BAD TEACHER review (no spoilers) - Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel

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♪ [BFC bumper music]
Bad Teacher. Well, they got half the title right.
♪ [Eagles of Death Metal - "Solid Gold"] ♪ Sweat, work it out baby ♪
[school bell]
(Amy) Elizabeth, you shouldn't be teaching.
I mean, I can't think of anyone less suited to being a teacher.
(Elizabeth) Hi there!
Scott Delacorte
Elizabeth Halsey.
I'm the new sub.
(Elizabeth) How the watch! Is that a Jaeger LaCoultre?
It's the family business.
(Lynn) I love how his eyes sparkle when he smiles.
(Elizabeth) I want to sit on his...
(Scott) Hey, guys!
(Elizabeth) Hey!
That movie just was a little long.
I thought it was a little thin.
The characters just weren't that interesting.
Cameron Diaz, I mean she did carry the movie, but,
let's be honest...was there that much to carry?
I didn't fall in love with her, and I hardly liked her.
I don't give a f...
Justin Timberlake as a substitute teacher
was like a Saturday Night Live character, pretty much.
(Justin as Scott) Really?
He's sort of this geeky, little spoiled, little out of touch.
Quite frankly, I think he had more fun playing the role than we did watching it.
Lucy Punch is Amy Squirrel.
You know, she was okay, I mean, I think she tried too hard to get the laughs in this one.
(Lucy as Amy) Shut the front door.
It was funny the first couple of times, but by the end, you'd had enough.
[ chipmunk chewing]
(Blind Film Critic) Jason Segel as a gym teacher, probably my favorite.
He just is. He is that character when he's in that role.
He doesn't push it, he doesn't have to try hard to do it.
(Jason as Russell) Hold my balls.
♪ [Tommy TuTone "8675309"]
(Blind Film Critic) There's a lot of recognizable pop music in this movie.There is.
But here's the thing: it's all older music.
Is this movie supposed to take place in the late 80's or early 90's?
♪ [WhiteSnake - "Still of the Night"]
♪ In the still of the night, feel my heart beating heavy, tellin' me you gotta have more ♪
Even "Gangsta's Paradise" from Coolio, which is fun to hear.
♪ [Coolio - "Gangsta's Paradise"]
The interesting thing about this movie is that they made a red band trailer.
For mature audiences. It's got scenes that are actually dirtier than they are in the movie.
For example, ...
(Russell) Hey - Elizabeth. You wanna, like grab a bite sometime?
(Elizabeth) Still a gym teacher?
Here it is in the red band trailer...
I am, yeah.
F [beeped] off.
And here's how it is in the movie.
I am, yeah.
Then no.
Okay, cool.
I get it's a marketing ploy, but come on. It's a little 'bait-n-switch'. No?
F [beeped] my ass.
So for "Bad Teacher", I'm giving it 2 out of 4 eyes open.
This movie does have some laughs in it, but I'm not about to go see it again.
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I'm Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic.
Best part of this movie?
The air conditioning.
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