Ep 3 外国人をアパート入居に受け入れるメリットとは?Gaijin Tenants (Captions!)

Uploaded by Hikosaemon on 26.01.2011

Hey, so now back in Japanese
Until now we have done vids for foreigners talking about what kind of rules and manners there are for renting
And about how apartments are rented in Japan
Today we want to aim our talk more toward landlords
And just talk a bit about the merits of being more open to accepting foreign tenants
In my own experience, more than half of apartments for rent in Tokyo basically don't allow foreign tenants
And this is even in Tokyo
Yes, it's a real shame
I understand it is even harder in rural areas but this is for Tokyo
And this is where even where someone knows the rues and can speak Japanese
Generally they just put a blanket rejection on all foreigners which makes it tough
But even with that, I understand that you proactively encourage landlords to accept foreign tenants
So from a landlord's perspective, why should they consider allowing "rowdy gaijins" in?
The main reason is as as part of an approach to maximize occupancy
Occupancy levels are a huge problem for landlords right now, especially in Tokyo
Japan has this problem right now with an aging society and declining birth rates
That has both the number of children dwindling and the number of elderly growing
This is what is going on right now
And as a result, the number of people renting apartments is also in decline
In Tokyo, there are around 3 million rental apartments
But as of late, around 16.5% of these are in a vacant state, with no occupying tenant
However, the number of foreigners coming to Tokyo is growing each year
So by expanding your scope to allow foreigners to rent your apartments
This really helps to fill in vacant unoccupied apartments
So the strongest merit of allowing foreigners is to address this issue
So 16% of available apartments are empty???
Yep, vacant. It's a real issue
Even with all these people in Tokyo, even then, there are lots of unoccupied apartments
And within that, many owners have costs they need to spend on rennovations
So many are allowing periods of "free rent" and dramatically dropping rents to make their apartments more appealing
However, if they become more open to accepting parts of the population that are growing
They can start to fill in that vacant 16% without needing to resort to those kinds of measures
So I think it is one way for them to improve things without spending money
So you have placed foreigners in apartments?
Yes, we've done that
Is it all going okay?
Yes, it's going fine.
I'm glad to hear that...
The most important thing is for both sides to have peace of mind
So if there is anything you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask your agent
And search for apartments on that basis
That's my take
Right, so the main thing is that in an increasingly tough rental market, it makes a good occupancy strategy
With foreigners making up the most rapidly growing part of the population
So if you open your hearts a little, it can lead to improved income
So that's the benefit
So think about that
There are lots of great foreigners out there
And Japanese often go overseas themselves
And Japanese often end up finding themselves in the same position abroad
So taking that into account, I think the best thing is to treat people on a case by case basis
I mean, there are bad gaijins out there, but there are plenty of Japanese that are no different
The main thing is to really consider who the prospective tenant is and decide on that basis
Without distinction about whether the person is foreign or Japanese
That would really make me the happiest
So the next vid will be the final in this series
In English, we will talk about what foreigners can do when searching for apartments
And give advice on what we can do to give owners peace of mind, and how to appeal to agents helping us
So don't forget to check that out.