Hey vlog dogs!

Uploaded by Matthewvlogftw on 25.05.2012

Im gay
Yes its true
Im coming out with a piano
Played by elton john
im so Gay for elton john
I aint even mad
I bet you dont even lift
Once again! im gay!
nazi supremecy for the lose
Oh yea did i tell you im coming out
I snorted crack off of p-ditys chest and thigh last night
He violated me
Thats what turned me gay i think
No, no ,no i still like women
but women with a penis!
And im into only 3 certain positions
if you cant do em!
get outtta here
where i tell storys of my fathers and i gay expierences
so! when i was in high school
I dont know
maybe in 10th grade?
i was watching my dad do sqauts
you know? my fatheer the praised catholic priest?
and ahh.. i called up like this gay guy i knew said hey
dads doing squats, come over bring a back cushion