Limited Editions, Press Kits and more | UPDATE PART 2

Uploaded by SpecialCollector89 on 25.11.2012

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my update video
in part one I only showed my Steelbooks and Metalpacks
in the end I recognized how long it was, I think about 35 minutes
when I was recording the video, it felt like 10-15 minutes
if I had known how long it would be I think I would have done more parts
so let's see how long this video will be, because I have to show a lot
and I just received two more packages
so let's begin and we start with the new stuff what arrived today
the first thing is a letter from Sebastian
I bought some stuff for him, so that was kind of a trade
ok let's see what he sent me
I had to paid a little bit for this and the rest was for the custom fees from the Canada packages
you can't see it, so let's open it, but I don't have anything to open it up with
let me get a scissors for opening it
I was totally unprepared
I hope I don't damage anything
I can't get it out....
come out !
I know what it is
ah it's taped together.... :-P
and it is the Avengers Military Coin
you only got this exclusively when you bought the Blu-Ray at some shop in the USA or so
I was looking for this and found where you could get this, but I already forgot where
that's the coin
it's made of metal
knock on wood
and it looks really great, it's all embossed
and very glossy
and here is the back
the letters are embossed
and it's really well done, high-quality!!
and here's the side
as a size comparison with my hand
okay here's the Blu-Ray and here's the coin
it's quite a big coin and has some weight
very cool, thanks Sebastian!!
as mentioned it also comes with this little plastic bag
yeah it definitely fits to my Avengers collection
alright the next package is from HMV
I ordered this for Nils
and it is the Chernobly Diaries Steelbook, HMV exclusive
so far I only watched the trailer, not sure what to think about the movie if it's any good
but this Steelbook isn't for me so I don't care
the spine
and the backside
that's a backpaper
the top and bottom are also just paper
here are the languages
only english
the Dark Shadows Steelbook from HMV had German audio
nothing embossed or something
but it looks okay
because we were by Avengers a couple of minutes back
I will show you my KeepCases
first off is The Avengers: Blu-Ray DVD with Slipcover
from the US
I ordered it from, because I had a coupon and only had to pay 5$
the characters are all slightly embossed
the slipcover is very glossy
the spine
and the backside
great picture here
and I think most ot the american slips have this cut out
because the Blu-Ray is region A , I don't open it
both backsides are identically
and the title is embossed
next up is Kill the Boss
I got this from for 5-6 Euros
but it's a very funny movie, I really enjoyed it
I definitely recommend this movie, if you haven't watched it
I think I watched it 4-5 times and it's still really good
next is Memento
I already watched it
the movie is really good!
but I think I have to watch the movie a 2nd time to get all clues and information
and I also got from the Christopher Nolan Blu-Ray Box
which includes: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception, Prestige and Insomnia
the slipbox is very sturdy and glossy
but I like the US Box more, because it's better done and not such a slipcover box and it has Memento.
the rating logo is removeable
the side
and the back
and that's a backpaper, but I think the backside is just black or something.
and here are the languages for all movies
it's still sealed, because I recently watched the Batman movies and Inception
and there is also a booklet
I bought it, because it was on sale for 20 Euros
I mean I already got most of them, except for Prestige and Insomnia
but so I don't have to open the Batman Combo and Inception Steelbook
and the box looks quite nice
okay now I show you the rest of the Canadian packages
from Mehdi and Steve
and as mentioned in part one, there is one item missing what I will show you now
a Box-Set, one for me and the other two for friends
and it is The Avengers Box, Best Buy exclusive
limited 3D lenticular edition
however you wonna call it
but the box is awesome!
and really heavy, I think the box weighs about 1,5 kg
let me show you how big the box is
you can get this edition in Canada or USA
the title is embossed
I think I will open the box soon
and one awesome thing about this box is this button
but let me first turn off the lights
and when you now push the button
the 3D Cover lights up
and that looks awesome
I hope you can see the 3D effect
I mean the effect is not that great, but that's ok
but I really like the light effect
let me show you the backside
and here you can see the content
it includes the 4 Disc Combo Blu-Ray
that has also slipcover
you get a 30$ Gift Card for Sideshow
and I think you can use it to order Hot Toys
and you get an artbook / hardcover book
and the box is because of this book so heavy
I am not sure what's the fifths disc is, I guess the music cd or digital copyI am not sure what's the fifths disc is, I guess the music cd or digital copy
and like I said I got 3 of them
one for me and the other sets for friends (Sebastian and Nils)
Ja danke Mehdi und Steve, das Ihr mir geholfen habt das Box-Set zu bekommen.
Die Box sieht hammer aus und Sie sind alle im perfekten Zustand angekommen.
Vielen Dank!!
und jetzt geht es weiter in deutsch
quick translation in German, I just thanked Mehdi and Steve for helping me
I mean that's not common these days
and that the stuff actually arrives
yeah, moving on
let me show you the next box-sets
next it the Avengers Tin-Box from Brazil
I got this from Sebastian, he helped me to get this
the coin is also from Sebastian, which I showed you in the beginning
here are some information
the spine
and the backside
I think this set only includes the Blu-Ray and some artcards
and here's the other side
but I really like the Tin-Box
but I hate this black dot at Tony Starks head
next up is Battleship - Limited Special Edition
I ordered this quite a while ago, for me and Mick
and he showed this months ago
it was very surprising for me, because I thought that would come out in December 2012
here's the content: Steelbook, Dog-Tags, Flashlight, Patch and artcards
I think you can get this for cheap very soon in the Amazon Cyber Monday deal or something
so if you want this wait until December and I am pretty sure you can grab this for a bargain
but the Box is still okay
the Steelbook looks great and the movie was also good
it's sturdy cardboard
next up is Iron Sky
the director signed this, but that's only a print. Not the real deal
but this set is numbered and that's handwritten
it's limited and numbered to 2000 copies.
I think the frame is A1 or something.
let me show you how big this frame / edition is
if you have enough space you can put this in your shelf or hang it on the wall since it's a framed picture thingy
I really like this edition, something new amd different
and 2000 copies isn't much, it was very fast oop.
and now I show you an example for Battleship. Just wait a few weeks and you get it cheap!
and it's American Pie Reunion
It was over 35 Euro and then you could get this for half the price
this set is numbered
for this price (18-19 Euro) it's really good. I really like this set
The movie was really funny, like the old 3 movies. I don't really like the other movies.
it looks like a giant book
and here's the content: A sock, condoms, etc...
but for this price you can't complain
now I am showing you a press kit
you can't really buy a press kit, only on ebay
and I got Breaking Beak Season 4 press kit
that's a plastic slipcase
and here are two hardcover books
Press pause to add caption
with Season 4 are only meant the first 3 episodes
but I will do a separate review for this
some pictures
very cool
next up is another edition I got from Sebastian
I hope you can see it, it is Tron Legacy
you can open it at the top and get your Blu-Rays etc
and it is limited and numbered to 1000 copies
I will do a separate video for this, but let me show you my number.
Number 0062 of 1000
very low!
that's it, well for editions I got from Sebastian
and now I only have 2-3 editions to show you
next up is another press kit
and the outer box says it all
that's the press kit for the final season
and I guess the press kit was delivered in this box
I already posted on facebook a picture
it's a hat from the observers
I am not sure if this a real reprint, I mean what they're using in the series.
and it also includes a DVD
it contains some pictures, interviews and I think the first episode
and now I am showing you some editions which I actually already showed you
but not with this "change"
In October 2012, I was at RingCon. It's a fantasy convention
this convetion was almost entirely for Game of Thrones
but there were also some other stars from Lord of the Rings, True Blood,...
I got my True Blood Coffin signed by Kristin Bauer
if you wonna see the unboxing, click right here
maybe I get more signatures next year
if you wonna see some pictures, go to my Facebook Page
as mentioned, RingCon was all about Game of Thrones. So I got this signed
maybe you rembered the video when I showe you this edition
if not you can watch it here
on the left side, I got a signature from Iain Glen
and on the right side, I got a signature from Jason Momoa
by him it was kinda sucks, because I took picutes when they signed it.
But his manager wasn't letting me taking pictures, when he signed it...that sucked a little bit
it was very surprising, when I was there to get this signed noone was there.
I think only a handful of people
and Iain Glen also played in Resident Evil 2-3
alright last but not least I got the Alien Head Edition
But I don't have everything here :-D
but the Alien Head is in my room...but I posted a picture on Facebook
but let me show you the certificate
number 2059 of 3000
I was not expecting to get the Head , because I got him for 100 Euro. Most Likely the Head goes for over 150 Euro on ebay
The Alien Head is awesome, if you can get it cheap go for it!!
but that's it for now
the video is already way to loong, so I will end it now
I really hope you liked it and I try do do some unboxings on the box-sets
That's it, thanks for watching and I hope to see you all next time!! bye