Gulaal hindi movie part 1 with english subtitles 2009

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In 1947 through 1948, Jammu and Kashmir fought a war against Pakistan.
Captain Jadoonath Singh of the First Battalion...
..was awarded a posthumous Param Vir Chakra (Gallantry medal)..
..when he attacked the Pakistanis with grenades held in his bare..
..hands not once, not twice, but three times.
He took a bullet to the head and went down fighting for India.
The Rajputs won another Maha Vir Chakra (Gallentary medal).
Major Bajit Singh Randhawa gave up his life..
..on 17th May, in the act of driving the Pakistanis from Black Rock.
Captain Ranveer Singh and...
..Sepoy Buddh Singh were awarded the Vir Chakra...
..for losing their lives in winning an outpost..
..which the Indian Goverment promptly returned.. Pakistan in an act of goodwill.
In Kashmir, to this day, every man..
...In the Rajputania, rifles puts their duties before themselves.
Hawaldar Ranveer Singh didn't budge an inch from his post..
..despite an entire section of men being wiped out.
Even today, nothing means more to them..
..than the honor of their regiment.
The fifth generation of Rajput solders..
..keep the flame alight to this day..
..asking their Rajput brothers
"Who will they die for"?
He says For my battalion.
The Rajputana.
And who does the Rajputana belong to?
And what does India do for you?
Ever since the dawn of democracy, Rajputs..
.. have been repeatedly betrayed.
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel had appealed to us..
Come here. -One india..
Give up your states and become one..
..nation. -Wear this. -He urged us, we gave them up.
He asked us for our wealth.
We emptied our treasuries..
For one India..
But where, may I ask, is that one India?
Our democracy has reached a stage..
..where no one wants to vote anymore.
Everyone's nation is the four walls of their homes.
No government can accumulate a majority vote.
We had a heritage that was a thousand years old...
..and at the time, they snatched it away from us. was better than what they have now.
In the name of democracy, all they do is take power away from us.
And do those very things they have always accused us.
The Patiala report only mentioned mistakes, and..
..indiscretions we committed. Nothing else.
There isn't a single act they have committed that can be called clean.
To this day, people call us royalty. Royalty!
They respect us. Why?
Because they know that we have sacrificed for our people.
The King of Jodupur once cocked his gun.. Vallabh Bhai Patel and secretary said..
Don't betray the people of Jhodpur.
But they betrayed everybody.
In the 1967 Parliament elections..
..when our crowned prince stood as a candidate..
Then what happened?
The Congress wiped out Rajasthan..
The people voted 24 princes into power across the nation.
What did the government do then?
They called an All India Congress Committee Conference.
..and took away all of our privileges.
They bought us to our knees.
We had to accept defeat.
We lost because even after a thousand years..
..we were still wrangling amongst ourselves.
Enough with all of this.
If we have to rebuild our Rajputana, we will have to unite.
If we seek to save our Rajputana from them, then we will have to unite.
It's time to wage a war!
For our independence, for our land.
And for that, we need resources and an army.
And most importantly, you will have to shed your blood.
If you are not ready to shed your own blood, then stop dreaming!
You will gain nothing.
We will not be able to regain our land...
..respect, the glory we once had.
So, if you are ready to shed your blood..
Then, lets say it together.
Hail the land of the brave!
Hail the land of the brave!
Hail Rajputana! -Hail Rajputana!
My grandfather, Noor Mohammad..
..worked for the king here.
He fell in love with the princess...
..the idiot had hum buried alive in these salt pans.
Even had his bones melted.
We need to go right..
..there. That used to be a British booze joint.
The British called it a bar.
They fled, but they left behind their bar.
The customers have come.
Does anyone stay here? -Yes, a student of Desharaj College..
Great student.
Is he a rajput?
The real thing.
What's his name?
Rananjay Singh. -Do you drink?
Yes. -Smoke?
Yes, and I wander around aimlessly.
I get intimate with every women I see.
If any idiot gets tough with me, I give it to him.
I have a gun. The pellets are quite dangerous.
He's not a good fellow, just stay away from him
I've spoken to the warden.
Just keep checking the hostel list.
I've paid the six months rent.
The rest of the money is with Bhanwar.
Take only as much as you need.
Okay? And buy a bicycle.
You look old. What's your age?
How many times have you failed?
Not once, I'm a post graduate.
So, Uncle, have you come to teach here?
I've come to study law.
All those who can't do anything else, they come here to study law.
Want some?
Want this?
Stop soiling your pants.
Are you his brother's rat?
So, why do you look so worried?
You know what I will do if you call him?
You see that fan there..
How many blades does it have?
Two arms, two legs. How many?
And what about your head, you fool?
Go to sleep.
You come with me.