Meet Seimone | 2012 Olympic Journey | Taking London Ep. 4

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Hi, I'm Seimone Augustus of the Minnesota Lynx. I'm here with the Livestrong crew, down
at the Downtowner getting my car washed today -- I hope you enjoy it. A day in the life
of Seimone: I typically wake up at about 7 o'clock in the morning. You know, go through
my hygiene thing. And from there, it's Apple Jacks and Smurfs -- I watch the Boomerang
Channel a lot. That's basically what my tv's on, other than ESPN. I'm a cartoon freak,
you know. I love cartoons. So, you know, say about 8:15, maybe, I head out to the gym -- maybe
even a little earlier, just depending on my day. Get to the gym, and it's preparation
-- getting ready for practice. Taping, heat -- heating on my knees. Flexall, and then
it's off to get some shots up. You know, coach normally wants us on the court at, like, 9:30
to start preparing for practice. So, you know, after that, it's dive head first into practice,
you know, try to get in and get some work done. Try to make my teammates better. Afterwards,
try to eat. Two hours afterwards -- I'm kinda bad with that. Trying to do the right thing
with eating, you know, responsibly. And then after that, it's mainly family time. It was…it
was a great game. It was a kind of a bounce back game for us. You know, we lost three
straight before facing Tulsa at their place. And we felt like we didn't play as well as
we needed to play in Tulsa. So coming back home and getting, like, a refresher. To be
in front of you fans -- it's everything. We had a few players that were out, so Maya Moore
and other players had to kinda step up and play positions that they weren't accustomed,
you know, to playing. And it just kinda, you know, we had fun. Our fans were into it. You
know, Maya started out with a great first half. We like to say it was delciousness that
she gave us in the first -- I think she gave us 26, 27 points in the first half. And then,
you know, once after that, you know, I kinda took over, Whalen kinda took over, and the
game just kinda gave us the moment that we needed to go into this whole Olympic break,
feeling confident about, you know, the Lynx coming into the second half of the season.
I feel like we've taking a lot of, you know, a lot of steps, baby steps, but we're gettin'
there. We're starting to get what we yearn for. It's like the male consumers -- we want
guys to come out to our games. We want guys to see us play and respect, you know, what
we do on the court. We're trying to become that cool factor, and I think we're gettin'
there as the level of play increases, the athleticism in the league. You know, you think
about, you know, Brittney Griner and Skylar Diggins and all these young ladies that are
coming up. People who, you know, Brittney can dunk the ball. Like, guys wanna see this
girl who can dunk a basketball. Like, everybody talks about my crossover. Guys wanna see me
cross somebody over. So, as our game continues to, you know, get better and expand, we'll
get, you know, more attention. My goal as a player: To be honest, I wanna win five championships.
Houston Comets team won four in a row. And I know it's a very tough feat. I wanna win
five championships and be considered, you know, one of the best players to ever come,
you know, through the WNBA -- be a player that made change. You know, that Jordan-like
player. I wanna, you know -- I know it's a lot of women. Lisa Leslie and Sheryl Swoopes
and all those guys before me. But, you know, hopefully I can get a piece of, you know,
some of the stuff that they accomplished in their life -- maybe three Gold Medals and
five WNBA Championships. And I don't really care about MVPs and stuff like that -- I win
them, hoorah. But if not, you know, I'm happy with where I'm at.