to be physically active. And, what these moms are doing is they're
teaching their kids that eating healthy, nutritious foods, gives them
the fuel that they need to perform at their best and by
being physically active, it helps them train for a long and healthy life.
The Clinton Foundation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation are passionate
about driving change and putting an end to this childhood obesity epidemic.
They are rigorous in figuring out what works and what doesn't work, so we can put all of
our efforts into effective and meaningful solutions.