Final Cut Pro Media Management

Uploaded by GDVTutorials on 15.10.2010

Final Cut Pro offers a powerful media management tool called the media manager.
One strategy is to manage your media ahead of time by creating new media that represents
the footage that you will need.
To do this, edit all of your raw media to the timeline.
Use this ripple tool to go in and trim the areas of content that you are certain that
you will not need.
Then, press command A to select all the clips in the sequence.
Right clip on the clips within the sequence and choose media manager from the contextual
The media manager will appear showing a graph of the original media vs. the modified media.
Use this pull down menu to tell media manager what to do.
The safest bet here is to copy the media first. You can then go back and erase the original
media later.
Turn off the option to create a new project.
Then, browse to a folder to save your new media.
I recommend saving the new media to the same location as your current media files.
Press okay to continue.
After that, Final Cut Pro will begin making new clips that reference your new truncated
At the this point, you can go in and delete the old media and move the managed media back
into your capture scratch folder, since this is where Final Cut Pro will point to if you
decide to capture additional media at a later time.
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