Survive Warsaw - Euro 2012 guide with subtitles!

Uploaded by przemekstanski on 06.06.2012

Welcome to Warsaw, one of the Host Cities of the Euro 2012
My name is Martyna, and I'm goingto take you
for a short trip around the town
And I'm Przemek and I'm here to tell you how not to get
completely lost and have somereal fun
but first we have to tell you how to navigate this short guide
and the map we prepared
you will find it in the description of this video
here and there you'll gonna notice this little ballon with a number
just like that.
when you see it, find the number on the list
to get the location and some additional videos or pictures
there is one building that makes people never get lost here
the highest building in warsaw Tha Palace of Science And Culture
although it remains the memory of the period of comunism in Poland
you cannot deny it, it's a symbol of our capital
apart from many cultural institutions that are situated here
you are able to go to the tarrace to see the panoramic view of the city
they say that this is the most beautiful place in Warsaw
maby because up there you cannot see the Palace itself
imagine that Warsaw was destroyed in 85%
this square, Józef Piłsudski square may be considered as the symbol
of this destruction
before the war there used to be two big, beautiful palaces
the only element left is a little piece of the Saxon Palace
The Tomb ot the Unknown Soldier
Warsaw is a vibrant metropolis
it has the greatest numbers of habitants in Poland, about 1.700.000
you can easily notice that
by seeing a number of modern buildings and skyscrapers
Warsaw is a city of continous investment
but Warsaw is not only a great metropolis
it is also a city of beautiful monuments and long history
the old town is one of the most picturesqe place in Warsaw
it dates back to the XIII century and is inscribed on the
UNESCO world heritage list
it is full of cute colorful houses
it still hass the remaining parts of the old city walls
and more other atractions
if you walk in the old city you cannot miss the old market square
it used to be the city center till the beginning of the XIX century
in the middle of the square there is the symbol of the city
the maremaid
the city is the paradise of the people who love industrial architecture
some of the XiX century factories are being revitalised
to perform diffrent function
a good example is the old Warsaw vodka factory - Koneser
soon there will be shops, bars galleries, even flats.
all this, keeping the convention of old industrial architecture
Warsaw is the city of many famous people
a lot of them were Varsovians
one of the most famous was Fryderyk Chopin
you can feel that his spirit is still present in the city
if you are more interested you can check the Chopin's museum
Warsaw is comunicated pretty nicely
but one Metro line is like a joke for a 2 million people city
so we're getting another one built
at the very moment you're here now how cool is that?!
mainly because of that navigating around the town
can be a little frustrating
we marked the construction sites on the map
if you plan to go somewhere nerby be careful not to get lost
there are information centers marked on the map too
Metro Centrum is considered the center of Warsaw
here lies The Frying Pan or Patelnia
a beating heart of the city
you'll soon learn to love it and hate it
as it gets really sweaty and crowded in the rush hours
but this is the favorite spot of street performers
beggers, florists and of course lovers meeting place
when you cross the big square by the palace or PeKIN (fan zone)
you arrive at Warszawa Centralna
the main Warsaw railway station
it is also a bus communication hub of the city
a lot of lines go to or from warszawa Centralna
most of the night lines start from here
if you ever get lost, especially at night time
ask for Warszawa Centralna and go there
Warszawa Zachodnia, or West Warsaw
is when you get off while arriving by long distance bus
it's also the second biggest railway station
Warszawa Wschodnia, or East Warsaw is the third
all 3 were nicely cleand up before Euro so don't barf all over them!
the best way to get around the town is to check out
one more word about the communication
buy the tickets
it sounds lame but they like to hit you when you're soft
and some more advice
Poland is the only country in the European Union
where crossing the road on red light will get you fined
for about 200 zł
and this little green arrow does not allow you to simply turn
you still have to check if you don't run over some people
and get hit by a car
and last but not least
this is a boy an this is a girl
"oh come on, without even asking?!"
"one does not simply do it without asking!"
if you like spending time in the active way
Warsaw is also a place for you
here are some recomendations
the Warsaw Zoo
you can rent canoes in several points on the Vistula river
bicycles and trekking
with the routes in national park of Kampinos
or on the east side of the vistula river
the other side of the river is a place of evening meetings
but remember, you cannot drink in public places in Poland!
also you can take a rest in Warsaw parks
talking about parks, check out The Discoverers Park
near the Copernicus Science Center
it is brand new and will make you understand modern science
with its interactive exhibitions
Copernicus Science Center is not the only place
to spend some time creatively
discover the cultural Warsaw there are many museums and galleries
like Zachęta Gallery
one of the most important polish galleries for young
contemporary artists
new exhibition - Art Everywhere starts on 5th of July
or the National Museum with Pharaohs to Lady Gaga exhibition
you may notice one of the Museum's exhibition - Football Posters
while arriving at Chopin's airport
there are some fun museums too
for example a Museum of Caricature
like Martyna said, 85% of the city was in ruin
one of the reason of this destruction was the finghting during
The Warsaw Uprising
the single most tragic event in the city's history
Varsovians honoured the freedom fighters by founding this museum
sundays are free and all the descriptions are in english too
on the street level there are some interesting things to see
unique space for street artists called Forty Forty
is the best example but not the only one
the longest gallery in Warsaw is in Służew
you can notice world famous artists on the walls all around the city
if you have a bike or can rent one you can see most of them in few hours
really inspiring trip check out the map!
you don't have a speciffic club district in Warsaw
insted, there are two or three areas with a lot of them
and plenty of places scattered around the town
first important area is downtown and Pawilony
you will find many little pubs there each one with a diffrent setting
the party often spills out of them and people have fun on the street
you can try some polish tapas in Zakąski Przekąski
you have the President's palace across the road
but that's boring
second area is Praga
you can find a lot of 80' and 90' style venues there
this particular yard holds no less than 5 pubs and clubs
well, that's it I hope you'll have a great time in Warsaw!