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Hello and welcome to the "Get Egypt Talking" show
I am Mohamed Sabry and I will be your host today
Our show addresses the biggest problems facing Egypt and how to solve them
That's why the show is comprised of interviews with individuals that tell us their opinion about the issue
Today we will address the troubling issue of traffic congestion in Egypt
So let us welcome our first guest today
Let us welcome our guest today Omar El Shahidi
Hello Omar how are you doing?
I'm fine thank you
How do you think we could solve the traffic problem in Egypt?
The traffic issue in Egypt is due to the overpopulation of the cities in Egypt and the overwhelming amount of citizens in each city
So in my opinion we can solve this issue through implementing Dr. Farouk El Baz's project
The project aims to establish cities in the desert in parallel to existent cities
However we would have to make the desert habitable through construction of buildings and roads, and the population would be less in these areas solving the traffic problem
Let us now welcome our second guest today Dalia Khaled
Hello how are you? -I'm fine thank you
How do you believe we can solve Egypt's traffic issue?
I believe that the traffic problem is due to the existence of all the major governmental institutions within Cairo, and people seek said institutions
So if these governmental institutions are distributed throughout Egypt, traffic will lessen
We have now reached the conclusion of our video, I hope you enjoyed this video and benefited from it, thank you