AstraZeneca - Ben

Uploaded by CareerDashTV on 28.11.2011

Hi I’m Ben and in my first year as a scientist I have learned all aspects of medicinal chemistry at AstraZeneca.
I was looking for a group of people who worked well as a team, who enjoyed interacting with one another.
That’s really what attracted me here.
I’m working with other scientists on what we term around here rotation schedules
so we spend 8 months in the various aspects of medicinal chemistry.
It gives a lot of experience and exposure straight away.
It’s always extremely exciting, it’s always very cutting edge.
Oncology in particular the more we learn the more powerful we can
be in our decision making and the drugs that we develop.
Everyday you’re challenged and you’re open to those challenges and willing to learn something out of it.
To understand that you don’t know it all and accept that and be open to learning new things.